Stay clean, my friends.

While it is my daily driver, do not mistaken it as my “beach cruiser”

Equipped with 9.5" width fronts and 10.5" width rear wheels, 255/rear tires/245/front tires, rear oversized rotors with a custom tsx bracket, front Rotora 6 piston forged bbk paired with 2-piece 380mm gtr-spec rotors, custom coilover suspension from BC racing with shorter strut tubes and high density hydraulic fluid, and tl type-s front and rear sway bars.

This thing is ready for all roads windy, uphill and downhill, cork screws and hairpins. While I am very grateful for the research I’ve done on this car before I purchased it. I believe I made a great choice buying my first new car, and I love driving this thing. Only way you can burn through 2 sets of tires in 2 months is the love for aspirated driving.


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Probably the best/worst decision I ever made.

New engine + New paint + New wheels = New car

RS05RR wheels by enkeiwheels ordered from koruworks
Paint/Body by Tim Wallace @ The Best Damn Shop Around
Streetport/Single/V-Mount by Tiger Racing (more on that later)