tbh I think it’s p uncertain whether jack and the other choir boys cried at the end, the quote is quite general “the other little boys”, and since the perspective was still majorly ralph’s, I’m thinking that the detail of jack crying would have been important to mention from ralph’s perspective. ralph was very much devastated by the end and he mentioned jack every time he did something significant, even at the end: he mentioned when jack backed away and pretended that nothing was his fault, he was thinking about jack as he was crying, and yet he didn’t specifically mention jack to be crying. I think most boys cried indeed, including a a part of the group of choir boys perhaps, but not jack and roger. they were probably standing there impassive, given that the 63 movie presented jack as just having a grim expression on his face, and golding himself helped steering that movie at the time, so the element of jack crying would have been an important mention. but golding left this detail ambiguous, probably letting the readers decide if this was actually true or not


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What If

On the very last episode of Steven Universe, we see an adult version of Steven smiling and waving goodbye as the quality of the episode begins to buzz and fade into pure static. Showing that the entire series had been off multiple VHS tapes scattered around what was once Steven’s room. And all around the little TV theres the gems, an old version of Connie, and a little half indian girl with pink streaks throughout her long hair. And then theres just silence until she turns around while smiling and is like “So that was daddy!”