I’ve been to a couple of conventions this year and this has been one of my favorites. I tried to turn this dress into the NXT TakeOver: Dallas Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Leatherface inspired demon but it ended up looking kind of cute that I could most likely still wear it. 😅 His costume for that event is by far my favorite especially since 1) Texas and 2) it’s Leatherface! Nonetheless, he knew right off the bat what I was going for and he kept saying he liked it and the inner fangirl in me swooned because he said I looked great and everyone at his panel is a witness. Could I be any more awkward doing an awkward Finn Freeze? Yes. Also, can I thank the perfect lighting at Wizard World’s photo ops? Because my make up looked flawless. 💁🏻

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Here is your post-test Archangel. Here for you to hug. Arms open. All yours, sunshine and squish and all. <3

          SHE’S TRACING HER fingers along the back of his shoulder. standing behind him in the crisp, cool autumn moon, she is silent in her offers of affection, but her body has always spoken more than words could ever convey. it presses up against him now, with every smooth and delicate angle able to be felt through the sheerness of her nightclothes. delicate and smooth, words that none would ever think could be used to describe such a characteristically vicious creature, but never in turn has this vicious creature ever felt safe. it has never lowered its  h a c k l e s  because there had been an entire universe with the potential of tearing its already tattered soul, desiccated and withered. there still is such a world.

                                                         ( but gabriel is not it. )

             so this vicious creature sheathes her claws, as she ever does with her husband, and what is left is only a specimen of elegant and feral beauty that readily bends and curls to both bestow and receive such gifts of affection. slender arms reach to wrap around his belly, and a sharp chin rests comfortably in the curve of his soft neck. she is content to stay here. for eternity, she will stand in dark, cold places, for seraphina was made in the dark, in the cold. but he was not. shimmering light, gentle warmth, these are things that make her husband. so one hand moves a little, and the skies of her lair begin to lighten from star-studded black, to blue, to soft and rosy pink.

                              ‘ the morning blooms for you, my knight.

“When I was in my senior year of high school I lived away from my family, I couldn’t stand my school life. I used to bottle everything up, never telling others when I’m having a hard time, but this time was different. I called my father crying and complaining, asking him if I had to do this; I told him it was way too hard. I thought my father would just pat me on the back and tell me to try harder.”
“So what did he say instead?”
“He told me if you’d rather not do it then you don’t have to and just come back home. It was so strange to hear him say that; it made me instead want to try harder at school and endure my situation.”

“전 고3때 제가 가족과 떨어져서 학교를 다녔는데 학교 생활을 견디는 게 너무 힘들었어요. 원래 다른 사람들에게 힘들다는 소리는 잘 안 하는 편이었는데, 아빠에게 전화를 해서 왜 이걸 시켰냐고, 너무 너무 힘들다고 울면서 하소연을 했어요. 근데 전 아빠가 잘 해보자고 다독일 줄 알았어요.”
“그러면 뭐라고 하셨나요?”
“오히려 하고 싶지 않으면 안 해도 된다며, 집으로 돌아오라고 하시더라고요. 근데 이상하게 그 말을 들으니까 더 잘 해서 학교에서 버티고 싶더라고요.”

The chemistry between Drew and Alex is beyond fantastic. The looks that they give to each other, the passionate vibe that they both feel and the seamless connection, they can’t deny is not only just beyond attraction, it also highlights the journey of the two characters who came a long away to a place of mutual understanding and respect. They are both headstrong, they are fiercely competitive but deep down, they care for one another in ways that allow them to flourish together and they find themselves in a moment, lost for words outside of a cabin. Some say that “love is not a battlefield to be won”, but I believe that love is an enduring spirit that marks the beginning of a beautiful story. From the moment, they met each other when Drew said “does every guy treat you like the center of the universe” to when he later said “when you’re around…you’re all I can think about”, shows that he couldn’t deny what he truly felt about Alex. Conversely, when Alex said that she was trying to come close to trusting people she cared about, Drew was happy to respond with a positive note, keeping her fear at bay. Alex was always the one to keep her distance but Drew made her feel like she could trust others again and in that scene, she entrusted herself to him. They started from a place of understanding, to a great friendship and then, finally a beautiful romance. For this reason, I put Dralex as my otp of Quantico. To me, that makes me glad to be a Dralex fan. I ship them harder than the titanic.
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