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And here are our winners of the Hunter X Olympics! All of them had outstanding performances:

Gon - His low center of gravity gave him a great advantage. Zushi got the silver medal.

Killua - Always in “the zone”, the opposite teams still don’t know what hit them

Kurapika - Lost the final match against Nobunaga…he sworn revenge

Leorio - Got a red card in the final game but not before scoring the goal that lead his team to victory

Illumi - Obliterated the world record

Chrollo - Walk in the park, he was simply too fast for his opponents. Stole the other medals too just for the heck of it.

Hisoka - Disqualified for pulling an “airborne schwing”, everyone knows thats an illegal move…

  • me:idols don't have to speak or learn english for international fans, we need to respect that!
  • also me:*searches for youtube compilations of biases saying something in english*
Alpha Session AU - in which the kids got a better shake

So in Discord, we started talking about how the Alpha planets and their quests would work in an AU where the Alpha session was not fucking awful. I think having actual, viable quests and planets and things to do would be awesome, so we riffed on that for a while.

My Discord buddies are fucking insightful, brilliant people.

Land of Crypts and Helium.

Consorts: Axolotls! They live in the water, are amphibious, and have the most precious little faces. They would require Jane to stick her head underwater to talk to them, perhaps ask her friends for a rebreather, and basically force Jane out of her comfort zone to even communicate with them.

Quest: Reviving the land. By Jane’s house is a huge reservoir of water that is the lifeblood of her planet. It’s the only body of water of its kind in the land.

Her consorts are running out of water to live in, limited to a few ponds near her house. She has to figure out a way to take this enormous amount of water and get it all over the planet for her consorts to live in. Because Jane is endlessly sensible, she tries various methods to move that much water after doing research and getting a feel for things. But it’s just too big a task for her, she barely manages to expand one of the consort pools.

In the process, she nearly breaks the dam and loses all the water. If the reservoir is lost, she cannot complete her Quest and will be stuck. So her consorts direct her to Hemera.

Choice: Jane goes to Hemera to ask how she is meant to save her land. Perhaps she goe with an idea in mind already, like needing the power to build a river to move the water across the land. Hemera offers her the Choice: Jane can have the power to create her rivers and attempt her solution, or she can have a bag full of balloon seeds.

Jane’s greatest path of growth would be learning to have faith in things outside herself. So much of her interactions with her friends were darkly colored by her unwillingness to take a leap of faith and have trust. So, her Choice is about that leap.

Taking the seeds, she scatters them into the reservoir, hoping she did not just blow her one chance at this Quest. Thankfully, the seeds bloom into balloons, each one carrying a huge load of water from the reservoir and floating away to spread it across the land, slowly making new bodies of water and reviving the life there.

Land of Tombs and Krypton.

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Watching the dub of the 4th phase of the Hunter Exam reminded me how odd Gon’s sense of morality is, for a shounen jump protagonist, at least. I mean, Gon just spent two episodes stalking Hisoka with the intent to steal his badge while he was in the process of killing another person. Gon makes no excuses or rationalizations to himself about this course of action; he just knows it’s his only shot to steal Hisoka’s badge, so he is fine with going through with it. 

(I always forget he also considered letting Kurapika and Leorio get attacked if it gave him the opportunity to steal the badge. I mean, he changed his mind as soon as he thought it through and realized they would not survive the encounter, but damn.)

Just. Every time I rewatch the series, I appreciate how unique and complex Gon’s character is, especially during this part of the Exam. I love Gon.

So in English today we were waiting for our results from our exam, and our teacher was taking forever to tell us and everyone was like ‘the suspense is killing me’ and I just shouted 'This is almost as bad as waiting nearly 2 years for the next episode of Sherlock’ I genuinley got a standing ovation, this was the day I realised I love my class

I always thought of Yandere Simulator characters as bland...

No surprise since it’s made by a EVERYTHINGphobic developer with zero creativity and sees women as toys… So I decided to give my idea of how some characters could be more diverse. Don’t expect good grammar since I made this for fun and english is not my first language.

Yandere-chan and Yandere-kun are brother and sister, the one you choose to play with is the one who falls for Senpai, they’re both normal teenagers with custom features and both of them are panssexual, they have a happy family but they parents spend most of the day working and they’re left caring for each other, they fell bad for killing normal students but not for killing the first rivals (my idea is that the rivals start as disgusting and not likeable but them starts becoming cuter and innocent), it’s up to the player to choose the way they get Senpai’s affection.

Senpai is panssexual and very romantic, they dream of one day having someone to love and care about them and for them to love and care about. They’re very friendly, caring and are considered very desirable by the other students, turning them very popular, but they still loves to talk to everyone. Their optimism, cuteness and good moods are quick to make anyone love them.

Saki has the same body structure, but with round boobs and slightly darker skin, she has a platonic crush on Kokona and is lesbian, but Kokona is straight™, in the good ending she ends up finding true mutual love in a girl who has always admired her.

Mai Waifu has small breasts, normal brown hair tied in a ponytail, wear glasses and is very pale and thing (like, showing bones) and is appreciated by the boys on the school for her incredible optimism and attitude and she’s bi and dating Oka.

The nurse rival is a curvy, tall girl, with huge boobs and blonde hair, along with tanned skin who make her very “desirable” to males. She’s the nurse’s daughter and her helper. She is a extreme catholic and despises homosexuality, the irony is: She’s a closeted lesbian and is only “crushing” on Senpai to try to “convert” her to a straight woman. The good and pacific way to eliminate her is to matchmake her with Saki Miyu, making her finally accept herself. She is usually very naive and bubbly.

Oka, now a bit shorter than the other girls and with a few freckles on her face, is a girl who uses the occult as a way to distance herself from society, she’s very bad at socializing and barely have skills besides her big knowledge on occult, she’s actually a very good girl, but is misunderstood by everyone except her occult club friends, she falls in love with Senpai because they one helped her and accepted her friendship. She can be paired with Mai Waifu.

Midori Gurin, a bit darker and curvier than others, is a exchange student from united states, she’s extremely ignorant of everything in Japan and asks questions about it, and is mistook as a annoying girl, this makes her suffer even more from her inferiority complex and sees herself as a annoying scum who nobody likes and barely find anything good about herself, her task involves helping her making friends with Inky and Sakyu Basu and her life changes when she is finally able to make friends who understand her.

Budo is very gay™ and is dating Shin from the occult club, he’s ripped af and is seem as hot by most of the girls, even tough he’s gay he is the opposite of what the society think of gay men (ya know, fragile and feminine) and he is very loud, smart and funny, and the one boy he trains actually got a crush on him. one of yandere-chan tasks ends up starting a poly of Shin, Budo and the boy Budo trains (that would be like, essential to having the “perfect happy ending” where everyone is happy).

Sho Kunin is a lot darker, has a undercut, big eyebrows and a bandage in his cheek. He originally was very depressive and hated his life because he never had nothing, his family was very poor and abusive of him and he had nobody to care about him when he was little, his parents ended up going to jail and he was up to adoption for having no family members alive, it took him years to be adopted and he hated there, he tried to kill himself a lot of times and even cut his wrists and arms, he eventually was adopted by a wealthy loving family w/ two mothers and a baby sister, his life got better and he was enrolled in the school, he joined the martial arts clubs so he can be strong to protect others and truly wants to help everyone. still, he refuses to show his scars because he is ashamed of his past.

Juku Ren has freckles, is very gay™, innocent and easy to foul, he tried his best to hide his sexuality in his old school, a place filled with bullies, and suffered a lot after being rejected by his straight crush [this screams my name]. he changed schools after all the bullying and easily got a crush on Budo, who is dating Shin from the occult club, joining the martial arts club only to get closer to him. if you complete his task stuff, he ends up falling for shin as well and they all end up in  poly relationship.

The Basu Sisters, now much curvier and covered in make-up, are extremely talkative girls who love spending their time talking and analyzing others lives. They’re good, but don’t understand when they’re harming others and are very ignorant of people’s feelings, this is even worse because they’re very rich and are constantly target of others envy, this led others students to make up stories about them being a vampire and a succubus, but they seem to be unaware of them or just don’t care at all. They’re always wanting to befriend new people.

Osana is a thin, white girl with blonde hair, considered extremely attractive by her fellow classmates, she’s rotten in the inside and wants the senpai only so she could use him to make her own life better, not caring about his emotions, she’s a huge jerk and offends every student in the school for their differences (every student has something that makes them stand out in a way). The only way to achieve the good ending on her is to drop her reputation, bully her and them raise it again, it’s the only way for her to notice how much harm she causes to the others, this leds her to change drastically into a nice and caring person.

The delinquent rival is very violent and destructive, but is very shy when it comes to love. She starts with Senpai as her friend, trying to get him to help her get her crush, one of the delinquent girls, but she ends up falling in love with him due to all the help he gave her. While she is very dangerous, she can be a very loyal friend to the player if her good ending is achieved and you help her conquer her first crush.

The teacher rival is now a male, son of one of the teachers, he’s very strict and easily gets mad at others for not following rules. He is openly and joyfully gay and loves teaching the others students about how love always win. He think of everyone in the school as friends and wants the best to everyone’s lives. He falls for Senpai because of his never ending optimism. He gives up on Senpai in the good ending because he notices how his love isn’t true at all and befriend the Yandere.

Kuu Dere is the player best friend and an extremely cold girl who rarely shares her thoughts or express feelings. The player grew to understand her and what she feels, but still find her creepy. She is asexual and don’t care about romance, but still gives her best to help her friend as her trusted informant. She is smart and cautious and is secretly a big fan of animals and nail-painting.

I always thought of Yandere Simulator characters as bland… (Part 2)

No surprise since it’s made by a EVERYTHINGphobic developer with zero creativity and sees women as toys… So I decided to give my idea of how some characters could be more diverse. Don’t expect good grammar since I made this for fun and english is not my first language.

Yui Rio, the shortest girl in school, likes to think of herself as evil and “rotten to the core”, but this is all obvious lies and she’s secretly very kind and nice. She just wants to do her best to impress her crush, one of the delinquents, to make her think they’re both the same level of “evilness”. She’s easily mistaken by a child for her size, but she’s the same age as everyone else.

Supana Churu, a bit lighter than most of the students, is really very insecure of her own body, not because of her weight, height or bust, but because she don’t like her sex and gender. She secretly hides from everyone but her fellow club members that she’s a transboy, it’s up to the player to use this information to enslave her or to befriend her, as long as they heard her confess her secret on the first day of school. She’s very kind, shy and polite, and also loves school and the occult.

Ryusei Koki, a taller-than-average boy, is extremely fascinated by art of all kinds and wants to do art of his own one day, however, he is pressured by his parents to follow the family tradition of all the males following a sport-related career, something which he barely cares about. He joined the Art Club against his father wishes and tries his best daily to be better at what he do, with all the support of his two best friends, Sora Sosuke and Mei Mio. He’s a kind and determined boy who is quick to help who he loves on everything they need.

Sora Sosuke, a very skinny, pale boy who is constantly tired and obviously unhealthy. He is part of the Drama club and is seems as feminine and rumored to be gay for it, however, he claims to be pansexual. He has a unrequited crush on the “straight” Sota Yuki and does his best to hide it the most he can, something not hard with his acting ability, only his best friends Ryusei and Mei know about this. He is very gentle, polite and prone-to-cry and is unable to defend himself.

Sota Yuki, now with a much more muscular body, an undercut and tanned skin. His parents aren’t Japanese and his appearance is greatly different from most of the students. He has a big interest on photography ever since his mother started showing him the photos she took in other countries. He is very focused on being “straight” and “manly” and hates showing any sign of weakness, this come from the fact he is closeted gay. He is very slow, perverted and ignorant of others feelings, but he isn’t a bad person.

Mei Mio is a very studious girl who cares as much for her future as she cares about others. She is very optimistic and can be a bit annoying to people who don’t know her well, she wants everyone to do their best and to honor the school name. All this come from the fact she was mostly ignored by her parents and family for most of her life, even when she had achievements, she just wants to make everyone feel special. She is close with Ryusei and Sora.

Yuna Hina, a chubby and short girl with strawberry-patterned socks. She’s addicted to her own phone and social medias and is constantly taking selfies everywhere of everything, to the point her life and routine is fully acessible to everyone. She is usually hanging out with the Basu sisters. She’s usually very kind and friendly when not distracted by her phone, her grades are very high.

Seems like I triggered the anti-sjws w/ some diversity, well I’M SO SORRY I shared my ideas of how a shitty game with boring characters all carbon copies of one another! I’m a sinner and I should learn how to properly suck pedopai’s cock.


What have I become… This song has been stuck in my head all day long. I earned weird looks from my parents. Arigato, Natsuki. (and Mamo)

*; ★.:。— PHOTOSHOP CS5 EXTENDED. Here is a full and free download of the said program with almost all features working (import video frames to layers, scripts, load multiple DICOM files ━ it’s the same as load multiple files, hence that one isn’t working; at least for me, etc.). You don’t need a key or an adobe account! This works on PC (I’m not able to check it on MAC). → All you have to do is download, open the zip file and double click the PS file; best open it with a right click and as an administrator. Follow the setup and install it without bothering with a key! And don’t worry if it’s in Spanish, the PS file itself is in English. Have fun ! I’m not the original owner of the file, nor do I created it. I found it some when, somewhere and I honestly can’t remember where I found it, but it took me literally YEARS to find it.

I’d be so happy if you’d support me by FOLLOWING me, but that’s of course not necessary. LIKE or REBLOG if you download, thank you! + let me know if the link is down, I hope that it won’t because I gave it a silly name so they don’t recognize it that easy. However, you never know. Fingers crossed. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ D O W N L O A D.

EDIT: IF ITS STILL IN SPANISH (and you need/want it in English) DONT PANIC! Once it’s installed go through files in programs, to the ps file, app and locales. Delete the second file that is not called “en_GB”. There you go.

anonymous asked:

hey what are your thoughts on Jane Eyre? i'm reading it for class & kind of struggling to like it so if you have any tips or cool facts about it that would be super!!! no pressure tho. have a great week! <3

Hey anon! I’m sorry this is late and hope you haven’t already done all your reading. I personally love Jane Eyre, even if it is sometimes a difficult book. I think if you are trying to approach it the way you’d approach Jane Austen or even Dickens, you won’t like it because the characters are not written to be liked. Well, maybe Jane is, but she’s a deeply flawed character and examining the ways Bronte writes how she overcomes and works with these flaws is half the intrigue of the book.

I don’t know if you’ve read Whuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, but it’s also very hard to find a character to like or a plot change to appreciate (I mean, it’s about terrible people doing terrible things, including like torture and manipulation, rape, murder, and all sort of other abusey things). And yet’s it’s still a wildly popular book. Not because the characters or relationships are good (Stephanie Meyer’s opinion aside), but because the way the author writes is amazing. You see she’s forcing you to hate and yet be interested in all her characters, and the way she does it is sort of a masterpiece. You can’t look away, even though you can’t connect to anybody or really “like” the book at all.

Jane Eyre is a much “softer” version of Whuthering Heights, although they are at an equal literary caliber. You actually do kind of like Jane, because she’s written like a Dickens Bildungsromane coming-of-age and is appealing in her innocence and fierceness, but the darkness of the book and ‘then it got worse’ plot twists can be hard to swallow. So look at how the story is constructed and figure out why Jane had to learn about Bertha to grow, and how events earlier in her life are connected to those later. Jane Eyre is remarkable for its innovative female characters and literary skill, so look for the connections of female madness (red room, attic room, Bertha as what Jane may have been…) and how Bronte writes women (and men) compared to any other writer at her time.

I mean, this might not be the approach that gives you the best understanding and enjoyment of the book, because every reader is different and I tend to approach things (and enjoy things) from a criticism/analysis point of view. Maybe at the end of the day, it’s just not the book for you. And that’s okay! But my advice for Jane Eyre, or any difficult book, is that you seek out what speaks to you and read it with that lens or metaphor or interpretation in mind.