Ahhh the Six Nations, the holy month, if you will. It has arrived, and I should say now that if you haven’t seen today’s games, proceed no further.
I’ll start with the home game, England v France. I’ll be honest, France should have won, it was a sloppy, boring, mess of a game. The England team looked like they could have done with a weeks bed rest and half couldn’t catch a ball. I’ve seen more field presence in a secondary school team mascot than the entire squad put together. You can take yer winning streak and shove it where the sun don’t shine, yes its a win but it’s a terrible one.
What we really need to talk about though is Scotland. Bonny, wee Scotland. Oh you did yourselves proud today, I thoroughly enjoyed that match, the defence was amazing, the ball was rarely out of Scottish territory and they were scoring the most points! Brilliant work, and it shut some of the Irish up too, I think they expected you to be a walk over.
God I love rugby.
4th February 2017