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This started out as a Google Doc for personal use, but I might as well share it with you since the internet is awesome and chances are there are other lit freaks like me out there! + Masterposts are the best

Beginners (old but gold tbh)





Novel Guide


Grade Saver (I’ve found some rare XVIII century plays explained here!)

English 101 (English lit)

English 102 (American lit)

Tips to Analyze, Write, Interpret literature (College level):

English 103: Analyzing and Interpreting Lit.

Literary Analysis Guide - Goshen College

Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature


How to Write an Analysis of Theme — Teaching College English

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature | CLEP

How I Plan and Write Literature Papers by notaperfectstudent

Very Useful (misc.)

CRITICAL THEORY: Introduction to Literature

Literary Theory Links

Voice of the Shuttle (great humanities research page)

Warwick English Page (bunch of links, exams, essays, etc…)

Consciousness, Literature and the Arts Archive: Articles and Essays

Online Lectures

Terry Eagleton: “The Death of Criticism?” - UC Berkeley Events

Modernism Undone: T.S. Eliot’s Literary Revolution

A Reader’s Guide to T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets” (Lecture by Thomas Howard, Professor Emeritus, Gordon College)

Arts One Open: on The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot (Lecture by Kevin McNeilly for the “Monster in the Mirror” theme)

Introduction to Literary Theory - Yale

Harold Bloom on Shakespeare - Yale

Harold Bloom on Walt Whitman

Noam Chomsky on Linguistics

Keio Linguistic Colloquium SYNTAX SESSION Professor Noam Chomsky (MIT)

Open Courses


ENGL 220: MILTON - Yale


Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World - U- of Michigan (took this, it’s great! Course starts October 2015)


The Fiction of Relationship - Brown (no open sessions rn but I took this and it is also great, so stay tune for when the course re-opens)

Victorian Era

Literary Genre, Mode, and Style during the Victorian Era (so many sources, essays and papers!! <3)

Nostalgia and the Victorian Novel

Getting On C.19th Lit


Tess and Wuthering Heights

Female Relationships

Foreign Spaces


The Romanticism Blog (posts concerning scholars and students, here you will find great ideas for essays!)

The Romantics: Nature (bbc doc)

The Romantics: Eternity (bbc doc)

The Romantics: Liberty (bbc doc)

Lord Byron (bbc doc)

Romantic Circles

Romantic Chronology http://www.english.ucsb.edu:591/rchrono/
The Voice of the Shuttle, Romanticism pages  http://vos.ucsb.edu/  –> literature (in English)–> Romantics–>  a wealth of links to many resources

The XVIII Century

Skin as Surface in Swift and Pope

Public Opinion in Swift and Gay

The Female Body in Swift and Pope

Bawdiness in Cleland and Sterne

Voyeurism in Cleland

Narrative and Progress in Tristram Shandy


Reading Shakespeare’s Play

Introduction to Shakespeare’s life and works

Featured Essays and Book Excerpts on Shakespeare’s Plays

Shakespeare Mag: Education and resources

Introduction to Shakespeare (so many links!):

Humanist Grammar School


Problems with Shakespeare’s Texts

Shakespearean Verse and Prose

Dramatic Plot Structure

Figurative Language and Rhetorical Devices

The Histories


Revenge Tragedy

Establishing the Text of Hamlet

The Romances

Blackfriars Theater and Audience Expectations

Hamlet performed by BATHS (for me this is a great representation tbh!)

Synopses of Shakespeare’s Plays

Shakespeare Resource Center

The Shakespeare Authorship Page

Internet Shakespeare Editions

Robert Teeter’s Shakespeare Links

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Virtual Tour

Interactive Globe Theatre

Shakespeare Timeline

The Folger Shakespeare Library

Shakespeare Illustrated (Emory University)

Steven Marx’s “Triangulating Shakespeare”

“But I have that within that passes show”: Hamlet’s Soliloquies as an Expression of Shakespeare’s Loss and Transformation (essay)


Medieval English Studies A GUIDE TO MIDDLE ENGLISH

Translatio studii et imperii

Medieval Attitudes toward Vernacular Literature

Courtly Love

Medieval Allegory

The Alliterative Revival

The Three Medieval Estates

Arthurian literature

Arthurian Studies Links & Essays

Arthurian Resources (Thomas Green)

Arthurian Links (Thomas Green)

Labyrinth Arthurian Links

The Camelot Project (Medieval to modern texts and images)

King Arthur links (Medieval History site)

Britannia Arthurian Links

Holy Grail  links (Mary Weidenhaft)

Women of the Arthurian Legend (Camelot Project–modern)

Arthuriana (International Arthurian Society journal)

Arthurnet (Listserve)

A scholarly discussion list for King Arthur

Arthuriana/Camelot Project Bibliographies

Princeton Charrette Project (Manuscript images of Chrétien de Troyes’s Lancelot romance)

Yale MS 229, Prose Lancelot (Illuminated manuscript images)

The Camelot Project Artists Menu (modern)


Essay writing tips for poetry

Poetry Foundation: Lectures

Essays on Poetic Theory

British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions

The American Poetry Full-Text Database

English Verse Drama: the Full-Text Database

The English Poetry Full-Text Database

Online Exams

Romantics Exam

Eighteenth Century Literature Final here

Medieval to Renaissance English Literature Examen (Warwick)


After years of gushing about how touching this, I realised something that makes it so much worse.

Think about this for a moment. Think about how hard it must have been for him to say those words.

‘He’s not your son.’ 

Like no no no, Molly, this is my Harry. My kid. James and Lily’s son from his appearance right down to the way he writes the alphabet and protects his enemies. I’ve known the kid literally since he was born. I know what James and Lily wanted for him. They’d want him to know what he’s getting into. They’d want him to know that we trust him. And Lily would skin me alive if I let her son face the “chosen one” scenario without knowing what it means. James and Lily Potter gave their lives as a result of this Prophecy and you’re telling me they would want to keep him in the dark? He is my godson, Molly. I would do anything to keep him safe. I’m the one Harry wrote to nearly every day for months and I know what he needs. I know what happened in the damned graveyard. I know what Harry’s been through and I know what his parents would want us to do. HE’S. NOT. YOUR. SON.

‘He’s not your son,’ said Sirius quietly.

Sirius is canonically the sort of person who’d get increasingly louder and angrier over the course of an argument. But no. Molly wants Harry to be a child. Her child. And all he can think of is  Lily. Her grit. Her principles. The way she’d have laid the truth out before Harry and then taken him out to a Quidditch game or something. 

He never gets to say any of that. There’s Molly’s below-the-belt Azkaban taunt and Sirius just retreats into his guilt about not actually being there for Harry… not being able to protect him last year… not keeping James and Lily safe.

26th Feb 2016 ||

Good news: All of my exams are done and I already know I passed three of them. I’m still waiting for the last two results. 

While I’m technically on holidays now, I still have to finish a project for my linguistics seminar. As you can see, I’m working on that right now. It’s raining outside anyway, so I’m not really missing out on anything.  


1/100 days of productivity

22.11.15 - Here we go ! I have a bottle full of water, my computer, my planer and bullet journal, my notes, some extra documents I printed yesterday to help me on the subject and now I can work as hard as Hermione Granger. I’m now doing my english lit. essay which is for thursday. Bon courage.  ❥

14th May 2016 – I’ve had a couple of days of relaxing a bit more which in retrospect wasn’t such a good idea (film exam in 3 days!) so I’m brushing up on my poetry and then will move onto film. Good luck everyone! 🌸🍑