English money


Hey all my horse people on tumblr. Our worst nightmare happened this week. The barn I keep my horse at and work at burned to the ground. We saved 8 out of the 9 horses in the barn but unfortunately we lost our sweet little stud billy. We also lost all of our tack, medications, blankets, and feed. We are trying to keep the business afloat while we rebuild. If you can donate even a few bucks that would be amazing! We have a gofundme setup http://www.gofundme.com/8k25uyrk

Student PSA

So I have come across some great apps that  have really helped me as a student both financially and academically and i thought I’d share them with you all:

Quizlet is a great app that lets you create match games and cue cards for terms you need to know for a class. you can also search the app to see if someone has made a set for your particular textbook. it’s really useful. it also has a function that speaks the words aloud which i find really useful since i can thus do other things while listening to, and memorizing, words i nee to know. 

On that note, as an english major i have to read a lot of books; often ones that are classics. i’ve found youtube has a lot of audiobooks of classic novels, and so does librivox.org. my library also has an app that allows you to take out digital audiobooks called Overdrive. I’m not sure if it is availible everywhere or if it’s just what my particular library iuses, but there might be other ones like it out there if not! the audiobooks are really useful, since i can do other things while ‘reading’ my required readings. a real timesaver. 


also, for making a little extra money,Featurepoints is a really great one. it pays you for downloading apps. just go to https://featurepoints.com and use the code QZMF8B for an extra 50 points to start off with! 

another similar app to featurepoints is Qriket. This one lets you win money by spinning a wheel. using the referral code 92C6B6, you can get 25 extra spins!

i hope these help! feel free to message with any questions! all of tehse apps should be availible in the appstore for free.