Alex at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (June 20, 2016, NYC).

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I. “Alexander Skarsgård blessed us with his beautiful face last night.”

II. “That one time when Alexander Skarsgård snuck in to #LSSC as @TameImpala’s roadie.” (x)

III. “Last Night’s Classy Photo: Alexander Skarsgård enjoys a quiet smolder before taking the #LSSC stage #LNCP.” (x)

@ofcapsandredjuice​ || Tuned Into DCR!

    “-FUCKING KILL YOU!!” She was going to scream herself hoarse, and it wouldn’t fucking matter… No one could hear her over the percussion wrought when Thunder Struck. None gathered before her cared to listen to her words anyway.


   They wouldn’t stop pouring in. Pouring in, through windows, shattered door frames, holes in the floor, the fuckers- She’d wandered too deeply into territory roamed too freely by the irradiated and the lost and hadn’t left herself a large enough back door. Six rounds in the mag, one in the chamber, she’d half a syringe’s worth of Psycho still circulating through her dulled- rusted over veins and she’d- 

    “Fuck off!”

  Five rounds in the mag, the chamber had a fresh one in it’s gullet and she was riding high atop the crimson inferno. So high that if she fell today, her impact would shake The Commonwealth apart.

  … and nobody’s crying but me.