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Name: Oriana

Nickname: Ori, Pulgui

Gender: female

Star sign: libra

Height: 1,64 meters

Sexuality: straight

Hogwarts House: slytherin - the best

Fav animal: penguin

Average hours of sleep: 9/10

Dogs or Cats: cats, even though I have a dog

Blankets you sleep with: just one for decoration

Dream trip: so many! Travel around England and visit every filming location of the HP movies, go backpacking to Australia (or maybe on an unplanned trip), get an internship in New York, and visit Toronto

Dream job: I’m currently a law school student but I would like to work for the UN

When I made my blog: i got my first tumblr accound around 2010 and since then I’ve lost three (JBthetoaster, wonderswitf , and I don’t remember the last one)

Why I made: I was just a hard-core fangirl

Reasons for my URL: the last time I lost my accound was around the time Tay appeared for the first time in forever with her super curly hair

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England: Robin Hoods Bay, Norwich, York, Oxford, Albury, Rye, Cambridge, Chester, Beachy Head, Lower Slaughter

 -for more  of my UK shots and more travel:

travel britain european travel world travel UK travel London travel


Great Brtiain: Edinburgh, Manchester, Cambridge, Ely, Edinburgh, Wells, Falkland, Edinburgh, London, Wells

-for more  of my UK shots and more travel:travel britain european travel world travel UK travel London travel


This is a look at one of our favourite ammonites, prior to the outer matrix being polished. These ‘Cannon ball’ nodules (rocks) are thought to be exclusive to the Yorkshire Coast, found nowhere else in the world. They rarely contain fossils, but when they do, they typically contain an Eleganticeras sp. ammonite. This fossil here is featured as found. Some of the outer chambers were broken open when we cracked open this rock, which allowed a rich smell of bituminous oil to be released.


More photographs available as prints. Reduced prices for the next month starting at £16 unframed. Great support to have from everyone on tumblr! View the works below:


By Frederick Ardley Photography


Great Britain: Landscapes - Kynance Cove/Cornwall,  Sligachan Bridge/Skye ,Beachy Head, The Quiraing/Isle Of Skye, Pistyll Rhaedr, Loch Torridon, London/Hampstead Heath, Orton/Lake District, Loch Torridon, Llanberis Pass/Snowdonia

-for more  of my UK shots and more travel:travel britain european travel world travel UK travel London travel