A Lightened Soul

Got an update out on time and it’s a decent size? What has become of me? I really loved writing this chapter and I hope you guys like reading it. Let me know what you think! Enjoy :)

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“Where do ye want these, mo nighean donn?

I glanced over to see him holding a few of the weathered, green encyclopedias that Uncle Lamb had bought for me over the years as we traveled the world without a proper school for me to attend. They took up a lot of space because of their large spines, but I couldn’t bare to part with them. The image of me reading and huddled in a tent somewhere while he wrote in his journal about the day’s findings was too dear to my heart. 

In a childhood full of unpredictability and change, those quiet moments were the closest I got to have a domestic, normal life. Frank had wanted me to condemn them to storage when we lived together, but I never relented. I wanted them close to him as he would have been if he were still here. It might have been silly, but I couldn’t bare the though of them tucked away in some small cold unit collecting dust as the years went on.

“Ah, just put them in one of the miscellaneous boxes.”

My whole flat was littered with cardboard boxes as we had been packing for the better part of the day. We had done Jamie’s flat yesterday. All the boxes would soon be loaded in the truck we had rented for next weekend as we prepared to start our new journey. We were moving to Scotland. Edinburgh.

London wasn’t a good fit for us anymore. Jamie missed his home country something terrible and I needed a change. To move away from the past and into our future. The past three months of our relationship had been blissful and easy. No troubling ex-girlfriends or staggering student debt. Just the two of us getting to know one another and learning everything we could.

We had decided one night about a month ago over Chinese take out.

“How have ye never been to Scotland, Claire? With all the traveling ye did as a wee lass?”

I smiled at his outraged tone as I speared a piece of crisp broccoli from his plate and into my mouth.

“I don’t know. Uncle Lamb was never commissioned to go there. Frank went a few times, but I always stayed here. Too busy with school, I guess.”

He mumbled something like “uncultured” under his breath as he spun noodles with his chop sticks.

“Tell me about it,” I urged. He missed it something terrible. I knew that. Missed his family and the ground which he had grown up on.

His eyes drifted to me and smiled, but they looked past me as the landscape of Scotland surrounded him as he began to talk.

“There’s a certain magic to the land, ye ken? I know that sounds daft, but with the mountains so grand and the snow atop them. And the sparkling lochs and greens as far as the eye can see. It’s like,” he waved his hands around in front of him as if to recreate the mountains for me. “It’s just special.”

Reaching over the soy sauce packets and the empty cartons, I grabbed his hand tightly as power of home overwhelmed him.

His voice was a little rough as he continued as he looked out the window. “And the people are so fierce. In a good way. Loyal and tied to the land. You’ll never find better.”

“Really?” I teased as I brushed circles on the back of his hand and fluttered my eyelashes in a way I knew would amuse him.

His eyes came back to the room and landed on me with a wide smile. His eyes crinkling and soft.

“Aye, well. Maybe with the one exception.”

I leaned over and brushed his lips with mine. Tasting the saltiness and sweetness from his chicken.

A thought suddenly came over me as the image of Scotland was so present between us. An image of the future. And not one in the bustling city of London, but one of green hills and fierce people. And one where Jamie could have his family in his life again.

I moved back an inch from his face and knew my answer as soon as his eyes fluttered open and met mine.

“Then, let’s move.”

His eyes turned to bright sapphire crystals as they grew wide while he took in my words.

They searched mine for a few moments. I was unsure of what he was looking for, but he always claimed I had a glass face. He must see my happiness and clarity as I gazed right back at him.

“I coulnda ask ye to uproot your life,” he choked out as I cupped his cheek, rough with unshaven whiskers.

A laughed a little at that and looked down. “I don’t have any real ties here, Jamie. I spent my first five years in England, but then traveled all over the world. Rootless. And the last five years of my life here, they haven’t been happy. Until I met you, that is.”

Tears prickled behind my eyes as I spoke of my past and how far I have come. The grief and bitter disappointment. Deaths. Loans. Failed marriage. And loneliness.

His thumb brushed a tear not quite fallen from the corner of my eye. I met his eyes again to make him see my truth.

“Ever since my Uncle died. I haven’t had a home. Frank was never it. I’ve been wandering around without a place. But now I have one,” I moved my forehead to rest on his. “You are my home now.”

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her-mind-grows-flowers  asked:

Where bestiary books popular? Tell us something about bestiary book illustrations. Did illustrators travel around the country looking for inspiration for bestiaries or did they just sit by their desk drawing imaginative monsters?

Bestiaries were very popular and had a fairly stable or consistent set of illuminations. The text derives from the ancient Greek Physiologus, however by the medieval period it was less of a scientific encyclopedia and more of a guide to the animal’s Christian symbolism and morality. 

Artists and scribes often used preexisting models when composing these texts and as a result sometimes well known animals look bizarre. At other times they had to image exotic beasts simply from spoken or written descriptions, such as elephants or dragons. 

Check out two bestiaries in our collection, the Northumberland Bestiary and another bound with two treatises by Hugo de Fouilloy.


Pictured Items for Sale or Trade:

  • “Chakra” incense
  • Mini packs of varying inscense (if interested I can tell you what scents they are)
  • Celtic Cross chalice
  • Open but unused tarot deck (I forget the title of it, but the art work is lovely. I lost the book for it, but it’s based on the Rider-Waite deck)
  • Open but unused mermaid oracle deck, w/ book
  • Wooden tarot or spell box with tree and moon symbols (it’s not the Tree of Life, just a little ol regular tree)
  • Three scent oils (rose, french vanilla, and liliac. you can choose one, two, or all three)
  • Black velvet tarot bag with Goddess symbol
  • Black silk tarot bag with cat face
  • Green altar or tarot cloth

Not Pictured Items for Sale or Trade:

  • Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
  • Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland
  • the Good Cat Spell Book by Gillian Kemp (it’s got some cool spells to be done with your kitty, but I never got around to using it so it’s time for it to go)
  • A bunch of medium and large intact sea shells found along the shores of New Jersey (I also have some XL ones that I could possibly be persuaded to part with)
  • A small leather bound witch book that I got at my local faire and never used
  • Open but unused Goddess Tarot deck with book and small box for cards
  • Small, blue tea candle holder with silver Goddess symbol

Wanted Items:

  • Jars!! Big jars, little jars, medium jars, any jars as long as they didn’t used to be salsa or pasta jars. Honestly, I just don’t want the lid to say BARILLA on it.
  • Ethically sourced animal bones (like ones that you’ve found. I’ve looked myself but never been able to find any near me)
  • Feathers
  • Herbs
  • Ocean themed stuff (just no shells, I have more than enough of them)
  • Sea Glass
  • Candles
  • Candle holders

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IN 1821 ten paintings were purchased from Mr. Henry Salt (1780-1827) and arrived at the British Museum. The eleventh painting was acquired in 1823. Each painting appeared to have been mounted with a slightly different support material. Finger marks and hand prints on the backs of many of the paintings suggest that the paintings were laid face down onto a surface and that a thickened slurry-mix of plaster was applied to the back of the mud straw. All these paintings have undergone extensive conservation.

In 1835, the paintings were put on display to the public within the “Egyptian Saloon” (now the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery) at the British Museum. They were then given the inventory display numbers (nos. 169-70, 171-81). However, at the beginning of the 20th century they were given their current inventory numbers of EA37976-86. There is little indication that they originally came from the same tomb-chapel.

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Staff Pick of the Week

Captain Alison has stepped away briefly from working with books from the 17th-19th centuries and picked a book from our own millennium as her staff pick.

Pick Me Up: Stuff you need to know… is a book of knowledge for children, specifically for young people raised with the internet. The content is laid out in a way that encourages jumping from one subject to another to show how seemingly unrelated things are connected. One can certainly go through this book page by page, like I did, or jump from topic to topic using the contents or the index and following the suggested “links” or page numbers to see where a subject may take you. This is a book I would have loved as a child, and I love now.  So why would we want to preserve this in our Historical Curriculum Collection? Well, like all encyclopedias, this is a snapshot of the time it was made: in 2006 we were dipping our toes into the new millennium; Facebook was just being introduced to the world outside of colleges; Twitter was launched; and the population of the United States exceeded 300 million. This book looks to the future and the past from the static point of the early 21st century.

The contributors to this book seem to have made a conscious effort to encourage independent thought by posing questions like “Imagine a world without printed words,” and interactive graphics, such as a decision-tree that leads to determining if the future will be utopian or dystopian.

A Fall 2006 Parent’s Choice Sliver Honor award winner, Pick Me Up: Stuff you need to know… is full of far too many fun facts (e.g., male horses don’t have nipples) and spectacular graphic design to mention here. I suggest you seek out a copy and explore for yourself.


Did anyone else here have a bizarre phase of their life where they were obsessed with going on bestgore dot com and encyclopedia dramatica dot com/se/whatever and also with watching the death scenes from Higurashi repeatedly bc I sure did I was a weird and fucked up 14 year old


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bullets x 07.29.16 - Friday

- had a meeting with my two new workmates to ask for help!!!
- information overload! I’m getting crazy but I have to get used to these things!!! Sabi ni sir, I need to be his walking encyclopedia! Okay Sir, i need enough money so I’m always full and not hungry.
-Late pumasok ung sweldo kaya di ako nakapagpadala kay Sis thru bank! Hassle please. Kawawa naman yung sister ko. :(
- Nag-aasaran kami ng katrabaho ko kasi may ka chat sya eh ang tagal magreply sabi may bisita daw sabi ko may girlfriend. Binalik ba naman sa akin, “Yan ding kachat mo may girlfriend yan” -,- Badtrip
- love love love love loooooove :)

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HANUMAN is one of several zoomorphic characters in Indian mythology, but is the only wholly animal figure who is revered as a god today. The mythic texts speak of him as a monkey child of the Wind God, as possessing enormous strength, keen intellect and a mastery over the Vedas and other branches of learning. 

He is also an unquestioning devotee of Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana, and has the ability to take on any form he wishes.

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Article by Anindita Basu on AHE

So it has been a while since I updated this, but I’m still working on Thorns, I’ve just been really busy. This is the Lehen Codex which is how Julian developed his floramancy, it’s kind of a floramancy encyclopedia. Only Julian can open it, not even another floramancer can open it. Julian can ask the dome on the cover a question and it display a flower or direct him to a page that will help him.

I think I’m having a hard time figuring out how I am going to structure this story. I don’t think I have the skill or energy or time to do a full web comic but I don’t just want to write the story like a novel, there has to be something in between that’s doable.


Iconographic encyclopaedia of science, literature, and art. ; by Heck, J. G. (Johann Georg), -185- Baird, Spencer Fullerton, 1823-1887 on Flickr.

Publication info New York,R. Garrigue,1852.
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Smithsonian Libraries
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Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia
Indigenous, nature, wildlife and companion animal news. Pass it on!
By White Wolf

The encyclopedia, compiled by five shamans with assistance from conservation group Acaté, details every plant used by Matsés medicine to cure a massive variety of ailments.

“The [Matsés Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia] marks the first time shamans of an Amazonian tribe have created a full and complete transcription of their medicinal knowledge written in their own language and words,” Christopher Herndon, president and co-founder of Acaté, told Mongabay in an interview .

The Matsés have only printed their encyclopedia in their native language to ensure that the medicinal knowledge is not stolen by corporations or researchers as has happened in the past. Instead, the encyclopedia is meant as a guide for training new, young shamans in the tradition and recording the living shamans’ knowledge before they pass.

iPads and a paperless world from the past

Reminiscing over Encyclopedia Britannica’s just retired print edition, Bob Stein of if:book has posted a few drawings he and then-Atari Chief Scientist Alan Kay made 30 years ago, imagining a future similar to today, with people using what they called the Intelligent Encyclopedia.

The most interesting thing for me today about these images is that although we foresaw that people would be accessing information wirelessly (notice the little antenna on the device in the “tide pool” image, we completely missed the most important aspect of the network – that it was going to connect people to other people.


Iconographic encyclopaedia of science, literature, and art. ; by Heck, J. G. (Johann Georg), -185- Baird, Spencer Fullerton, 1823-1887 on Flickr.

Publication info New York,R. Garrigue,1852.
BHL Collections:
Smithsonian Libraries
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