Stelliums and interceptions are both imbalances from opposite ends in the natal chart. With a stellium, there is an excessive amount of energy in one sign or house in the chart. With an interception, there’s a lack of energy in two signs and houses in the chart. Either way, the native attempts to invest a lot of energy in these areas. With both areas, the native strongly tries to control these areas for different reasons.

For a stellium, the reason why so much energy is invested into it is because with many planets, they are many potential ways for the native to express themselves. This is especially true if the Sun and/or Moon is part of the stellium. There’s also a struggle of controlling the stellium, since there’s so much energy. When a native struggles to control a stellium, it can often feel like tightly holding a bunch of sand. Even if you try very hard, your attempts to control where the sand goes is futile.

For an interception, the reason why so much energy is invested into it is because with a house, sign, and maybe planets locked away in the natal chart, the interception can often feel like a black hole. Since there’s a sense of distance and lack of access with an interception, the native can attempt to invest in the interception to close the distance. With that being said, the native can often try their hardest to access their interceptions, only to see their energetic efforts falling into a distant void.


Fun fact of the day: Inchworms like to party.
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Be mindful of how you handle your energy. Similar to money, it can either be spent, or it can be saved. It can be given, or it can be collected. This energy is a precious gift, truly. So be cautious, and handle yours wisely.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
How To Send Dreams 💤

This post explains how to send a dream to another person. I’ve done this before many times and it’s always worked for me. I’m not here to boss anyone around, but it’s best to get permission to do it first. If not, that’s on you.

  • Read this post I made about energy work. (x) You’re going to want a little experience with energy work if you want to do this, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Print out a picture or pull up a picture on your phone of the person you wish to send the dream to.
  • Create a ball of energy in your hand. Infuse the ball of energy with images or words by thinking it, then imagining the thought or word going down your arm from your head, into the ball of energy.
  • Slowly push the ball of energy into the picture while imagining that you are in front of that person and physically putting it into their head. Do your best to feel yourself doing it.

Feel free to send me an ask on how it works for you or if you have any questions! :)

~ Eris