I’m a complete mess. My life is falling apart. My future is fading. And I don’t even have the energy to stop it from happening. I’m broken. Completely destroyed. And it’s all my fault.
—  dark thoughts
Opportunities ahead - Jupiter Trine Uranus this week

 A rare positive alignment! Who and how will benefit? Check your Ascendant and Sun Signs.


Aries: your self-image, body, path in life, new endeavours, inspirations, creative projects, fame, children, lovers, dating.

Taurus: your private life, home, family, property, secret developments which bring you some positive perspectives, expenses or long term investments which produce a good result or opportunity. Some secret support from someone. Emotional healing. Finding out some secret.

Gemini: Friendships, gains, social circles, neighbours, siblings, relatives, team-mates, play-mates, associates. Opportunities or positive surprises coming to your from others. You can find some good news or come across valuable information. New enterprises.

Cancer: Career and authority figures(bosses, father, government, etc), career projects, at your work place. In financial matters, resources, possessions, money, material stability.

Leo: In regards to your self-image, you can make a good impression, have new doors open up for you which place you in the right path in life. Foreigners, mentors or people in elevated positions can help you. Positive developments in regards to education, travel.

Virgo: other people’s resources, receiving some kind of unexpected support from others. Good time to ask for such if you need(material or emotional). Certain secrets come to the surface which can benefit you. Sudden emotional breakthroughs in regards to old trauma or pain.

Libra: Relationships, partnerships(business or personal), business transactions/deals, clients, negotiations,friends, benefactors, social circles financial gains. Something good can to you from others.

Scorpio: Career, work and authority figures, health.
Situations with enemies of competitors bring positive developments or new opportunities for you. Possible opportunities through debts or resolving debts.

Sagittarius: creative projects, inspiration, romance, children, having fun, hobbies, travel, eduction, foreigners, mentors. Overall more luck.

Capricorn: family, home, parents, property, place of living, other people’s resources, money coming from others(personal or business relationships).

Aquarius: personal or business partnerships, contracts, clients, negotiations, siblings, teammates, associates, siblings, popularity. Communications, media, business. You can create new contacts who open opportunities for you, You can find some important beneficial information or establish such communications.

Pisces: in practical matters: finances, money, resources, work, working environment, daily routines. Competitors or enemies can now become a source of benefit for you. Health improvements.

by AstroLada

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We are all about to experience a powerful Double-Yod (Finger of Fate) in the sky involving The Sun, The Moon, The North Node, Jupiter Retrograde, Black Moon Lilith, Chiron and Neptune, intersecting…

In about 2 hours a very potent astrological alignment happens in the sky! It will be happening for 12 hours, so expect the veil to drop and receive blessings from the Sky!