• America:(Running in late to a world conference) Hey dudes! Sorry I'm a bit late!
  • Germany:AMERICA! This is unacceptable! What was so important that you were late?!?
  • England:Yes I didn't raise you to be this way!
  • America:Well I found this (Opens his jacket to reveal a small doggy cuddled up the him) little fella limping and decided to help him out!
  • England:Really America! You seriously are using that as an excuse?
  • Germany:Meeting adjourned! America lets go get the little one to a vet and get him some treats and-
  • England:Germany it's just a dog!
  • Germany:(gasp)
  • America:Rude!

It’s been a long time since I looked for Hetaloid videos and I really like this one!

A Lie and Time Machine, originally by Rin and Len

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On Mother's Day, the original 13 colonies all mockingly send presents to England. Some of the best are a bent paperclip (courtesy of Vermont), a single tissue (from Connecticut), and what is hailed as the best so far: a pair of eyebrow tweezers that Georgia sent him one year.

They wrap them in the biggest, gaudiest packaging with huge bows and acres of tissue paper. They’re always the hugest presents England gets every year. On the outside, they outshine every other one of England’s former colonies

Then he opens the boxes up and it’s literally just a rock or something

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Allies accidentally hitting their s,o? Like they're tying to open the door but their elbow hits them

America: He’d exclaim “sorry” really loudly, before making sure that he didn’t actually hurt you. He’d apologise a lot while making sure that he didn’t knock you in the face or anything.

England: He’d just apologise, ask if you’re okay, and if not, he’d be fussing like a maniac to fix whatever minor injuries he may have caused.

France: He’d turn around to face you, and then swiftly apologise and begin quickly giving you a once over to assess whatever damage he may have caused. If he did somehow manage to injure you, he’d make damn sure he makes you better.

Russia: He’d make a big fuss over it, making sure he didn’t hurt you or anything like that, throwing apologies in everywhere. He’s a naturally worried big guy.

China: He’d apologise, then swiftly begin to make sure you’re fine before proceeding. If he hurt you, then he’d go doctor mode on you and make sure that it’s all good before proceeding.