I’ve officially announced my new series, Sims 3 World Showcase! Custom worlds rarely get attention on YouTube, and it’s time for that to change. I will be reviewing and analyzing various worlds by the community which can be downloaded for free. Here’s the shortlist of confirmed worlds so far (not in order except for #1):

1. Enekjaer (Fagersims)

2. Anne Arbor (My Sim Realty)

3. Suvadiva Resort (Nilxis)

4. Evansdale County (My Sim Realty)

5. Beach City (Rflong7)

6. Bellatrix (Rflong7)

7. Saaqartoq (Nilxis)

8. Pounawea (Awesims)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I hope everyone enjoys the premiere when it’s released! No solid date yet but shooting for within two weeks. Enekjaer is a beautiful world and I can’t wait to show it off using the wonderful camera controls EA have allowed us to use.


Enough teasers, here it is! Episode 1 of my new series, Sims 3 World Showcase. Featuring Enekjaer by Vibeke of Fagersims!