B here with another recommendation for you! We’ve got a few days left in our month of AU’s & I’d like to point you towards one of my favorite ongoing Sherlock fanworks.

Artist Navydream has been drawing a Sherlock/Sandman comic & it is fantastic! If you’ve never read Sandman, don’t worry - you can still pick up with the first part & not be lost. For the bare bones of Sandman, there are seven Endless that have lived a very long time - Dream, Despair, Desire, Destiny, Delirium, Destruction, & Death. Sherlock is represented as Dream here, or Morpheus, & “is both lord and personification of all dreams and stories, all that is not in reality (which, in turn, Dream may define by his existence)” [from Wiki]. He literally has a dream palace he conjured up!

The comic finds John without a Sherlock, having his nightmares of the war interrupted by a tall, dark stranger who won’t explain himself. As the series goes on, there are hints of something greater happening with John that he isn’t aware of, but Sherlock knows about.

I really love the pairing of Sherlock characters with their Sandman counterparts - Moriarty is scheming & dastardly as Desire. Irene is a sassy Death & there’s a tie for my favorite: Henry as Delirium or Mycroft as Destiny [it’s perfect!]. Of course, the story is great, but the artwork is lovely too. I would buy a bound book of this in a heartbeat.

You can start out reading the comic in chronological order here & be sure to check out Navydream’s tumblr as well for some awesome colored [1] pieces [2] as well as lots of other great art & AU work.

Thanks to Navy for the use of her artwork!

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind, because all of me loves all of you.

Ah, ‘Endless Dream’ by navydream ended… I thought it was suppose to be 'ENDLESS Dream,’ navy, this isn’t what I bargained for. It’s misleading. You should have named it '236-Pages-Long Dream.' 

In all seriousness, I adored this comic and navy is all kinds of amazing. It’s over now and my friends no longer have to be concerned for me while I cry over my phone during our lunch break. Hurrah. 

Collab by me (lines) and tjihopp (colouring); fan art of the lovely comic Endless Dream by navydream

Guys. There are no words for how much I am in love with this. I was pleasantly surprised with my lines, especially given the fact I’d never drawn any sort of flowing fabric, but then tjihopp went and just made them bloody amazing. I mean, good god, look at that. She coloured everything and made that beautiful, beautiful background. I’d write more but ugh, I’m overwhelmed. ♥