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The staff for toz x2 probably just ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯ "we fucked up already, might as well continue it. They'll get the story eventually...we'll take out important stuff, downgrade some characters and make huge changes. This will be a masterpiece" 😒

I wonder how shocked they must be right now that focusing six episodes on one character that generated a shitstorm in the game and at the expense of plot and every other character somehow backfired and their sales are shit

Gosh, it’s a thousand times worse to remember now that when Kylo had begun to care for Rey, Snoke sensed it and was ready to teach him a lesson by hurting her before his eyes with the excuse that Kylo’s feelings for Rey were a weakness that had to be terminated. This is not just emotional abuse, this is emotional torture.

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Love is...Ensuring the Enduring Happiness of Katniss Everdeen

by: @finnicko-loves-anniec

Facing twelve weeks of summer without her best friend, Posy knows she needs a project. At first, hunting with Katniss seems like enough, but when she realizes just how lonely her new friend really is, Posy is determined to find a more permanent companion for Katniss. She’s even got the man picked out – Peeta Mellark. Now, all that remains is convincing them they need each other.

It seemed wrong that summer, the time of year where there were the fewest things to do, also had the longest days. At seven and eight, and for most of her ninth year, Posy had not thought much of it. Now that she was ten, however, that observation grated at her. Yes, she could have filled her days in the same way she had in past summers, with pick-up kickball in the town square or playing pretend in the meadow with Paige and Senna, but she felt too big to play kickball with the five-year-olds and she and Senna had gotten into a fight the last day of school that neither of them had yet apologized for. Considering that she hadn’t been the one who told Mrs. Clearney about the insect case, Posy had no intention of saying sorry first. Paige and Senna didn’t agree. Being right felt nice, but it was also boring when nobody else felt like being right with you.

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