I know that many people will not see this but please listen: 

1. Grades do not define whether you’re a good friend. 

2. Grades do not tell you where you stand in all of your relationships.

3. Grades do not define whether your personality.  

4. Grades just test your knowledge- not your ability in life. 

5. You can always resit. 

Exams are there to prepare your job- not you. Sure, without good grades you can’t get a good job but earning money for working is not a sin; stealing it is. Please don’t feel as if you’re a failure- you’re not. You were put on this earth for a reason. Don’t let grades ruin our day or outlook on life :) 

Very interesting blog on Twitter: English slang and colloquial English expressions translated into Russian.

This microblog was initially designed for Russian speakers who want to learn contemporary unorthodox English, but English speakers may use it to learn Russian slang.


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Ejemplos de oraciones en el archivo de audio.

“Brand new” doesn’t necessarily have a literal translation in Spanish. But, you can use absolutamente nuevo or the more colloquial cero kilometros or nuevo de paquete/fabrica. “Newish” is also quite rare in Spanish. 

Triple Flageolet, ca. 1830
William Bainbridge (London, England, act. 1803-1834)

- Materials: Body: Boxwood • Keys: Silver • Mouthpiece/Tips: Ivory
- Length: 57.2 cm
- Other Notes: The Flageolet is part of the fipple flute family, defined as an end-blown flute with a fipple mouthpiece - it includes whistles and recorders. Bainbridge, the maker of the instrument above, is noted for patenting the Double and Triple forms of the Flageolet so that the player could harmonize with themselves and include a drone, respectively. The instrument here is in A-flat and G-flat.

Source: Boston-MFA