Enkei RPF1


I bought my 1991 Honda Beat last month, and it has already transformed a ton. I orginally was going to get another GPW s2000, but decided to go a more unique route. I bought the car bone stock, and immediately ordered parts. I originally grabbed some 15x6.5 White TE37, but they were too large to clear at full steering lock. I then decided to go with my go-to wheel, the trusty Enkei RPF1. Wheel/tires: 14x7 +28 w/ 5mm spacer non-staggered. 165/55/14 Kumho Ecsta. Black Muteki SR48 Lugs. H&R 5mm Spacers BC racing Custom valved BR Type Coilovers were special made for me, but don’t go as low as I’d like, so i’m waiting on swift springs to hook me up with some shorter springs and helper springs to get another inch or so drop. I then went with Recaro SR3 Raptors in black/blue. I can’t remember what these came out of, but I took it over to my buddy Charlie to weld up some custom brackets to mount these bad boys in the tiny interior. They barely (don’t really) fit, but are substantially better than the ripped zebra prints Honda supplies. To keep me in place (since stock belts wouldn’t fit) I went with Purple Crow Enterprizes Harnesses. I had my grandma convert the unused 5pt strap into a tow strap for the rear. To wrap the interior up, I went with Works Bell Regular Hub, a 330mm Nardi Dark Wood Grain Classic Steering Wheel, and my favorite Deft Motion Slapper on the dash. A moddiction anvil 2 textured black shift knob gives the gearbox life. Finally a 300mm broadway mirror so I can see out this bitch. I’ve left the engine alone, the stock ITB’s sound great and since parts are a pain in the ass to source for replacement, i’d like to keep maximum reliability. I did however have K-tuned shoot me over a 3" turn down muffler and welded together a custom exhaust. Future Plans: New soft top w/ glass window. Rotors/Pads/Brake Lines Fresh Emblems/Logos Eureo Front Bumper