I can already see Enjolras’/One of Les Amis’ first scenes in BBC Les Miserables and it physically pains me:

Camera shows us a shot of a messy room, sheets tangled on the bed, a scattered array of clothing thrust around it. A drink bottle lies by the side, a hand hanging out from under the covers. A faint breath of wind is heard as sound, as the camera zooms into a shot of the bed. A man’s head sticks out, tired, asleep but starting to awake. Rubbing his forehead, he yawns, before chuckling slightly, sitting up and throwing the cover off to reveal a woman, entangled with him, the events of the night suggestive to the audience. She runs her hand up his stomach, resting it at the top, pulling herself to give a reading kiss, eyes glancing up at his with a smirk. He jokingly pushes her off, turning her so she’s left lying on the bed in a pose, sideways as her chin rests on her palm. He chuckles, as he throws some clothing on, tying something round his neck.

Enjolras:Sorry love, I’ve got a revolution to run"

Leaves through the door with a laugh

that was physically painful for me to write but i can tell it’s going to happen


( two minds; so different in their kind but somehow they always have been belonging together )

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fixaidea  asked:

💕 for Enjolras/Feuilly?

💕: who is more likely to make huge declarations of love in front of other people?

I always envision Feuilly as being… quieter about his emotions.  He grew up an orphan, not always sure if he was wanted or loved or even welcome, and the last thing he wants is to tell someone he loves them and find out they not only don’t return that love, but scorn him for it.  So, his expressions of love tend to be subtle–picking up coffee if Enjolras can’t get it himself, making dinner if Enjolras is working so hard he forgets to eat, picking up little presents that remind him of Enjolras.  He shows his love more through actions than words.

…Enjolras, on the other hand, has NO CHILL when it comes to his emotions.  And he’s very verbal.  VERY.  So, though it may take him a while to figure out what he’s feeling, because sometimes interpersonal relations and emotions are confusing af, once the mental tangle is untangled, he has a tendency to be so relieved that he’ll just… blurt it out.  Wherever they happen to be at the time.  So, I would definitely say Enjolras.  ;D

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