The Ortega’s moved to Enekjaer Island. Now with the twins in the picture, they needed a bigger house. This little island is so beautiful and tranquil. I believe they will stay here for AWHILE.

proxinge  asked:

Hey! Just a quick question, does your game lag? I miss Sims 3 so much but I do NOT miss the lag :(

Sorry to be so slow…

But my game lags a bit, not as much as before because I changed of computer, but I’ve noticed that it lags with some effects, with fog of the Hidden Islands

Enekjaer runs okay, that’s why I love Medium/Smalls worlds
But at the end, If you don’t try! You’ll never know! Hahahaha

Since I play on a Laptop, I thought it would not handle the game but it did after I installed Park Control, to unlock all the cores of the processor, it improved the performance with AutoCAD too, a heavy program, the only thing is that the Laptop does not last as much, the battery dries fast, but it’s better that than a slow computer

But really, try!


Enough teasers, here it is! Episode 1 of my new series, Sims 3 World Showcase. Featuring Enekjaer by Vibeke of Fagersims!