Hey potential friends! My name is Dana, I’m 17 years old and I live in the ATL (atlanta for friends who don’t know) I am fluent in English and conversational in French, as I’ve been studying it for almost 7 years now)
I’m going into my senior year of high school this year and I hope to study international business/relations when I get to university.
I love tv shows like The 1OO, Teen wolf, The Blacklist, and NCIS.
Movies like: The Avengers, Maze Runner, Casino Royal, basically any James Bond movie, and Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley one)
Books like: Pride and Prejudice, the 1OO series, all of Rick Riordan’s books.
I’m also a musical nerd! I love the Music Man, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and the like.
Music wise I’ll listen to pretty much everything except for country music. I really like Jazz, some rap, alternative/indie, and 80s music. Also Prince Royce!
I would love to vlog with people from other countries so I could learn about other countries and their cultures.

Contact info:
Email: Danamac199@gmail.com
Kik: _danamac
Instagram: _danamac

  • – Hello, are you there?
  • – Yes, who are you please?
  • – I'm Watt.
  • – What's your name?
  • – Watt's my name.
  • – Yes, what's your name.
  • – My name is John Watt.
  • – John what?
  • – Yes, are you Jones?
  • – No, I'm Knott.
  • – Will you tell me your name then?
  • – Will Knott.
  • – Why not?
  • – My name is Knott.
  • – Not what?
  • – Not Watt, Knott.
  • – What?
Often living here, you find yourself getting used to people starring at you, talking to you to “practice” their English and generally invading your personal space.

Yesterday I was riding the hiroden home and I noticed this Japanese man (around my age) starring at me. I pretended not to notice but was ready to get off the train if he got closer. 

However, he very politely asked me  “Excuse me, are you Maia?” 

I was kind of taken back, and I nervously replied “Yes- I am” and he said “Oh my name is Kenji, you met me around Halloween we’re Facebook friends *he showed me my profile on his phone* 久し振り(long time so see)”  

He then politely asked if I wanted to talk and if he could move closer to sit near me.

I found it so refreshing that someone respected my personal time and space and asked before jumping into conversation. We actually ended up having a really great conversation and it turns out that he was a former student of my High School (prior to me teaching there)

… But the whole night I was kind of in awe that someone asked if it was okay to talk to me, - instead of just jumping into conversation. I’m about to start my third year in Japan and this has never happened before.  

Typically when strangers approach me in Japan I’m bombarded with questions like “WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM?” “WHY DO YOU COME TO JAPAN?” “DO YOU LIKE SUSHI”… English Conversation classes and cafes are expensive. I understand the desire to practice English, but when my space is invaded- it really frustrates me. If someone politely asks if they can talk to me I more often than not are happy to talk to them anyways- 

I know JETs are here to promote cultural exchange (primarily on the grass roots level- ) but we are not free English conversation class. 

【絶対見るべきアメリカのアニメ、Avatar】普段使いの英会話 Listn


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Onew's english conversation~
  • MC :"What is your best subject?"
  • Onew :"for me, it's english"
  • [they speak in english]
  • MC :"What is your name?"
  • Onew :"My name is Onew"
  • MC :"How long have you been here in Changsha?"
  • Onew :"Uh.. two days *giggles*"
  • MC :"How long will you stay here? How long will you stay in Changsha?"
  • Onew :"Maybe three days.."
  • MC :"three days? then go back to.."
  • Onew :"Yeah.. back home"
  • MC :"What did you do when you have your spare time?"
  • Onew :"hmm.. maybe sleep.."
  • MC :"Have you ever chased someone?"
  • Onew :"Uh.. no.. no.. I have no time. *mumbles something in korea*"
  • MC :"What? what you say?"
  • translator :"He says to tell you a technique. If you want to master english, don't focus on dialogue. Just memorize the textbook"
海外で話題の出来事をお届け! Listn.me ニュース 7/24 | ホットな男女による普段使いの英語サイト『 Listn.me 』日常のあれこれやカルチャーなどをゆるく語ります。
日本ではあまり取り上げられない海外の話題を紹介しますよ。今日の3本は ・50セントが破産を申請 ・アメリカ全土で同性結婚が可能に ・1D が動物保護をコンサートで呼びかけ です。 We are here to introduce you to some current events that haven’t made headlines in Japan!
English Conversational Skills with a dash of Japanese

So, you want to learn Japanese? It’s best to get a language exchange partner where you will learn Japanese and teach English. But how do you teach English conversation? Here are 4 resources to help improve English speaking skills.

1. Speaking to people

If you can’t find people near you, use a website like www.italki.com to find people online. You can exchange skype contact information and practice speaking. Italki can be used for almost any language including Japanese.

Once you find someone, I recommend that you tailor the conversation based on what they want to use English for…..Ex: business, service industry, music, film/drama, daily tasks.

2. Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation

You may not use all the phrases in the book but you will certainly hear them. I recommend that you use a book like this with a language exchange partner.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (English)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Japanese)

This simple book reads like Greg is talking to you! Reading is a great way to find points to discuss with each other. In the first page alone, you can talk about the differences between a journal and a diary. On the next page, the word “gimmick” is included. This is the perfect time to show advertisements such as Bob’s Furniture.

In Japanese, the book is グレッグのダメ日記. 

4. Rhinospike.com

“Foreign Language Audio on Demand” You can use this website to write text in English or in Japanese and get native speakers to record their voice. And this website is FREE!! It’s such a good resource but I never see anyone talking about it.


ヤリ過ぎ注意! アメリカの誕生日祝いは色々スゴイ | ホットな男女による普段使いの英語サイト『 Listn.me 』日常のあれこれやカルチャーなどをゆるく語ります。
誕生日祝いと聞くと何を思い浮かべますか。 ケーキにプレゼント? アメリカの伝統的な祝い方には面白いものが色々ありますので紹介したいと思います! What comes to mind when you think about celebrating birthdays? Cake and presents? In America, there are a few other traditions that we will introduce!

4 ways reading can help improve your English

Reading is a skill that many students think is less important than speaking and listening. However, reading can greatly improve a learner’s ability to speak English correctly and improve the overall use of the language.

In-flight safety procedure | English Lesson Plan with videos for ESL EFL teachers
  • Language Level: Intermediate to upper-intermediate
  • Learner: Teens; Adults
  • Activity: Speaking, vocabulary, listening, writing, presentation
  • Time: 60- 70 mins
  • Topic: In-flight safety procedure
  • Materials: Video, realia

This lesson plan is a great way of teaching and getting students to use the vocabulary connected with travelling by plane, it’s also an excellent follow-up to the lesson about ‘Air travel: inside story’ from  New English File – upper-intermediate level coursebook.

By the end of the lesson students will be able to use the vocabulary connected with flying and write instructions the other should follow.

I used this plan during few classes with intermediate and upper-inter level students, the last part of the lesson is  lots of fun as we all were sitting ‘on a plane’ and listening to the ‘cabin crew’.


  1. Brainstorm ideas on the vocab necessary to explain in-flight safety procedure (10mins)
  2. Watch video to check the vocab and ideas (15mins)
  3. Write a plan of a safety procedure (20mins)
  4. Present the safety procedure ( depends on the number of students 10-20mins)
英語の勉強にも最適な海外の ” オトナ向け ” アニメ | ホットな男女による普段使いの英語サイト『 Listn.me 』日常のあれこれやカルチャーなどをゆるく語ります。
海外アニメといったらディズニーやシンプソンズなど子供でも楽しめるものを思い浮かべるとおもいますが、主に大人を対象にした人気アニメを紹介します。刺激が欲しい人には是非見てもらいたいです! When you think of cartoons, you’ll probably think of Disney or The Simpsons, cartoons that children can enjoy also, but we’re going to introduce to you cartoons aimed at adults. For those who want stimulation, definitely check them out!
海外サイトを見るのが楽しくなるミーム(Meme)について知ろう! | ホットな男女による普段使いの英語サイト『 Listn.me 』日常のあれこれやカルチャーなどをゆるく語ります。
ツイッターや2ちゃんねるで見かける面白画像やテキストに相当するのがミームです。海外ではテキストよりも画像が主流という違いがありますね。今回は特に最近人気の5つを紹介します!On Twitter or 2chan you may see interesting picture or text memes. Outside of Japan, text memes are not as popular as picture memes. We'll be introducing five current popular memes from abroad for you.
All about より抜粋 / 英語裏技練習法! 相手の言葉を繰り返す

It sure was. It was marvelous! And I went shopping and bought some clothes on impulse.
(ええ、とっても。 素晴らしかったわ! それとショッピングに行って、洋服を衝動買いしちゃった!)

You bought some clothes on… impulse? What does that mean?
(洋服を… インポース? それどういう意味?)

Oh, impulse means a sudden feeling of wanting something.

A sudden feeling of wanting something?

That’s right. I found a very nice dress so I bought it without thinking.
(そういうこと! 素敵なドレスを見つけてね、パッと買っちゃったの。)

You bought a dress without a thinking. Ooooooookay.
(ドレスをパッと買っちゃったのね。 なぁ~るほど。)

I stayed in a luxury hotel, had a gorgeous meal, read a book at the pool side… you know… just hung out…

You stayed in a luxury hotel,… had a gorgeous meal… and read a romantic book at the pool side, looking for a nice guy…
(豪華なホテルに泊まって、贅沢な食事をして、プールサイドでロマンチックな本を読んで、いい男はいないかなっ探して…… )

Hey, I didn’t say that I was looking for a guy! Anyway, I really had a great time.
(ちょっとぉ~!!男を探してたなんて言ってないけど! とにかく、とてもいい時間を過ごしたわ。)

You had a great time. I’m happy to hear that. I wish I could have been with you.
(いい時間を過ごしたのね。 いいわねぇ~。 私もあなたと一緒だったらよかったのに。)


February 3, 2005 - Friends and bad haircuts

February 3, 2005 – Friends and bad haircuts

Today was Setsubun, which I explained in detail here. Since I didn’t participate in any of the usual traditions, it was just a regular day for me.

During the day I went for a haircut at QB house near Seiyu. QB House is famous for their traffic light sign outside the store that indicates how long you have to wait, and for their 10 minute, 1000 yen haircuts. The barber who cut my hair was…

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日本よりアメリカで知名度の高いアニメ | ホットな男女による普段使いの英語サイト『 Listn.me 』日常のあれこれやカルチャーなどをゆるく語ります。
以前にも何度かアニメについて語っていますが、今回はアメリカで知名度のあるアニメの紹介です。日本ではそこまで一般的な知名度が無いものもあるかもしれませんが、アメリカ人と話すときのネタになると思います! We have talked about anime a few times in the past, but this time we are going to introduce some popular animes in America! Some of these may not be too familiar in Japan, but they are well known in America!
All about より抜粋 / 英語であいづちを打つためのコツは?

A: The bus is not coming at all. What should we do? I hope we can catch a taxi but I don’t see any around here. Maybe we should wait a while longer.
B: Right.

A: OK, you’re staying for two nights in a twin room. You’ll be able to enjoy a great view in the morning. You can see the big ocean right in front of you.
B: Good. Which floor?



Free English

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