Yuuri on Ice - Episode 10 - EPIC!!!

Ok, so I honestly didn’t expect this, but… THEY REALLY GOT ENGAGED!!!

THIS IS OFFICIALLY BEST SPORTS ANIME EVER!!!! Official end of queerbaiting!!!

I mean the whole episode 10 was so incredibly satisfying - connected beds in their room, Victor referring to Yuri as a sleeping beauty, but then it just went on so much more directly and they got engaged (honestly it was beautiful), and then dinner with everybody, marriage announcement and finally - the end - where we actually (finally by my opinion) see why Victor came to coach Yuuri in the first place! :D

And, and others!!!! Just beautiful, I can’t believe how fan-endulging this episode was ♡♡♡♡

For all of you who still haven’t watched sorry for the spoilers, but all these feelings hac to go out :D


Puzzle Piece Wedding Bands

Couple turned business partners  Eliad (goldsmith) + Maya (Product and Architectural lighting designer) first met in India. From their unexpected love affair, they traveled through Africa and the Far East, where they immersed themselves in local traditions. Abroad, the couple explored color and age-old jewelry-making techniques passed down through the generations of tribal cultures.

After being exposed to modern,cutting edge technology of jewelry marking, such as 3D printing CAD, they’ve developed a set of unique and contemporary rings on their shop Cadi Jewellery.

Their collection of promise rings, engagement rings and anniversary rings are made of gold, sterling silver and lots of love. The “Wedding Engagement Ring” collection is designed as a puzzle, which implies the feelings of finding you other half and soul mate. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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An 8th grade teacher in North Carolina installed bike pedal machines under the desks of her students to keep them from fidgeting. The students love that it keeps them fit and focused, and the teacher reported a huge increase in completed work and fewer missed assignments. Source


Quirky & Cute Matchbox-Cards Help You Profess Your Love & Feelings

Inspired by greeting cards, gift boxes and all things miniature, these tiny “cards” are handmade from real matchboxes at the Brooklyn-based boutique shop3xu. Along with the quirky and funny puns, the element of surprise and love reign high in these small vessels.

Each box contains a hidden message, which is directly tied to the cover. As an alternative to traditional greeting cards, the ingenious creations feel more intimate, personal and affectionate. The handmade aesthetic gives a lovely, cozy and warm effect, which is undeniably cute. You can find their entire collection and more cards suited for other occasions in their Etsy shop.

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This story actually begins On May 19, 2014, a day before I went to my first The 1975 concert in Ft. Lauderdale. I decided to send a risky text to my co-worker who I developed feelings for. He always treated me extra nicely but I just didn’t think he was interested because no one was ever interested in me. I decided to tell him that I liked him the day before the concert because I thought “what the hell, if he says he’s not interested, then I won’t care because I’m seeing my favorite band!” But in fact that wasn’t the case. I cried because rejection hurts and he said there was somebody else that he had just broken things off with. It just wasn’t the right time. Despite the fact that I got front row and even got to hold Matty’s hand during “Me”, I could not get him out of my head! When Matty played “fallingforyou” all I could think about was how badly I wanted to be with him. Eventually we got together and The 1975 became one of his favorite band. Since then, The 1975 has been the soundtrack to our relationship for almost two years.

Fast forward to May 11, 2016, the day of the concert in Miami. When they started to play “fallingforyou” I began to tear up because it made me think about how so much has change in my life since the last time I heard the song live two years ago including going from wanting to be with someone to actually having him, my boyfriend, stand next to me seeing our favorite band but little did I know that the biggest change was yet to come! When Matty sang “I don’t want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck” aka the best part of the song, he knelled down and asked me to marry him! That’s when I just started to ugly cry because goals. I could hear the crowd cheering and some people pointed at us and got Matty’s attention and I quote him asking me “Did you just get fucking engaged?!” All I could do was nod and show him the ring. Then without hesitating he invited us backstage after the show! Before he played the next song, “Somebody Else” he said something along the lines of don’t listen to this one. After the song finished he mentioned our engagement again and then pouted and sulked his shoulders (maybe because he’s lonely…??) but it was so adorable and all too unreal.

After the show, as promised we were invited back stage and as if that night couldn’t have gotten any better Matty came out bare foot and in his overalls! We got to briefly tell him about how the first live show I saw them at had a great impact on our relationship and he said that it was “serendipitous love”. Then we got to take some pictures, Matty even wanted some on his personal camera! We also begged him to come back to Miami soon and he said he will! Honestly, hands down the best night of my life. If you believe in soulmates as I do, don’t give up because someone who was made just for you is out there. I have found mine.


He put a ring on it!