Germany looking to ban nuclear power!

Okay, so here’s what the people who aren’t suffering from oxygen deprivation know:

There is always going to be wars, accidents, terrorism and natural disasters. And what this means is that nuclear disasters are always going to be a matter of “When” and not “If” UNLESS we have no nuclear plants.

Get it? Even just a little?

Nothing ever created by man has ever been perfect, and yet anything less than perfection promises us that nuclear disasters will occur.

Get. Rid. Of. Them.

No, it’s NOT the same as “Everything else."  An accident at a coal fired plant isn’t going to spray radiation which will be killing people for generations.

On the bright side though, nuclear plants do cost much more to build, much more to operate and their spent fuel remains dangerous for thousands of years…

Wow, it costs way more up front, it’s overhead extends thousands of years into the future AND it guarantees us disasters which a likely to lay waste to entire regions?

Get. Rid. Of. Them.