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More Accurate, English Lit-Friendly, Book Titles
  • The Grapes of Wrath:Poor People Suffering Under Unjust Capitalist System Make Really Angry Symbolic Grapes
  • Wicked:SJW Badass Undone By Unjust Totalitarian Society and Ten-Year-Old With Bucket of Water, Is Tragic As Fuck
  • Moby Dick:Captain Is Dick to Symbolic Whale
  • Life of Pi:Bullshit Story About Tiger Taken As Legit By Unsuspecting Reader, Reader Is Strangely Okay With This
  • The Kite Runner:Kabul Local Is Dick to Friend, Atones By Running Symbolic Kite
  • Perfume:Look At This Creepy Talented Fuck: The Oderiferous Edition
  • The Poisonwood Bible:Religion Is Poison and Your Country's A Dick: The Africa Edition
  • To Kill A Mockingbird:Society Is Racist, Classicist, and Sexist, Also Kills Innocent Birds
  • Heart of Darkness:Imperialist Shit Trippy As Hell, I Want Out
  • Crime and Punishment:Sympathetic Creep Tries To Forego Conscience Through Murder And Fails: The Russian Edition
  • Hamlet:Complexity of Moral Dilemma Undoes Charismatic Intellectual 
  • Macbeth:Sympathetic Creep Tries To Forego Conscience Through Murder And Fails: The Scottish Edition
  • King Lear:Bad Character Judgment Undoes Idiot King, Established Order Falls Apart
  • Romeo and Juliet:Love Is Great And Then You Die. Or It Dies. Either Way It's Terrible
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream:Love Is Like A Dream: Fickle, Random, and Trippy as Fuck
  • Pride and Prejudice:You Can Marry For Love And Be Filthy Rich!: Every Girl's Fantasy, Admittedly 
  • Les Misérables:Isn't Suffering Ennobling and Beautiful?: A Christian-Friendly Love Story 
  • East of Eden:Moral Complexity Subverts Garden of Eden Bullshit 
  • Of Mice and Men:Cruelty Kills, Er, Cruelly
  • The Phantom of the Opera:Look At This Creepy Talented Fuck: The Musical Edition
  • The Magic Mountain:Sanitorium Is Trippy As Hell, I Want In
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude:Superstitious Bullshit Causes Vicious Cycle of Suffering, Is Hilarious
  • Great Expectations:Oppressive Class System Is Full of Shit, Protagonist Slowly Realizes
  • A Tale of Two Cities:Oppressive Class System Leads To Violence, Also Poignant Redemption of Drunkard
  • Harry Potter:Boy Wizard Fights Evil Wizard In Battle Between Good and Evil, Is Better Than It Sounds 
  • Love In the Time of Cholera:Love Is A Lot of Things But It Ain't True Pal: A Love Story 
  • The Scarlet Letter:Symbolic Letter Screws Up Local Woman's Life, Also Patriarchy 
  • The Odyssey:Very Long Trip Home For Dick Protagonist 
  • Frankenstein:Science Makes Me Uncomfortable I Think It's Evil: A Symbolic Cautionary Tale
  • Dracula:Sexuality Make Me Uncomfortable I Think It's Evil: A Conservative's Musing
  • Stargirl:Unconventional Girl Gets Bitch-Slapped By Conventional Society, Says Sayonara
  • The Casual Vacancy:Vacuous Small Town Bullshit Has A Death Count, No Joke
  • The Great Gatsby:Aren't Rich People Glamorous and Tragic?: A Sycophant's Love Story 
Junkrat’s German voice lines translated

“My mom always told me not to play with matches”

“Holy Shit!”

“Watch out, oncoming traffic!“ (When enemy Junkrat uses ult)

“Just quickly powder my little nose and continue.“ (after respawning)

“Brrr. I’m freezing my nose off when I look at you.“

“Hold it! Stop! This point belongs to me!”

- few German voice lines of Junkrat


Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder
Ciel and Sebastian favorite moments      ||      Phantomhive servants version


wardrobe swappppp

told you it was stupid

Some interesting and unnecessary facts about Oscar Wilde that literally no one asked for

His father was queen Victoria ’s private eye doctor

When his mother was pregnant with him she was so sure that she was expecting a girl so when Oscar was born she dressed him in girl clothes until he was three

He had a two year younger sister who died when she was 10. He carried a lock of her hair with him for the rest of his life

He hated math and science as a kid

When in school he wasn’t very popular. Instead of playing and fighting with the other boys he would rather admire the flowers

His favourite flowers were sunflowers btw

He loved to dress up

He was over 190 cm tall and people were always surprised by his height when they met him

He had grey blue eyes

He smoked a lot

When he was at home working he would
always wear a white bathrobe inspired by Honoré de Balzac

He was fluent in Greek and adored the Greek culture

When he went to America he thought that the mine workers were the only ones who dressed well

He liked the idea of anarchism

He cried when he had to cut off his hair in jail

His last words were “either the wallpaper goes or I do”

It is a frequently cited fact that English has two sets of words for farm animals and their corresponding meats. The living animals are expressed with words of Germanic origin–calf (German ‘Kalb’), swine (G. 'Schwein’), and ox (G. 'Ochse’)–because the servants who guarded them were the conquered Anglo-Saxons. The names of the meats are of Romance origin–veal (French 'veau’), pork (F. 'porc’) and beef (F. 'boeuf’)–because those who enjoyed them were the conquering Norman masters.
—  Kató Lomb