“I didn’t know what to call him and [to] Dorothy, my wife, I said ‘Will you have a look through the Mayflower, the Christian names of everybody who went over to America’, and she came across a man called Determination Davis and another man called Endeavour Jones.” – Colin Dexter

“It certainly informs pretty much everything we do, that name.” – Russ Lewis

“It shows you a massive part of who this person is. To endeavour, to … try. There’s something about that name which is interesting and sort of essential.” – Shaun Evans


→ E. Morse doesn’t know how to face, a.k.a. This is it. This is the whole show.


“I forgot for a minute it’s not about me, it’s about them that turn to us for help in time of need. Weak, defenceless. Old, young. Especially the young.”
– Fred Thursday, Neverland

anonymous asked: an edit of your favourite episode: Endeavour 1x02 | Fugue.
Lines you won't find in a new series of Endeavour
  • Morse: I was doing a crossword earlier and it gave me absolutely no clues as to the solution to our current case.
  • ****
  • Morse: What do you mean they didn't keep a diary written in Latin?
  • ****
  • Morse: Actually, sir, you're right. I think it is the first person we thought of who was our prime suspect for ages and really obviously guilty.
  • ****
  • Police: But... aren't you going to run to the top of that very pretty old building where there's obviously no escape, give a poetic speech and then fling yourself off, saving us the effort of having to actually come up with evidence to prove you guilty in court?
  • Criminal: Don't be daft *drives off in fast car to airport*
  • ****
  • Morse: It was suicide. No, really. It actually was.
  • ****
  • Thursday: That's some interesting music you're playing there.
  • Morse: It's hip-hop.
  • ****
  • Bright: Actually, Morse, that's a perfectly valid point that I have no desire to take issue with.
  • ****
  • Police: Do you ever get the impression that our cases would make perfect 90 minute ITV dramas, with ad time cliffhangers included?
  • ****
  • Anyone: Why have you just paused in the middle of a sentence?
  • Anyone else: I don't know, I just had the strangest feeling that that would have been a perfect moment for a scene change or an advert for insurance / a riverboat cruise
  • ****
  • Morse: I met a student today
  • Anyone: Who was a murderer?
  • Morse: No, who asked me for directions to the library.
  • Anyone: Where she was later the victim of a brutal attack.
  • Morse: No.
  • ****
  • Morse: I have a girlfriend.
  • Thursday or Strange: Oh Christ, not again. Have you gone through the check list?
  • Morse: Of course I have! No previous convictions; never been a man; when interviewed under caution never once suggested that she might wish me dead and I've assigned her 24 hour protection and moved her into a safe house. All boxes ticked.
  • Thursday or Strange: Thank God!
  • ****
  • Strange: Have you thought about moving onto men, Matey?
  • ****
  • Morse: What have you got today, sir?
  • Thursday: We're going to issue some ASBOs
  • ****
  • Bright: I think just this once we can stand to bend the rules just a little, what?
  • ****
  • Morse to Strange: Let me buy you a pint.

“One day I’ll send you out for a routine enquiry and it’ll turn out to be just that. But I won’t hold my breath. You’d find something suspicious in a saint’s sock drawer.”

Endeavour; season 1