Fun with Flags=)) They are ewerywhere (at least in my appartment. In my art. In my mind) That’s the time of waiting (at least it ought to be). Barricade is made, sentinels aren’t here yet, so friends are sort of relaxing (as much as they can in the situation). Later they are going to listen Prouvaire’s poetry, and I may draw this moment also. Later. 

It’s an accident that all of the stars sort of assembled upon Enjolras’ head. He’s just in the good spot. 

Grantaire is Enjolras’ Secret Santa. Here are the presents he gets him:
-A Starbuck’s gift card (Grantaire likes seeing him turn the color of the holiday cups and hearing him mutter about capitalism…”you want me to go to a corporate chain!?”)
-that giant Costco teddy bear (Enjolras complains that it is a pointless purchase and takes up too much space but then when everyone comes over for movie night one night Combeferre lets them in and they find Enjolras curled up asleep on the bear).
-final gift- a drawing Grantaire did of Enjolras giving an impassioned speech at a rally and looking gloriously fierce (Enjolras is speechless and he surprises Grantaire by giving him a kiss on the cheek and saying thank you and that he loves it and then further surprises him when he frames it and hangs it up in his apartment for everyone to see)

victor hugo at some point: LISTEN im gonna take this character and relate him to gay greeks as much as possible while also adding character traits, then im gonna take this other character and talk abt how gay he is for that one, while also comparing him to gay greeks, and the second one is gonna tell him that he only believes in that character while he is cynical about everything else,,,,  then to top it all off,,,,, theyre gonna DIE while HOLDING HANDS.

some literature fuck: so,,, what your saying is,,, Theyre Straight