Guys i have a theroy

So i was watching the trailer (again), and i thought that Mike yelling Eleven’s name sounded very familiar, so i went back and rewatched the ‘Goodbye, Mike’ scene in season 1. After El dissapears, Mike, Dustin and Lucas call out her name while looking around the classroom. At first, Mike says stuff like, “El?” And, “El, where are you?” But at the end of the scene he finally yells, “Eleven!”
Its the exact same dialogue in the trailor. Like exactly the same.
So i started to think, and i’ve developed a theory

1. In the moments before defeating the demogorgon, El was tired. Tired would be and understatement. She had already used too much of her engergy and looked like she was on the verge of death. And using the very last bit of her power to defeat the demogorgan couldve been enough to knock her out. Usually when a person uses too much energy, they sleep for the amount of time it takes to replenish it. So maybe…El was knocked out for a whole year? And when she finally wakes up, she hears Mike calling her name, because technically, that wouldve been her last memory. As for the nosebleed she has, its possible El couldve unconciously used her powers to channel something familiar, or even comforting…like an eggo commercial…so its possible the whole beginning of the trailor before El waking could be happening in her mind…like visions, i guess. I mean, it wouldnt be that far fetched, since she’s used her power to channel radios and such before. Maybe she replenished her powers more than she needed too…

Anyways sorry if this sounds stupid but it kinda just hit me

“The material world is all feminine. The feminine engergy makes the non-manifest, manifest. So even men (are of the feminine energy). We have to relinquish our ideas of gender in the conventional sense. This has nothing to do with gender, it has to do with energy. So feminine energy is what creates and allows anything which is non-manifest, like an idea, to come into form, into being, to be born. All that we experience in the world around us, absolutely everything (is feminine energy). The only way that anything exists is through the feminine force.”  
~ Zeena Schreck

~ Evgeni Kolesnik Photography
~ George RedHawk Animation

EXO reacting to you talking in your native language while cuddling

I tried to write it as fluffly as possible. I tried to be creative with the situations.
I was done with seven members when Chrome decided that it’d be funny if it refreshes tumbrl. Twice. (: I’m hopeless. lol
Gifs are not mine.
Enjoy! :D
~ Baozi

Kim Minseok/Xiumin

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You two laid on his bed, one arm under your head/neck and the other playing with your hair or rubbing small circles on your stomach. You rambled about whatever happened to you that day, but all he could notice is the way your face changed - the way your face lit up, or how you pouted. Even though he wasn’t giving much attention to what you said all he noticed is that he couldn’t understand you. His gummy smile plastered on his face, he chuckled and hugged you closer. You didn’t know, but he loved how your voice and accent changed when you talked in your native language.

Kim Junmyeon/Suho

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The movie you two were watching came to an upsetting point, a turn neither of you expected to happen. You moved closer to him, pouting and saying something about how unfair it was to the main character. Well, at least he guessed what you said, because you’re still not fully used to speaking in Korean sometimes you forgot which language to use. He just smiled and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

Zhang Yixing/Lay

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 The first time you used your native language to him he thought he suddenly forgot Korean/Chinese, but he realized that did not happen. By now, he’s got used to it and actually enjoys these moments, because he learns more about you. He suggested cuddling on the sofa while eating the cake he bought, but you insisted on cooking dinner before. It’s a speciality from your country which you loved when you were little, so why not let him taste it? He even said he will order something, but you still said no. Being a little clingy, he back hugged you and placed his head on your shoulder as you went through the receipt. You said out loud the ingredients and orders - but not in Korean. He chuckled and kissed your cheek, letting you talk as it relaxed him.

Byun Baekhyun

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 Puppybyun becomes really clingy and cuddly after exhausting days, so the first thing that was on his ‘to do list’ when he gets home to make you baby him a little. Now, you’re sitting on the bed, meanwhile his head is on your lap, telling you about what happened to him - not forgetting the ‘incident’ where he got hit by Kyungsoo for a not so funny joke. Words forming in your brain faster in your native language it came out like that too. But he didn’t say a thing, because he could tell by the way your voice sounded, that it was scolding. He smiled and looked at your face lovingly, enjoying your voice.

Kim Jongdae/Chen

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Chen’s troll self came out when he heard you coming from the kitchen to the living room where he sat on the sofa. It wasn’t the first, and surely not the last incident of him not putting the mug in the dishwasher and starting the machine. He knew very well, that when you got a bit mad or flustered you start mixing Korean with your native language, so he tried to do it as often as he could. He chuckled and hugged your torso, pulling you down to sit on his lap then leaned to the side; making both of you lay face to face with legs tangled. You instantly started telling him to be more serious, also in your native language. His smile almost reaching his ears, he grabbed your hand and linked his fingers with yours then placing a kiss on the top of your nose.

-What did you just say, jagi? I couldn’t understand.

Park Chanyeol

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He called you at 3 AM to meet him in this studio asap, no other explanations, just do it. After convincing yourself that it’s probably something really important you got out of your bed. He was almost jumping in his seat when you showed up - how does he have so much engergy? You sat on his lap and he put his big headphone on your head, after that he instantly hit the ‘play’ button and anticipated your opinion, nuzzling his head into your neck and hugging you. A lot of Korean words circled around in your head, but none of that was the one that could describe what you thoughts, so you just said it in your native language. First he furrowed his brows, looking like a confused puppy, but soon he got what you wanted to say and flashed his pearly whites.

Do Kyungsoo/D.O

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Fluffsoo tried to spend as much time in the early mornings with you as he could. He always woke up before you, so he made coffee and breakfast and brought it to bed. You leaned on his shoulder and he put his arms over your back and gently placed his hand on your side. Slowly eating the food, feeding the other and complimenting the breakfast made by him - the mornings with him. After that you two decided to stay in bed a little, enjoying his day off; spending it cuddled up to eachother. Small compliments left your mouths, things you like about the other and he always told you he liked it when you talk in your native language. So you did, sometimes just random words, other times quotes and sometimes he asked to teach him. Nevertheless, he was always fascinated by it. His big eyes shining, mirroring love and care as his heart-shaped mouth curled upwards.

Kim Jongin/Kai

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You finally got the time to spend the day with him and his dogs. After walking them and eating lunch by Han river you got back to your apartment. Taking the leashes off the dogs you two decided taking a nap, or at least just laying on the sofa. He was on his back, your head laying on his chest and his hand alternated between playing with your hair and resting on the small of your back. Not even two minutes later you already had one of the dogs trying to get between the two of you. Jongin sighed and told the dog to hop down, but nothing happened. So you tried your best too, same result. After a while he came up with the idea of you saying it to the dog in your native language. And voilà, the dog jumped off, shocking both of you. He told you that you should use it more often, maybe he could pick up some of it and use it.

Oh Sehun

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After you moved to Korea you couldn’t spend as much time with your family as you’d like to, so you tried to catch up with eachother’s lives through phonecalls. One time this happened while Sehun stayed over, you hesitated because you knew he actually never heard you talk in your native language. He gave you a look which said that you should pick it up, it’s okay. You moved a bit, so you could hold your phone, but still stay in his embrace, enjoying the warm of his body and the scent of his cologne. Your small chatter with your cousin became a 15 minute long conversation about anything and everything. Meanwhile Sehun looking at you and the way the unknown words are forming on your lips, suddenly he got really interested in anything you say. After you finally ended the call he asked you to teach him swear words so Suho won’t scold him if it slips.

BTS Reaction-Why so hyper

Hey guys sorry I have nothing to say but please give us prayers my brother was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

I don’t own these gifs

Jin:  Laughs along as you just keep finding things to keep yourself moving.  You keep giving him silly faces after he told you to stop but you can’t help it and keep going.

Suga:  Unimpressed and a little annoyed (gif)

J-hope:  “Noona you’re so cute when you keeping running around and I know its fun, but lets rest for a minute.”  He would say to you before you pull out your phone and play Clash Of Clans.

Rap Mon:  Sees you just running around and keeps egging you on to do more silly things just because it makes you happy.  “Hey noona, look at my cute little dimples.”  Making you pull out your phone and google them!

Jimin: Is normally okay with your hyperness but today he is just getting tired of it after a long day of work.  He told you to stop several times but you wouldn’t listen making him a little mad.

Tae:  Thinks your active mind and body are amazing.  He is full of energy as well and nurtures your spirit and helps you shine.  He isn’t upset with your engergy at all and smiles at you the whole time.

Kookie:  Being naturally shy and young he doesn’t know how to tell you to calm down.  “Noona come here and let me give you a hug.”  He would say as you got close he’d ask you nicely to settle down.

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Why did he have to be human now of all times. Cas ran though the abandoned building with all of his might looking for you. The moment when he found out you were taken and held hostage, it was the moment he realized what you meant to him and how important you are to his life. He tripped over the last step which caused some graze some of his skin but he didn’t care, you were the number one priority. He got up and went at full speed again. He stopped as he heard shouting then a faint comment. It had to be you, it just had to.

When he saw you his heart just fell to pieces. You were all beat up, bloody and bruised you seemed as though you were holding on to the last piece of life you had. Castiel ran up to the demon and stabbed in the side with his angle blade. When the body fell to the ground is adrenaline also feel.
“Hey Cas.” You said with a cheery crooked smile as blood spilled out of your mouth. Cas’ breathe hquickened even more as he knelt down to your side and untying from the chair. He caught you as you tried to stand up but you didn’t have the engergy.
“I’ve got you (Y/N). Just please stay awake I can’t stand to loose you.”
“Cas you find them?” Cas put one arm under your legs and the other under your back and carried you out of the room.
“Yeah, they’re right here.” Cas said sadly, he was mad at himself for not being able to heal you and not being there for you earlier.

You slowly opened your eyes only to be met with a blaring light so you closed your eyes again then your opened them again and blinked a few times until you finally got used to the lighting. You titled your head to your side to get a better view of where you were only to be faced with a sleeping Cas. He was holding your hand with both of his and it seemed to curculate heat throughout your whole body, his head was next to your hand. You smiled warmly at the sight. With all of your might you raised your other hand to pet his hair, it was soft, like cotton soft. You could’ve feel back asleep just by one touch of his hair but you couldn’t due to Cas jerking awake lifting his head alert. He looked around the room panicked with quick heavy breathes, but then he was able to calm down when he saw you smiling at him.
“I am so very sorry (Y/N). I promise I won’t ever let that happen to you again.” You noticed tears starting to prick in eyes. You gently put your hand on his cheek and smiled lovingly.
“It’s okay Cas. I’m here now and that’s what’s important. Also thank you for saving me.” Tears started flooding out of Cas’ eyes as he remembered the sight of you.
“It’s not okay (Y/N), you almost died and I wasn’t able to heal you, and if I wasn’t there on time I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.” Cas sniffed as he looked at you hand and more tears hit the sheets.
“Cas.” He looked up at you. “It’s all in the past, I’m here now because of you. I’m alive because of you. And I thank you from the very bottom of my heart, no my whole being, I thank you.” You said as tears started pricking in your eyes which went wide as he placed a passionate kiss onto your lips.
“Guys get a room.” The two of you parted in a blushing mess embarressed as you heard Dean.

Oneshot - Why are you following me?

Robert stalking Aaron.

This is getting ridiculous.

Aaron doesn’t know whether to be flattered or annoyed.

This is the fifth time he’s seen Robert, and no, it’s not like this is the fifth time they’ve passed each other on the street and smiled, it’s every time he turns around, Robert is just… there, watching him; stalking him like a lion does its prey.

He ignored it the first time. He was in the cafe ordering Adam a bacon sarnie to make up for being late (again), when he turned around to find Robert glaring at him from across the room. Thinking that Robert must be mad at him for something, and not wanting to deal with another confrontation today, he hurried out without a second glance. 

The second time he’d seen him was at the Scrap-yard. He’d just came out of the portacabin - Adam had closed the blinds when he had changed his clothes and forgot to reopen them - when he saw Adam talking to Robert, who again, was looking right back at Aaron with a weird look in his eye. Wondering why Robert was there, Aaron made his way over, only to be verbally ignored by his lover. Despite his confusion over Robert’s weird behaviour, Aaron ignored the feeling in the pit of his stomach and offered to go to the shop as they were running out of milk. Adam tried to persuade him to borrow some from Zak and Lisa, but Aaron had insisted, as he ‘owes them enough as it is’.

That was the third time he’d seen Robert. Aaron had just finished paying David when Robert walked in, and surprise surprise, his eyes were fixated on Aaron. He narrowed his eyes in response, but couldn’t for the life of him, think of a reason for why Robert was so angry with him.

Maybe Robert was following him? But why hadn’t he said anything to him?

Maybe he just needed to talk? But again, why hadn’t he said anything?

Or maybe he was waiting until Aaron was alone so he could finally release his anger.

No. Aaron wasn’t in the mood to be shouted at or be told how selfish he is.

Shaking his head to himself, Aaron made his way back towards his truck and headed back to the Scrap-yard. Only once did he look into the rear-view mirror, and watched on as Robert left the shop, his phone to his ear and a scowl stretched deep upon his face.

Maybe I’m not the reason why he’s so angry. But Aaron didn’t listen to the small voice in the back of his mind, and he carried on his way.

The forth and fifth time Aaron had seen Robert, he knew he was being followed.

Adam had praised him for sealing a deal which will earn them a lot of money and a lot of potential new customers - if it went to plan - and guilt overwhelmed him, and so he decided to go out for a run. He had caught Robert’s eye when he first started his journey; Robert looked upset at first but then his face hardened as soon as his eyes locked with Aaron’s. He sighed and lowered his head as the guilt in his chest got too heavy. Taking in a deep breath before he raised his head, Robert was gone and Aaron.. well, he wasn’t expecting much. His chest now felt like it was ripping slowly from the inside, and so he ran; putting most of his weight on his feet.

It was a little later in his run that Aaron saw Robert for the fifth time. Robert was racing behind him, trying to catch up to him, and Aaron had had enough. Why was Robert following him? Should he feel flattered by this unwanted attention or annoyed that Robert wasn’t actually talking to him, and had made no effort throughout the day.

Turning around abruptly, Robert didn’t have time to take in Aaron’s still figure, and crashed right into his chest, causing both boys to come tumbling down.

“Seriously, what is your problem today? Every time I see ya, you look angry.” Aaron spat, pushing Robert, as-well-as the warm feeling that took over as Robert’s head lay gently in his crook of his neck, off his chest.“'Ave I done some'et?”

Robert shook his head in reply.

As his lover stayed silent, Aaron took the time to study his face; he looked exhausted, both mentally and physically. His eyes were puffy like they wanted to cry, but his tensed jaw proved just how hard he was trying to bite back the tears. His skin was pale and he looked just about ready to throw up.
Aaron understands what Robert was going through. Aaron wantes to be there for him, but he needs Robert to be there for him too. He understands the guilt; he understands how hard it is, and how sick you feel when you have to lie to the ones you love, and be there for them; be strong for them. He understands what it means, and what it does to you when you suppress your own feelings because you busy yourself with others, or because you just don’t want to / don’t have the engergy in you to deal with them.

Robert doesn’t need to say anything because Aaron understands.

Robert can say anything because he knows Aaron won’t judge.

And so Aaron wraps his arms around Robert and pulls him back into his chest; back into the safety and the warmth that is Aaron. And Aaron lets Robert cry, he lets him talk when he’s ready; he listens but never judges, and he doesn’t remove his arms from around his lover until Robert decides it’s best to go back.

Aaron decides that he won’t feel flattered or annoyed with Robert following him. He decides that he’ll just feel warm. Because the feeling he gets when being with Robert is all the feelings he need.




Lately some puzzle pieces fell into place (at least in my mind) and now I feel ready to write down what I think could have happened after Sherlock got shot by Mary in CAM-Tower. It’s one of many theories out there. It’s about EMP/EDT. If you are into this … maybe you will like it. If you are not …. just skip it. My favourite line in Sherlock BBC comes from Mrs. Hudson: ‘Live and let live’   Never wrong to stick to that.

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“The material world is all feminine. The feminine engergy makes the non-manifest, manifest. So even men (are of the feminine energy). We have to relinquish our ideas of gender in the conventional sense. This has nothing to do with gender, it has to do with energy. So feminine energy is what creates and allows anything which is non-manifest, like an idea, to come into form, into being, to be born. All that we experience in the world around us, absolutely everything (is feminine energy). The only way that anything exists is through the feminine force.”
― Zeena Schreck

(tw: suicidality)

oh! i remember. i was going to talk about suicide and silence.

was talking with a friend yesterday and i asked them about some of their recents post re: being suicidal.

they mentioned that a lot of ppl don’t directly ask about that. maybe be vague ‘are you ok?’

its interesting to me how even ppl who are familiar with disability justice don’t want to talk about suicide.

i know when i was really bad last year and would tell ppl about being super suicidal they’d just…

kind of pretend like i hadn’t said anything. this pervasive silence around suicide is weird to me.

like. if i’m sad, people will ask me about that. if i want to die? nope.

and like it makes it seem like being suicidal is this… generic, monolithic experience.

but… there are shades and degrees of suicidality. shades and degrees to wanting to kill yourself.

yet no one really wants to discuss your feelings about it. about your experience.

with my friend i was literally like, 'so ur suicidal, tell me how that’s going for you?’

too often people just respond with… tedious affirmations 'i’d miss you’ 'don’t kill yourself’ etc.

honestly? that kind of stuff has very little meaning to me when i’m at my worst.

as far as i can tell, its fairly rare for someone to be actively suicidal and Making Plans.

so it can actually be really useful and comforting to be able to talk about how your experiencing it.

but it also gives you a much, much better idea of how much in crisis your friends might be in.

not all declarations of 'i’m suicidal’ need to be met with alarm and panic.

and you can find out if its an actual emergency by…. talking to your friends. not glossing over the feeling.

bc honestly? u know what makes being suicidal about 20x worse? feeling isolated and alone.

but also, if u’ve been institutionalised (like me), you worry that discussing it will put you back there.

really though. isolation is really REALLY far far worse than having an uncomfy talk with a loved one.

for myself, it being able to state openly and without shame 'i’m really suicidal’ helped me not feel crazy.

but it was also a way for me to… connect and get some of the support so crucial during these times.

like… when its really bad. you can spend all day and most of ur engergy trying to not kill yourself.

and when you can’t talk about it, makes you feel like you can’t claim that as the victory it is.

if suicidal bc depression, ppl will think ur lying in bed doing nothing. and u feel bad about it too.

but everyday that ur suicidal and don’t die? thats a real fucking accomplishment. its a job well done.

and everyone who does this should be able to proudly tell anyone that, hey, i haven’t killed myself.

not that i’m saying that people who do commit suicidal are 'failures’. not at all.

i’m still proud that i accomplished my one goal of 2k15: not dying. it was a hard fucking year. and i’m still here.

i think part of the problem is that ppl always think they need to try and 'solve’ your suicidality.

they don’t realize that you being there to talk about it means you’re winning.

and really. if someone *does* tell u that they’re suicidal? they really are reaching out and trying to connect.

not responding bc ur uncomfortable lets the person know that you aren’t there for them. not really.

its funny. bc i hope ppl realize that when we talk about destigmatizing mental illness… this includes being suicidal.

(note: i’m being careful not to restrict suicidality to any one diagnosis. there are many reasons why ppl feel like this. hrm. i think i’m winding down. anyway. let’s all start having more open discussions about being suicidal.

i think what gets me about the generic affirmations is that they treat suicidality like its somehow rational.

like all feelings, being suicidal isn’t really influenced by rational arguments.

its about as useful as when you tell an angry person to just stop beig angry. feelings don’t really work like that.

also sidenote: its actually comforting to discuss a loved one’s suicidality bc it lets me have proportionate worry.

like. obviously, i always worry when my friends are suicidal. but talking to them really helps me too.

i really do think ppl underestimate how helpful it is just to have someone listen and witness your experience.

and i do get it. i mean… i’m a problem solver. when ppl tell me problems i’m like 'lets analyze and find a solution’

but ppl don’t always need that. and sometimes thats actually harmful.

So remember that thing I did with Young Justice/Teen Titans a while back? I’m going to be doing the same thing in rebooting/redesigning my own line-up of the Avengers! There will be 10 of these guys just like last time! And here’s number seven! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Number seven is a gift from heaven.


Monica Rambeau as “Pulsar”

Monica Rambeau was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She excelled in school and eventually joined the New Orleans Harbor Patrol where she obtained the rank of lieutenant. However, one day while on patrol, a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist was experimenting with extradimensional energy out at sea. When she went to investigate she ended up being bombarded by strange energies which led to the development of her superpowers. From these engergies, Monica was able to transform her body or generate any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. With this she is able to blast bursts of light or electricity from her hands and eyes. She is capable of traveling at high speeds via flight or running and can manipulate the energy around her or in her to become invisible or intangible. With such great power she began to operate as a superhero under the alias of “Photon”. Eventually her actions caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury and Monica, now going by “Pulsar”, joined the elite group called the Avengers. Due to her intelligence and natural leadership skills, she is co-leader of the team.

Redesign Remarks:

I first encountered Monica Rambeau in the Nextwave comics and immediately loved her. It’s a shame she isnt used as much in the Avengers line despite her powerset and the fact that she was the leader of the Avengers on multiple occasions. Because of this I thought it was high time she got back to leading again. For her costume, I decided to combine her current/old costume with her Nextwave outfit.

There will be 10 members of this group and you can check out the rest of the group currently drawn HERE: [LINK]