I love the idea of Gavroche looking a lot like Grantaire. Same dark curly hair, same big nose, same blue eyes. I also love the idea of Grantaire using that to fuck with Enjolras

One day Grantaire shows up to a meeting wearing a green hoodie, ripped jeans, and a grey beanie.

Gavroche is there with him, wearing the same exact outfit, but miniaturized.

When Enjolras sees them, he stops dead in his tracks. A look of horror passes over his face as he whispers “There’s another one,” and has to hold onto a chair to keep from falling over.

Grantaire laughs about it for months and won’t let Enjolras forget about it for years.

combeferre and enjolras meeting in the university library at 3:30am. enjolras is stressed mess only alive because he’s drunk six cups of coffee in the past hour, and combeferre (who has been there all day yet still manages to look perfect) suggests that this tiny blonde haired disaster goes home and gets some sleep after he literally falls off his chair. enjolras just mumbles “you should get some sleep” before returning to the book he’s reading. combeferre reaches across the desk to turn the book the right way up.

R and Ferre twin hc

Enjolras once accidentally kissed Ferre thinking it was R because he was wearing his brothers hoodie and jeans

Enjolras still claims he’s scarred from the experience and R still teases him about it

Stories from my misérable life

Yesterday, in the city where I’m studying, there were clashes between the police and a group of students who were protesting to lower the canteen prices. A couple of students were hospitalized. A guy came to the classroom where I was taking a lesson and told us what had happened. He was quite angry, but he had a really good rhetoric. Not to mention curly, blond hair. I found him, guys. I knew in this city there was an Enjolras hidden somewhere.

victor hugo at some point: LISTEN im gonna take this character and relate him to gay greeks as much as possible while also adding character traits, then im gonna take this other character and talk abt how gay he is for that one, while also comparing him to gay greeks, and the second one is gonna tell him that he only believes in that character while he is cynical about everything else,,,,  then to top it all off,,,,, theyre gonna DIE while HOLDING HANDS.

some literature fuck: so,,, what your saying is,,, Theyre Straight