This is all the information I have gathered so far about the books/stories/poems. Due to the new information I have also added information that links the three people Jervis suggested together as well as italicized similarities in the stories that might help. Riddler said in one of the encryption, “A library has a purpose” and the purpose of a library is to inform, so there has to be information in the books that can help up. 

Though the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There

  • The Sequel to Alice in Wonderland
  • The Jabberwock is a Poem talked about in this book, but is also a standalone poem
  • The story ends in ambiguously (The Poem ends in slaying the Jabberwock, Happy Ending)
  • Important Characters:
  1.  Alice (In the Book) (Protagonist? He in the poem is the Protagonist)
  2. The Jabberwock (Antagonist?)
  • Alice is walking around in the woods (The Jabberwock lives in the woods).
  • Child’s book (Poem)
  • Chess is a main theme (Nonsense is a theme)
  • Written in England
  • Batman Villains related to this story:
  1. Jervis Tetch (Doctor? at the very least scientist; does mind control) (Jervis also believes he is the person picked to die)
  2. Jabberwock (Batgirl enemy)
  3. Tweedledee and Tweedledum (being as this is the squeal maybe two villains?) 

The Legend of The Sleepy Hollow

  • A short story in the book The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. with 34 other short stories.
  • The story ends in ambiguously
  • Important Characters:
  1. Ichabod Crane (Protagonist)
  2. Katrina Van Tassel
  3. Brom Van Brunt
  4. Baltus Van Tassel
  5. Adrian Van Ripper (Antagonist)
  • Ichabod Crane goes thought the woods and is never seen or heard from again. He also imagines most of what he sees due to fear. (If I remember correctly)
  • Scary short story (Child’s Book?)
  • Supernatural is a theme
  • Not including this american classic, there are four other lures for the Headless Horseman from Scottland, Iraland, Germany, and India;
  • Written in England (Thouth the Author is American and this is known as an American classic)
  • Batman Villains related to this story
  1. Jonathan Crane (Doctor; does mind alteration) (Jervis suggested) 
  2. Headless Horseman: Van Brunt (Wildcat enemy)
  3. Headless Horseman: Tomas Fargo (Doll Man enemy)
  4. Gentlemen Ghost

The Wind of the Willows (I actually don’t know this story)

  • A novel with short stories that intertwine with the main story line
  • The story ends happily with four friends reunited
  • Important Characters:
  1. Mole
  2. Rat
  3. Mr Toad (Protagonist)
  4. Mr Badger
  5. The Weasels (Antagonist)
  • Mole goes into the Wild Woods to find Mr Badger.
  • Childs book
  • Consequences is a theme.
  • Written in England
  • Batman Villains that relate to this story:
  1. Riddler (‘Toad’s self-destructive obsession’)
  2. Mr. Toad
  3. Poison Ivy (?) (Jervis suggested) (Doctor; plant mind control)
Fourth Riddle: Consensus

There have been a few different answers on this, but the majority have concluded that the riddle’s answer is either Pride or Hubris.

I will suggest the latter, as the Gotham Art Gallery is currently presenting works on the “Hubris of Man” through the month of October.

As soon as the doors are open, I will investigate. I will tread carefully, and (unfortunately) stay in the crowd so as not to give myself away.

Updates will follow.