#TBT to our very first #E4K promo! Did any of you participate in 2012? 


OOPS! We spoke too soon. 

Due to hectic schedules (right, Misha?), E4K is moving from October 3-4, to spring 2016. We did receive the video above from Coach Sergei, who is somewhere… doing something… and he let us in on a few details. Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think he’s up to!

Those of you who have already formed teams and begun fundraising will still have the opportunity to keep that momentum going by rolling over the donations you’ve already raised to the postponed campaign in a few months (or, if you’d prefer, we can issue funds back to the donors by request, no problem). 

Thanks for bearing with us. We apologize for any inconvenience that rescheduling #E4K may have caused (we know, we were so ready too!), but we’ve got a lot of exciting news on the horizon that will fill up that empty space in the meantime… so stay tuned!


Thanks everyone for your E4K support! And now, an awkward video of us taste-testing the cupcakes we made today.

compassionatedragon  asked:

So if I want to pledge moneys per hour for your painting efforts, where do I go? Since the crowdrise page only allows you to donate a fixed amount. FYI I personally set up a google docs form to track the pledges for my own e4k thing (it looks like this docs[.]google[.]com/forms/d/19tQx8mxVTN8UUPdzBJEYP-mwhvMg7rmalN8C1WfzizY/viewform), and you're totally welcome to steal that idea :D

I’d honestly been thinking of just collecting pledges from people in my area (and using a paper form) since I was kind of uncomfortable with creating an online form that people might feel iffy about. 

However, I didn’t know that docsgoogle also had a form like that! It looks good and I was clear about how the pledge money would be donated by them to my E4K page or as a check written and mailed to Random Acts.

Thank you so much for the hot tip. I went ahead and snagged it.

Here’s the proof ;) Endure4Kindness: Painting Endurance Pledge Form

Have a fab day and thank you again!


Apparently, I may have aggravated my spine doing E4K..still hurting a week later. HAHA but Totally worth it. FOR CHARITY!!
And I got to chat with a lot of nice people last weekend. And we raised a nice chunk of change. :D I’ll upload some of the drawings made during the livestream soon!


in addition to E4K today was the Santa Claus parade here in town (too early,I know) my kids joined the Value village float so I walked, ran and danced along side it, giving stuffed animals away to children and convincing them that I am a 572 year old elf but that Santa is MUCH much older. asked them not to tell him I said that,.

BTW it is ridiculously hard to take a selfie while moving…even just walking on the spot.

I gave many of my little bags that I made to volunteers after the parade who were cleaning or serving free hot chocolate, and to parents who stood in the cold to watch their kids and walked to pick them up afterwards. They were very well received.