Dedicated to @thatsvicchan - a very special lady who has overcome one of the most difficult trials one can endure. And through it all, she came out of it with a beautiful and endearing view on her life, of who she is, and of how beautiful every part of her is. Her strength and perspective are awe-inspiring!

Also, a very special recognition to the following strong women who have each overcome difficult trials of their own and come out radiant and gorgeous! @kanarenee @squisherific @chanting-to-u @sarapyon @dooshiedoosh @rieriebee

And to all the ladies out there who have suffered heartache and pain! I may not personally know your suffering, but you are loved! Stay strong! You are stunning and so lovely!! Hold these truths tight in your heart!


Summary: In which Sam is the best source of serenity after a long day of work.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,558

A/N : Happy birthday to a sweetheart with a heart of gold @avengerofyourheart. Anika, chatting with you makes my day on the regular and I love that we’re able to fangirl over so many shows together. I also love that you trusted me enough to accept my Brooklyn 99 and Pitch recommendations and got around to watching both shows. You’re amazing and I hope you’re having a wonderful day! 

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After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is climb up three flights of stairs to get to you apartment. On most days, you’re able to view the trek as a welcome challenge, but today it’s nothing more than a burden. An unavoidable one since you made the godforsaken mistake of moving into an apartment without an elevator. Your friends warned you that this day would come and you didn’t listen. You have no one to blame but yourself for being stuck in this situation.

You’ve watched a myriad of shows and movies where characters were forced to endure all kinds of unspeakable torture at the hands of villains. Not one of those torture tactics ever included having someone walk up some stairs after spending a full day at work. When you make it to the second floor, you decide that you’re going to pass on this new idea to anyone who wants to listen. Forget about tying someone up in chains or sticking their head in ice-cold water - a flight of stairs and tired feet are easily one of the most dangerous combinations.

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Barry didn’t go to a speed force prison, he went to “rest”.

In other words, Barry died?

To save the world.

From what??? If the thing was collapsing because of the lack of a speedster wouldn’t it make sense for Barry to take that place? But no right? Because how would they explain him being able to come back?

So the speed force basically said “PSYK” to Wally and Jay because they endured hell for NOTHING. The prison didn’t need a speedster????

WRITERS! Explain! Someone with comic knowledge, help? :(


“Why are you scared? We sing to be happy and to entertain. We listen to songs to be happy”

you know, call me crazy, call me biased af, but i just think it’s bullshit that we get all these sappy, ridiculous climon scenes and malec can’t even finish a goddamn conversation without someone walking in…and demanding, once again, that magnus fix their problems.


“Up Against” by Cheryl Pope

Working in a multitude of mediums, artist Cheryl Pope addresses issues of connectivity and identity that inform the way in which we live our lives today. 

She begins with relationships and experiences in her everyday life that she finds to be confrontational or in need of examination, and manipulates their innate tensions to coerce participation or engagement on the part of the viewer.