But let’s face it no one can deny that Enjolras has extensive knowledge of all the French Revolution pick up lines in existence
- Courf only laughs and figures R or Bahorel broke into Enj’s laptop when he snoops on Enj’s search history and sees things along the lines of “French Revolution pick up line” “Robespierre pick up line”
- Courf is only a tiny bit horrified when he goes over to Enj’s and Combeferre’s shared apartment, and instead of seeing Ferre, he sees Enj with a face redder than the beanie Grantaire is so fond of wearing (which he stole from Enjolras) alternating from angrily muttering to angrily reciting (yelling) “Are you French aristocracy? Because I want head from you tonight” with honestly ridiculous amounts of inflection in his voice to the mirror
- (Some of the horror (some. Just some. Courf is still veritably horrified) turns to amusement when after ten minutes of watching (all ten minutes are in video now) he breaks the silence with a shit-eating grin and a “Sorry Enj, you’re not my type” and he sees him freeze and Courf can’t believe he thought it was impossible for Enj to get even redder but he was fucking doing it)
- Courf is struggling to hold in his squeal (and really, he is struggling. His hands are covering his mouth and his face is swollen like a gigantic red balloon) in after he bursts into Enj’s room with the full expectation of being able to ask him how he want’s his pancakes for breakfast (and fuck was Enj picky about those) and finds him, slumped over a pile of books and papers with drool dripping out of his chin and the worst fucking bedhead’s he’s ever seen, sleep-muttering, “R, I wanna go lower on you than the third estate”
- (After Courf is done screaming into Ferre’s shoulder he’ll have to ask Enj his secret later because he has no idea how he managed to transform that rats nest of a bedhead into the shiny curls R’s always waxing poetic about)
- Courf is suppressing the smiles that want to appear on his face when he takes R with him early to the Cafe Musain with the guise of meeting Combeferre
- (And he just fucking knows Enjolras is going to be there, practicing those pick up lines, because Ferre says he can’t go ten seconds without hearing about a revolution starting in R’s pants)
- Courf is ecstatic when he hears R mutter “what a fucking nerd” with a full-blown, shit eating grin on his face before Enjolras and Grantaire were pulling (yanking) each other into one of the messiest make out sessions he’s ever seen after he and R walked in on Enj glaring furiously at a wall, reciting “You know R, the bourgeoisie aren’t the only thing that’s going to suck tonight.”

sassthatsarcasm  asked:

If this line in I am I said doesn't scream Grantaire I'm a baguette "Did you hear about the frog who dreamed about being a king"

Makes me hella think about the line in the brick that says:

“The toad always has his eyes fixed on heaven. Why? In order to watch the bird in its flight. Grantaire, in whom writhed doubt, loved to watch faith soar in Enjolras.“

i’m interested in how invested enjolras is in technology, he references it alongside human rights in his barricade speech and i’d like to hear opinions on how this would translate into current times (would he be equally optimistic about technology in today’s age, in the aftermath of WWII and the cold war and drone warfare, etc?  does he hope for a future where the grueling jobs done by so many for meager wages today are done by robots, where human labor is highly prized and reserved for higher tasks, and poverty doesn’t exist because companies are taxed and forced by law to pay the wages they would normally pay the workers, in this case the robots, to the government, which then hands out a universal income that can be supplemented if people choose to pursue work?  what are his opinions on city design? bioengineering?) i haven’t seen this tackled often in fandom but i don’t know enough about tech to do it with any authority

but i do think this is an aspect of enjolras we rarely address, he is a fan of engineering