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11/100 days of productivity

My morning study session when well (yay!!) with the help of yogurt and a giant cookie. I am almost done rewriting all my notes for this weeks lectures and all I have to do now is draw up a weekly summary and read Middlemarch.

happy studying to everyone!

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How to Survive in College?

I’ve read lots of good college tips posts on Tumblr, I loved every one of them and I saw how similar college students are. Even though there are similarities, we all tend to get different lessons from our experiences. As a 3rd grade English Literature Student -5th semester hooooraaay!- I’ve collected my own experiences and I want to share some of them with you. You should accept that you cannot be a productive student all the time. You can have your ups and downs and it is all okay. Sometimes we fall and we get our lesson from it, we get stronger with each  mistake. You have to move on to be better, to be more brave. This is my first post because I am thinking about doing this “How to Survive in College?” thing as a series. This one is all about grades and studying.
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I tend to talk way too much so shall we start?

I know, I know. Success in your college life is important. It’s so important because your future depends on these years. However you have to be aware of one thing: your health –both physical and mental- is more important than your grades. I do not care if your grades are perfect but you’re feeling dead inside. It does not matter. If you do not have the energy to celebrate an A or the ending of a project, that grade means nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. You have to appreciate yourself, your hard work, your success in a way that you do not get stressed and worried about numbers all the time. This is college, you’re a grown up, you have to be able to take care of yourself because on the road awaits after college, you’ll be alone. People will expect you to be an adult. Real adult. Enjoy your moments as a student. Enjoy every single breath you have, feel the sunshine and winter cold on your skin, cry when you’re sad and laugh when you’re happy. Screw up but also get up and keep walking. Take care of yourself. Nothing is more important than you.

Have a studying routine. This may sound a little boring to some but let me tell you on thing: studying regularly is the key. I am not talking about studying 24/7, no. I am talking about using your time wisely when it comes to study. For example, let’s talk about my studying habits. I woke up at 5-6 a.m. everyday. I immediately leave my bed and open my window because I need fresh air to wake up. Then I spend half an hour to myself (brushing my teeth and havin juice or tea or coffee, getting dressed etc.) and then I start studying around 7-6 a.m. I always study in periods, one hour and fifteen minutes break usually. I tried small periods and shorter breaks but I can’t make it because it is very hard for me to focus between breaks. Sometimes I sit and I don’t give a break for two hours. Totally depends on my subject. Long story short, have a routine. Do the same thing every morning and night, adjust your time and studying periods. I will make a master post about studying techniques but I’ve created mine eventually since my brain tends to think about many things at the same time. Know yourself and create your studying routine. First few weeks will be hard but after a month you will get used to it.

Do not procrastinate. Understand that what you do today in college will be rewarded in your future. Procrastination is the thief of time. It is also very dangerous because by doing it, you start making a mount of unfinished work which is your responsibility. Over time all the work you’ve been procratinating will need to be finished. Every assignment has a deadline. Do your assignments on time, study to your lectures regularly, spend time with your notes and lectures. Don’t say tomorrow, start doing it now. Get up, take a deep breath and you are ready my friend!

Listen to your teacher and take notes in every class. You don’t need fancy notes to be a good student. Personally I do it because it motivates me. Also I’m a writer/writing learner, which means I can understand better if I write the subject or even vocabulary. I have one notebook to each semester which I bring with me to university. I take notes and listen my professors carefully, when I get back to home, after a short break I start writing all notes again with my text-book and articles. Important points, terms and summary of the subject. I also make my researches before class so it helps me a lot to understand the subject.

Find your motivating study space. This is so important. If you want to study productively, you have to find the right study space. Maybe your room, school library, a cafe which is close to your dorm/home etc. For me it’s my room and school library. I don’t like studying in a cafe because I can lose my focus so easily but when I am alone and the place is all silent I can study very well. Try to create the right place. You don’t need a desk or anything for that. You can use anywhere, just have a good light and silence, that’s all.

Share your notes and help other people. But please don’t let them use you. This is very important to me. Usually in university people tend to be very selfish about their notes etc. I don’t see any reason for that. Sharing, helping and teaching people is one of the most amazing things you can do to a friend or to a loved one. I am not talking about giving your notes and your hard work to everyone of course. Just understand one thing. If they don’t study regularly, reading your notes the day before the exam will not help them very much. If the person is not passionate about his/her school and future, one page will not change anything. Maybe they will gain few points but do you really think that will help them to pass the class or get an A? I don’t think so. Also by helping the others you can motivate yourself as well. For example I have many friends that I care about and I want them to get good grades so I genuinely love sharing my work with them. It creates trusting and intimate relationship with my friends.

So this is the end of my How to Survive in College Series Part 1! I hope it will help someone who is struggling and need help. I love you all so so so so so much. Here is some other posts for you to read by other studyblrs. They are all very helpful!

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Also, Studyblr really helped me about my college life. It did honestly. It still does. I’m very new, like I do not know few months? Since then, I’ve been working my best and pushing my limits in a non-stressful way. Here some of my motivation Studyblrs:

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I hope when people ask what you’re going to do with your English degree and/or creative writing degree you’ll say: ‘Continue my bookish examination of the contradictions and complexities of human motivation and desire;’ or maybe just: ‘Carry it with me, as I do everything that matters.’
And then smile very serenely until they say, ‘Oh.’
—  Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar


37/100 days of productivity

So I’m bust working on an assignment for my TESOL class at the moment. It been going slow at the University lately because everyone is handing out assignments and prepping us for the second half of the semester coming up soon. Also, we’re doing Jane Eyre in class right now and the lecturer thinks the book is a post-colonial feminist anti-christian book. What do you guys think? Hogwash or truth? 

happy studying everyone!

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As a professed Connoisseur of Russian Literature, I can definitively state that the most Authentic way to read Crime & Punishment is in a cold sweat, over a period of 48 hours, without sleeping, desperately hiding the book under desks and other textbooks hoping you won’t be caught reading it in your other classes, blowing off plans with friends and family without admitting that you procrastinated reading this book, in an increasingly mounting state of panic about failing your upcoming timed writing about this book that YOU STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED AND IT’S NEXT PERIOD OH GOD WHY. There are themes in that book that won’t fully emerge unless you do exactly that.

Totally unrelated question: Do you ever just have flashbacks to high school?