“It Follows” sentence starters (2014)

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“It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.”
“All you can do is pass it on to someone else.”
“I didn’t even know what that meant until I got a little older.”
“Even though it’s following you I can still see it.”
“It’s not done with me either.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
“I used to think about how shitty and weird was that.”
“Maybe it will never come back.”
“You don’t believe me, do you?”
“And the most terrible agony may not be in the wounds themselves but in knowing for certain that… your soul will leave your body and you will no longer be a person.”
“When there is torture, there is pain and wounds, physical agony, and all this distracts the mind from mental suffering.”
“The worst thing is that it is certain.”
“Any guy would be with you.”
“That was where the city started and the suburbs ended.”
“I have an idea!… It got away.”

I feel constantly trapped. I feel restricted and bound and it drives me insane. people always tell me how big our world really is and it only makes it worse. the world could end on the city suburbs and it would make no difference, I am stuck in a small town in a small school repeating the same days over and over. my emotions become recitals, pretending to feel what I once did. I am just an outsider, constantly waiting to feel different. but I don’t. someday I’ll feel content but when? someday I’ll escape this town but how? I know that this world is endless and that there is so much to experience; but what is it really worth to a girl like me?
—  maybe this is all there is

The Charlotte News, North Carolina, May 14, 1922

He is stage struck and makes the lounge lizards seem hard working business men by comparison.

The he-flapper runs to:

Long sometimes jeweled cigarette holders.
Sports shirts with string ties.
Purple velour hats.
Absinthe and vermouth at Regent-street cafes.
White colored scarves about the waist instead of “braces” or a belt.

The pest is most prevalent in London’s West End, but out in the suburbs the police unearthed a sort of training school for he-flappers. Headquarters of a band of boys, sword to secrecy, and pledged to perform one “exotic” deed a day was raided and some sound spankings administered.

I honestly love those heaux fashion stores like the ones where you can tell their market is instagram hoes and sugar babies and professional man-hunters and gold digging cougars and shit. I found one that screams ‘over-thirty high end escort living in the suburbs but still hustling’ like.

I love it.

Aftermath - murder and consequences

Characters: Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson
Summary: It takes more than a shower to wash away that blood, they all know that. Doesn’t stop them from trying, of course. 
A/N: I can’t believe I let you assholes bully me into continuing this aaaaaaaaaaugh. Pay me back, give me fan art or something I mean, oh man. You all beat me down with the goddamn peer pressure.

More Murder And Consequences things. 


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Road Trip - Chapter 5 - AU William Buxton/Tom Hiddleston Fluff Fanfiction

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Triggers: Character Near Death Experience, Mention of Drowning, Endangerment of Life. Mention of minor character death
Its not a grim as it sounds - honest!

 Rated 15+
4400 Words


Sarah woke up to the sound of her blood pumping around her head as the room spun. Unsure at first where she was until it slowly started to come back to her; the Road Trip, William, the Grand Canyon… Vegas… And she’d had the most vivid dream, helping a woman covered in blood, then dancing with Will, kissing him in an elevator… damn she must have woken just as she was getting to the good part as she didn’t remember a thing about it after that… oh… wait…

A sense of dread spread over her as she remained bundled up in the bedcover, suddenly aware that she was naked except for her knickers. Oh no. Ooooh noooo. This was going to be one hell of a hangover.

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When I was a little girl my parents would not allow me to go south of 8th mile. And I did not even know what that meant until I got a little older. And I started realizing that. That was where the city started and the suburbs ended. And I used to think about how shitty and weird was that. I mean I had to ask permission to go to the state fair with my best friend and her parents only because it was a few blocks past the border. — It Follows (2014) directed by David Robert Mitchell.

The Last Battle of the Napoleonic Wars Wasn’t Waterloo

Discounting skirmishes outside Lyons on July 6th 1815, the final engagement of the decades-long, world-defining conflict was fought on the 2nd and 3rd of July, just south-east of Paris, at a village called Issy.

After the French defeat at the battle of Waterloo, the armies of the Duke of Wellington and Blücher, and other Seventh Coalition forces, advanced upon Paris. Wellington and Blücher continued their operations up to the gates of Paris and, on 30 June, had recourse to a movement which proved decisive of the fate of the city. Marshal Blücher having taken the village of Aubervilliers, or Vertus, made a movement to his right, and crossing the Seine at Saint-Germain, below the capital, threw his whole force upon the south side of the city, where no preparations had been made to receive an enemy.

This was a thunderbolt to the French; it was then that their weakness and the Coalition’s strength were seen most conspicuously, because at that moment the armies of Wellington and Blücher were separated and the whole French army was between them, yet the French could not move to prevent their junction.

After the war Lazare Carnot (Napoleon’s Minister of Internal Affairs) blamed Napoleon for not fortifying Paris on the south side, and said he forewarned Napoleon of this danger. The French were thus obliged to abandon all the works that they had constructed for the defence of the capital, and threw the army over the Seine to meet the Prussians.

Although a Prussian brigade was defeated in a skirmish at Rocquencourt near Versailles, the movement of the Prussians to the right was not checked. On the morning of 2 July, the Prussian I Corps under the command of General Zieten had its right at Plessis-Piquet, and its left at Meudon, with its reserves at Versailles.

Zieten advanced on the 2 July towards the heights of Meudon and Châtillon and fought a sharp battle for the possession of Sèvres, Moulineaux, and Issy. The contest was obstinate, but the Prussians finally surmounted all difficulties and succeeded in establishing themselves firmly upon the heights of Meudon and in the village of Issy. The French losses during this engagement are estimated at 3,000 men.

At a French Council of War, which was held during the night of 2/3 July in Paris, it was decided that the defence of the capital was not practicable against the two Coalition armies. Nevertheless the French Commander-in-Chief, Marshal Davout, was desirous of another attempt before he would finally agree to a suspension of hostilities.

At three o'clock on the morning of 3 July Vandamme, commander of the French III Corps, advanced in two columns from Vaugirard to attack Issy. Between Vaugirard and the river Seine he had a considerable force of cavalry, the front of which was flanked by a battery advantageously posted near Auteuil on the right bank of the river. The action commenced with a brisk cannonade, the French having brought twenty pieces of cannon against the front of the village which was then vigorously assailed by his infantry. The Prussians had constructed some barricades and other defences during the night; but these did not protect them from the sharp fire of case shot which was poured upon them by the French batteries, the guns of which enfiladed the streets. The 12th and 24th Prussian Regiments, and the 2nd Westphalian Landwehr, supported by a half battery of twelve pounders, fought with great bravery. There was much loss on both sides. At length the French withdrew, but only to advance again, considerably reinforced.

The 2nd Prussian Brigade was immediately ordered to join the 1st, and the whole of the troops of the I Prussian Corps stood to arms. Zieten sent a request to Blücher for the support of two brigades of Bülow’s IV Prussian Corps and, at the same time, begged Thielemann to advance (in conformity with instructions conveyed to him from headquarters) from Châtillon and to threaten the French left flank.

In the mean time the French renewed their attack upon Issy, which, however, again proved unsuccessful. This was followed by a heavy cannonade and by further assaults, without any decided advantage having been gained over the defenders. The French did not appear disposed to venture upon a more general attack, which would have offered them a much greater chance of forcing back the Prussian advanced guard; the French commanders probably considered that such an attack, if unsuccessful, might end with the suburbs of Paris being easily carried by storm, Accordingly, after four hours’ continued but fruitless attempts upon Zieten’s advanced position, the French fell back upon Paris, with the Prussian skirmishers following them until they came within a very short distance of the barriers surrounding the city.

Issy was the final attempt of the French army to defend Paris and, with this defeat, all hope of holding Paris faded. The French high command decided that they would capitulate.

Accordingly, at seven o'clock in the morning, the French ceased fire and Brigadier General Revest (chief of staff to the French III Corps) was delegated to approach Zieten’s Corps, which was the nearest to the capital of all the Coalition forces, to offer a capitulation and to request an immediate armistice.

On hearing of the unilateral French ceasefire, Blücher demanded that the French provide delegates with full powers of negotiation before he would finally agree to a suspension of hostilities, and indicated the Palace of St. Cloud as the place where the negotiations should be carried on. He then moved his headquarters to the palace.

Officers furnished with full powers by their respective chiefs soon met at St. Cloud, where the Duke of Wellington had joined Prince Blücher. The result of their deliberations was the surrender of Paris under the terms of the Convention of St. Cloud.

Napoleon Bonaparte had already announced his abdication (24 June 1815); unable to remain in France or to escape from it, a few days later, on 15 July, he surrendered himself to Captain Maitland of HMS Bellerophon and was transported to England. The full restoration of Louis XVIII followed the emperor’s departure. Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island of Saint Helena, where he died in May 1821.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any spec (or have seen any) what's going on with mary? i don't see where the storyline is going there at all. Is this the real mary? A ghost? Is she going to be drastically changed somehow. Time Travel? Whats going to happen there with her being around? a series regular that livees in the bunker etc I just dont get it all XD

I actually haven’t seen a great deal of spec! The consensus seems to be mostly that it’s actually her, based on what Amara said (and how powerful she is so it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility)

In a way it’s really hard to trust though because she’s never been just Mary since the opening minutes of the show… Now she’s shown up exactly as they lost her, white nightgown of fridging and all, it’s not like 3 of her appearances since then were in the nightgown, as a ghost and 2 separate visions. She LOOKS unreal because that’s how we’re used to seeing her… She’s been a SYMBOL for 11 years, a figment for monsters to trot out to taunt the Winchesters, or for their own psyches to throw at them… Now she can be a CHARACTER

Ugh but if she’s real, what a way to invigorate the show as a writing challenge? Even the season 4 & 5 episodes with young!Mary don’t really have the same level to them because for Mary the conversation wasn’t long overdue when she met her adult sons? Now she gets to meet them as part of her actual ongoing story…

Like, to un-fridge her is possibly the most ridiculous, ballsy thing the show’s ever done because it completely undermines the show’s emotional framework as the show’s original sin was the tropey fridging and disregarding of the main feminine influence on the narrative. Long before Amara even hit our screens people were speculating about her potential as the buried feminine and symbolic un-fridging seeing as the conflict between her and God was the in world original conflict, but I think this is very much the point. Back in 11x04 (because pfft Robbie vs forshadowing symbolism of course) there was the line “everyone deserves a Mulligan” (second chance) and he was even saying that about a mother character. If Mary is really, truly, back on the mortal plane, the show is basically resetting itself with the cleanest clean slate you could ever have, giving us a scenario that was impossible for 11 years?

Like, thematically, I think this is going to take all summer to sink in what a ridiculously amazing thing they’ve done?

Anyway, as for what she might do once she’s back and has changed into clothes that are not her doomy white nightgown? 

I’m interested in the Hunters vs Men of Letters thing that was set up. Toni was strongly written to parallel Henry abandoning John in that scene where she left her own son, so she is representing the MoL Winchester side of things. I don’t think it’s at all a coincidence they had the family tree up on Toni’s wall showing the two sides and Mary over there representing the Campbells, the oldest most prestigious family of hunters. I’ve really liked the speculation in the past that the Campbells are matrilineal or at least that Deanna was as much a hunter as Samuel… But either way at least immediately in the generations we’ll have around, we have hunting represented as the mother’s legacy.

So Mary has ties to that plotline just in opposition to it… I think she and Toni might end up representing an interesting set of mirrors to each other as both are mothers, but Toni is - at least as we meet her, pending character development - making the mistakes of father’s past on the show aka the mistakes of the Winchesters and representing a patriarchal organisation and acting on the behalf of the men.

So in a way Mary is defined STRONGLY not by being a Winchester and all the stuff she’s connected to by marriage, but by who she is as HERSELF and what SHE personally brings in terms of legacy…

Basically I’m hoping for at least SOME BAMF hunter Mary stuff that she never got a chance to do before. She’s actually a really important resource, emotional stuff aside, in the same way Crowley once dragged Samuel back into the game. And I do see a place for her in the storyline if the main antagonists are the Men of Letters, because she doesn’t even represent an easy middle ground of “woman of letters” but like a completely antithesis to them?

(I still think as with this season balance will probably end up being key, but to have balance you also need to look at the extreme sides, and Sam and Dean being legacies of both bloodlines already represent that balance and have been living it ever since they found the Bunker… so I’m not totally sure how this theme applies to them as they’re pretty much already there :P)

Anyway I find it really weird to think of Mary coming and moving into the Bunker with them because it seems really regressive to move back in with your mom aged 30 some (says someone in their mid-late 20s who has had to move back in with their mother.. shh, I’m sick and fall over when I walk too far >.>) so I’m kind of hoping she ends up moving to nearby suburbs or something :P She’s way too young for this, but the retirement home talk in 11x11 and 11x23 both together made me think that maybe it’s more like Mary needs her peace to not be killed off again and live the normal life she wanted in the end?

(Killing her off again seems entirely pointless when you look at the themes she was brought back for and it would accomplish nothing? If they don’t want her around as a long term character, just having her as mom living happily somewhere nearby and they get to visit her when they’re not busy hunting monsters or something… It seems very happy ending-ish but on the other hand there must be a way to have drama without threatening Mary and still having her around? And the threat of the end of the show is going to always lurk in season 12 so having space ready for the truly happy ending that always seemed impossible seems really good to me. Imagine if 2x20 was finally defanged as the most depressing episode ever. :P)

The story of Jews for Urban Justice, a strongly Jewish-identified New Left group based in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, has been written out of the history books. Its existence and the several projects in which it was involved are discussed minimally or not at all in accounts of New Left activities of the 1960s and in histories of postwar American Jewry. Nor does it merit more than fleeting mention in the far fewer texts on the decade’s radical Jewish movement—and this despite the fact that JUJ was the first radical Jewish group of the 1960s. …From the group’s inception in 1967 onward, and increasingly after 1969, JUJ gained not only notoriety but growing numbers of adherents as well, both through the leadership role it played within the National Jewish Organizing Project, which had affiliates across the United States, and through the heightened visibility of its activities after JUJ organized the first and second Passover Freedom Seders, held in the District of Columbia in April of 1969 and 1970. The seders gained remarkable media attention both for their incorporation of black liberation concerns into the Haggadah and for their interracial attendance. The text of the radical Haggadah sold tens of thousands of copies nationwide. 

…Early activism of Jews for Urban Justice addressed what it identified as the indifference of the local Jewish community to racial injustice in the metropolitan Washington area. It all began in the summer of 1966, when a small group of open housing activists set up a picket line in front of Buckingham Apartments, a “whites only” building just outside Washington. Organized by an antisegregationist group known as ACCESS (Action Coordinating Committee to End Segregation in the Suburbs), the activists had conducted similar pickets for more than a year throughout the metropolitan area. Most landlords, interestingly, agreed to meet with ACCESS to discuss open housing practices. However, in this particular instance, Allie Freed, the owner of Buckingham Apartments, would not budge, and when ACCESS turned to her rabbi to ask him to mediate a meeting with her, he insisted “that the business practices of his congregants were no concern of his.” Shocked by this, eight Jewish members of ACCESS leafleted at Washington Hebrew Congregation (Reform), Freed’s synagogue, on Yom Kippur 1966. (Washington Hebrew Congregation was one of the most prestigious synagogues in the capital, and a key symbol of the Jewish community for non-Jewish Washingtonians.) The leaflet named Freed and outlined her “whites only” housing practices, and noted that the rabbi had declined to get involved. The leaflet read in part:

We are here today because we feel that individuals do not have to wait for a law to pass before they choose to do something that is morally right. We have chosen the Washington Hebrew Congregation because the Rabbi has chosen to remain silent and we as individuals, as human beings, and as Jews, are ashamed!

Predictably, congregants were disgusted that the Jewish members of ACCESS were, as they put it, “ruining the High Holy Day services,” and in the weeks that followed, ACCESS was asked by leaders of Washington’s Jewish community not to “wash out dirty linen in public.”

Michael E. Staub. Torn at the Roots: The Crisis of Jewish Liberalism in Postwar America. 2004.

omg this is adorable, I’m so excited to write this
Going to a foreign country is always confusing, however going alone is far more confusing. Its not uncommon for people to get themselves lost or be scammed. You were currently in the first predicament. Utterly and completely lost. You had just been trying to find the famous ddeokbokki stand that you’d heard about and had somehow ended up in a suburb. How long had you been wandering for? You didn’t want to think about it. You were desperate so you would have to face your social anxiety and ask for directions. “Okay, its alright Y/N, just ask the first person you see for help. Its fine.” Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you looked at it the first person you saw was an extremely attractive boy who looked about the same age as you. Damn it. Nonetheless you strode up to him nervously and stopped in front of him. His large eyes stared at you curiously and your nerves doubled. “U-um, excuse me. I happened to get myself really lost on my way to the ddeokbokki stand. Could you please help me find my way?” The boy grimaced, oh god he thought you were annoying, oh no, ugh wh- “Actually, I’m kind of in the same situation as you so i can’t give you directions.” Wait, so you weren’t annoying?! Thank god. Also how can someones voice be so relaxing?? He was waiting for a reply so you said the first thing that came to your mind, “Ahhh I see, well why don’t we work together? Two minds are better than one right?” Grinning he answered, “I’d love that actually. My name is Minghao, and you are?” “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you comrade.”
The two of you ended up searching for the ddeokbokki place together and eventually found your way to it after a fair amount of confused wandering. You’d made conversation and found you got along well. You had managed to get comfortable with Minghao within a short amount of time and had made several jokes that he’d found hilarious. Once you reached the famous ddeokbokki stand you ordered and ate together. You bought ice cream as well and visited a cafe before exchanging contact information and promising to meet again.


I suck at endings i’m sorry, they’re all so vague
but this was really fun to write omg 


I probably lived in the most uninteresting west end suburb on the planet. Nothing interesting ever happened and no one interesting ever moved in. Everyone shopped at The Gap and listened to the top 40 hits. Everyone always went on Holiday to some European country or a resort in Colorado. Everyone seemed to be exact copies of the other. The main focus in our town was sports. If you didn’t play sports, you weren’t anything. Lucky for me, I was born with absolutely no coordination whatsoever, so being popular was out of the question the moment I was born.

There was only one person that made me feel less alone in our Neighborhood. Calum. He was the boy that burnt CD’s of Nirvana and Green Day for me because my parents wouldn’t let me buy them. He was the boy that climbed through my window when I wouldn’t answer his texts. He was the boy who constantly offered me an ear bud when he was listening to music. He was my best friend. I was maybe, kinda, sorta, absolutely in love with him too. My mom always said our lives were like that Taylor Swift music video. It kinda was. I mean, our windows were directly across from each other. He always dated skanky uppity girls who just needed someone to make their last boyfriend jealous. Calum never minded. He got to make out with a hot girl and she got to make her boyfriend jealous. I knew I never had a chance with Calum. He was determined to leave this town behind as soon as he could. I was doomed to stay for the rest of my life. I wished he would take me with him.

I was typing up an English paper in my room when I heard the window open. I didn’t even flinch, I knew it was Calum. “What do you want?” I said without taking my eyes away from the screen. He leaned over and closed my laptop. I turned my head and looked at him expectantly. “Yes?” His features looked especially hardened and sharp in the slight yellow light of my candle lit room - yea, my room is candle lit, it relaxes me. Calum sat down on my bed without a word. He seemed to be studying my face thoroughly, as if he was sitting in front of a stranger. As if he was seeing me for the first time. “Calum? Are you okay? Do I need to call your mom or something?”

“I’m fine,” he said while holding complete solid eye contact. “why do you ask?”

“Cause the intense eye contact and air of mystery is kinda freaking me out.” Calum looked down and sucked on his teeth. He held his hands in lap and tilted his head from side to side. This wasn’t like Calum. He was usually bouncy and excited about everything. He couldn’t wait to climb into my window and interrupt me to tell me about his latest adventure. Calum patted a patch of the bed next to him. I stood up and cautiously walked toward him. I sat down looked at the veins protruding through Calum’s arms.

“I had dinner with Macy’s parents tonight.” Macy was his latest girlfriend. They were more like clients than girlfriends. Each relationship was more of a business deal than a romantic endeavor. Macy was just like all the other girls. She just wanted extra attention from her parents. Calum reached over to me and grabbed my hands. Calum was a rather physical person but this was freaking me out. “I started to think about stuff that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about who I really am and who I want to be when I get out of here.” Typical Calum. Always thinking about what happens after here. What happens when he gets out. Calum always had a way of dreaming that made me feel like anything was possible. “No one here makes me feel like I can be that person.”

“Ouch, I am offended Mr.Hood. I, your very best friend-”

“Everyone except for you,” Calum was laughing with that big puppy dog grin of his. “And that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.” I felt like I got hit by lightning. My heart fell through the floor and my brain felt like it was leaking out of my ears. I could hear the blood pulsating throughout my entire face. I tried to take even normal breaths while he talked. “You make me want to be the person I want to be but at the same time, I feel like I can be myself around you. I mean, you’ve been my partner in crime since day one. And when the day comes that I leave this place, I want you right there by my side.” My fingers went numb as he held them tightly in his hands. My forehead felt like fire as his words started to sink in. Calum wanted me? He wanted me to leave with him? We would runaway and live in random motels with nothing but my Mini van, Calum’s guitar, and each other. It couldn’t be real. He had to be yanking my chain. There was no way this was real.

“Are you drunk?”


“Are you drunk? Because you are obviously not in your right mind right now.” I withdrew my hands from his and stood up from the bed. Calum stood up and grabbed my hand.

“Y/N, I want you in my life.” I tugged my hand back and turned away.

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do.

"No, you don’t.

"Yes, I do!” I couldn’t help but giggle. It was just like back when we fought as kids. I turned toward Calum. His small smile made his cheeks looks especially squishy.

“Prove it.” In that moment, I could see a small spark in Calum’s eyes. He sprung towards me and immediately connected his lips with mine. I thought about this moment for so many years and wondered what it would be like. I tried to assess what was going on and how I was feeling so thoroughly that I almost forgot I was kissing the neighbor boy. My mind slowed down as Calum continued to kiss me.

“Is that proof enough?” He asked with a grin.