English fun

THIS GAL GOT GRADES! brown only has 5 grade options: A, B, C, Pass, Fail.

semester 1:

  • intro to creative nonfiction: Pass (mandatory pass/fail)
  • shakespeare’s present tense: A
  • the philosophy & psychology of happiness: B
  • honors multivariable calculus: C

semester 2:

  • abnormal psych: Pass (optional pass/fail)
  • the literature of identity: A
  • the claims of fiction: A
  • early modern philosophy: B

so it wasn’t a perfect year, but i did really well in all of my English classes, and that’s really what i care about and wanna go into! so i am so happy right now!

anonymous asked:

can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her


but what if one day

Halla! Please feel free to suggest any words and I’ll edit them into this post!

adda: verb, to add. e.g. to add a friend on fb.

ass: short for ‘altså‘, can be used quite loosely, f.x. therefore, so, well.

drita: adjective, shitfaced, pissed, hammered, basically a way of saying you’re really drunk.

dritt: adjective and noun, shit.

drittsekk: adjective and noun, literally means shit bag, could be translated as asshole.

This is quite long, so I’ll put a read more thing just under here :o)

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ARIES, you are orange and gold encased in maroon skin, sweet as honey. hang loose and know that your best is it’s own reward.

TAURUS, you still make me lose my breath with the curve of your neck, and i’m counting vertebrae to fall asleep, your laugh an indulgence I control my intake of. you are the best screenplay i could never write.

GEMINI,  the skyline is trying to kiss the moon, but you’re lucky that you bring her home.  be gentle with the kind of starlight you find.

CANCER, you were the first chord of a piano I learned to understand and my favorite poem, my most repeated prayer. we’ve made it this far. tell me that means something, and i’ll believe you.

LEO, to know you is to breathe in the first feeling of tomorrow. you are ceaseless and a shooting star - my night time dream wish. i miss you written a hundred times in blue.

VIRGO,  i’m often left asking if this is even worth it, and i think you’re the same. i want to be there for you. it used to be easier, you used to be a reminder of love and now i swallow your silence like a prison sentence. please don’t forget who you are.

LIBRA,  we are interlocked hands and ankles swinging in sync; knowing you is a second chance, and i’ll learn for you.

SCORPIO,  it’s natural to be terrified of what comes next. call me a lover but i don’t think anything is quite as important as the diamonds in your teeth when you smile. you are my undercurrent of inspiration.

SAGITTARIUS,  you are in your moment of nebulae, make it spectacular. rebirth tastes like last year’s champagne and  snow. 

CAPRICORN,  the smooth engine of a car, and a highway of mistakes and constellations. the chase is yours if you want it.

AQUARIUS, your palms say that it’s too late for you but when I close my eyes and swallow the middle name of the girl you once were it’s not sacrifice, but a promise. i will never forgive you if you press pause.  an artist is a guttural cry, and you can’t stop.

PISCES,  i carry your happiness in a pendant, knowing that some times things do work out, and it can be good. you are the best friend i didn’t know i could have.


And here are our winners of the Hunter X Olympics! All of them had outstanding performances:

Gon - His low center of gravity gave him a great advantage. Zushi got the silver medal.

Killua - Always in “the zone”, the opposite teams still don’t know what hit them

Kurapika - Lost the final match against Nobunaga…he sworn revenge

Leorio - Got a red card in the final game but not before scoring the goal that lead his team to victory

Illumi - Obliterated the world record

Chrollo - Walk in the park, he was simply too fast for his opponents. Stole the other medals too just for the heck of it.

Hisoka - Disqualified for pulling an “airborne schwing”, everyone knows thats an illegal move…

the most unrealistic thing about carry on is how simon barely/never says “mate” even tho they live in london, i mean?? have you ever talked to a british person??