English Premier League

According to the Daily Mail Jordan Henderson summoned the Reds to a secret meeting on Thursday at lunch time while Jurgen Klopp was in his office preparing his training session for that night ahead of the Spurs match. The captain called the meeting not as a means to undermine Klopp but to step forward and take responsibility for a poor run of results and form, encouraging his team mates to do the same. 

Henderson voiced his concerns over his side’s recent issues and once he was finished allowed his peers to do the same. There was no ranting, shouting or anger in the meeting with the players all instead using the hour as a chance to clear the air and voice their opinion on the situation. Adam Lallana revealed a small amount of detail from the meeting after the Reds victory over Spurs at Anfield on Saturday night revealing: “We were backs against the wall, we hadn’t won in January in the league. So big credit to Jordan. He wanted it to happen. It wasn’t just him who spoke, the senior players spoke, the non-senior players, everyone.”

“It was good, refreshing. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt just to speak about it. Yes, we are in a difficult place, and at times it feels like it’s us against the world when things aren’t going well. There was a sense of everyone coming together.”

Huge ups to Jordan Henderson for choosing to take this action - the actions of a proper captain. The former-Sunderland man gets far too much criticism from our fanbase at times and he’s responded superbly this season, growing immensely as both a player and a captain.