Me & Cinderella

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Summary: The reader always knew Dean Winchester was the one. But when her college quarterback boyfriend gets considered for the pros, they let each other drift apart so he could go after his dream. Seven years later, Dean realizes just what happened all those years ago…

Pairing: Football Player!Dean x reader

Word Count: 8,500ish

Warnings: language, angst, self-depreciation

A/N: Thank you to @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday for giving me the inspiration for this story! Written in split POV between Dean and the reader…

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Tarot in Under 5 Minutes with Wonder

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Hello, Saplings!

What is Tarot You Ask?

This is a question that gets asked a lot.  The simple answer is that they are a set of cards that can be used for divinatory methods. Fortune-telling and (especially in Europe) in certain playing card games.

Tarot cards are all structured the same.  Traditionally a pack of 78 cards with four suits, called the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana suits are typically swords, cups (or chalices), coins (or pentacles), wands (or batons.)  Decks also include a permanent suit of trumps, given the name of Major Arcana.  Themes and what are included in the imagery of the deck are up to the creator.

But, Wonder, How Can We Use Tarot?

Tarot first and foremost was a card game.  It can still be used as such today.  The next phase of the journey for Tarot was individuals using them to make predictions about the future.  As the years have gone by Tarot has evolved into a tool that really anyone can use.  For meditation and spiritual enlightenment.  It can be utilized to help deal with traumatic events and psychological issues.  But for me the Tarot is a tool that can be used to help guide people along their life path.  Some decisions are hard, and sometimes we need help making those choices.  The Tarot can also be a friend that I seek out during certain times.  Are Tarot cards just cardboard with pictures on them?  Yes.  But they can be so much more.

How To “Read” Tarot

Reading the cards is an art form.  No matter what way you choose to do it.  Whether it be straight from the images on the cards (intuitively) or straight from that “little white book”, or a little of both.  No one way is better.  Whatever works for you is what works for you.  No two readers are the same, so embrace your uniqueness and find your way.  That includes whether you read reversals or not.  That is also up to you the reader.  Some people and some don’t.  For me reversals add a little something extra to every reading.  It adds spice to an already tasty dish.

Ways to Read Tarot
(Using a Tarot Spread)

Tarot readers typically lay out the cards in a predetermined pattern called a spread.  Each position in the spread is assigned a particular meaning, and the card falling in that location is interpreted in the context of the meaning attributed to that spot in the layout.  There a lot of spreads out there.  I mean a lot.  All you have to do is search a little on the internet or any book on Tarot will have spreads somewhere.  You can also if you are called to can make your own spreads.  That can be something to explore as well.   It can be hard at first to know what spread to use or what spread to not use.  That will come to you in time and with practice.  Myself, I usually don’t even really use a “spread”.  I lay out as many cards as I am called to and then I go from there.  Not everyone is like me though.  So I encourage you to try spreads out, see what you like, see what you’re comfortable with.  Then practice, practice and more practice.  With Tarot we are all forever students.  I like that about it, because it will never get boring.  There is always something new to explore.  

What’s My Opinion of Tarot?

I love Tarot cards.  I love the artwork on each card.  How just one look can take me to a different place where anything is possible.  They are a friend when I need them and they help me get through things.  They also help me help others.  What really does it for me with Tarot is when I can help someone with whatever is troubling them.  Help them find guidance and find their way back to their path.  If you have an interest in Tarot please go for it.  Whether they are a lifelong friend or just an acquaintance you see once in awhile, the cards will benefit your life.    

Now go out and get your hands on some cards!!!  

WHC Member, Selcouth, Empath, Tarot Extraordinaire

first kiss (4/4) 💞

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your first kiss with tom was definitely not planned by any means; you two had been friends for a long time and were out one night celebrating him wrapping up chaos walking. you two had definitely had a few drinks to toast to the celebration (cue the many pics of this boy with champagne) and the bubbly liquid was definitely bringing out a more confident and giggly state in both of you. tom had looked at you for a moment before deciding ‘screw it’ and leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. it threw you off for a moment, but the fireworks going off in your chest were enough to recognize over the intoxicated state the rest of your body was in. afterwards, he intertwined your hands and they stayed like that the rest of the night. the next morning, he’d walk into your room, as you were conveniently staying at the montreal house for the time being, and sit on the edge of your bed. “so, i definitely remember what happened last night, and i understand if you don’t feel the same way and-” “why else would i have kissed you back, you dork?”

on the other hand your first kiss with haz was oh so very planned by him. it was no secret to everyone that he was head over heels for you, but boy you were the only one to be oblivious to this, and that’s what made him so nervous. he didn’t want to come straight out and say it if you didn’t reciprocate those feelings, but he also felt like he had to shoot his shot. and the other boys agreed. one evening out on the town, after leaving dinner, the other boys hurried ahead and left you and haz behind. beforehand, tom had given him multiple pep talks and encouraging shoulder pats in an attempt to urge his best friend to finally make a move. while you two were walking, you’d wrap your arms around yourself in an attempt to warm yourself up and haz definitely noticed this. automatically, he’d offer you his hoodie with no hesitation and shrug it off. after handing it to you, you’d happily take it before pulling it over your frame. and boy was he in awe of the way you looked in that hoodie. although tom had helped him come up with a 6 step plan on kissing you, he couldn’t help himself; he stopped walking and reached for your hand before pulling you into him and cupping your face and softly kissing you. it didn’t take long for you to melt into the kiss, and you two may or may not have got so caught up in it, it gave enough time for harry to snap a few pics to commemorate the moment.

sweet little sam was probably the most nerve-wracked of them all. he liked to think he had game with others in the past, but as soon as you came into his life, he suddenly felt like he had forgotten to even breathe around you. you guys had gone on a few dates, but there hadn’t been anything more than a few forehead kisses, hand holding, and hugs at the end of your nights together. this time, you two were curled up on his living room couch, a rerun of your favorite sitcom displayed and bringing out various laughter from you two. he couldn’t help letting his eyes wander down to you every so often and admire how focused you were on the show, and how you could practically recite every line. he loved how it felt to have your head rested on his chest and your hand rested next to it, fingertips occasionally tracing patterns. oh how bad he wanted to kiss you. but he couldn’t give himself that boost that he needed. he couldn’t help but go over numerous scenarios of it going wrong. you noticed he went quiet for awhile and looked up at him only to see his face covered in a concentrated look. “you alright there, sammy?” he’d let out a groan before looking down at you. “ireallywanttokissyoubutidon’tknowifyouwanttokissme,” he’d ramble out. without a second thought, you’d lean up and peck his lips. you’d pull away only to see his eyes gently shut and his lips still parted. as he opened his eyes, he’d try and fight the smile creeping onto his face. “did you just-” “can we do it again?” and that time he wouldn’t hesitate; he’d bring a hand to rest on your waist and another underneath your cheek, his thumb rubbing over your jawline before leaning in again.

please let me date harry for just this reason. per haz and harry’s requests, they wanted you to join them on a photoshoot. you weren’t sure why at first, but harry had insisted that you were perfect for the job. without questioning him any further, you’d show up to the location and instantly be greeted by harry’s arms reaching for a hug to which you both gained redness in your cheeks from. after listening to numerous comments by harrison about how, “the lovebirds need to hurry the fuck up,” to which you both would blush even more, you’d start setting up. you’d spend most of the time following harry’s orders, you and haz being nothing more than his own personal models as he directed you in different poses and into different lighting areas. towards the end, he’d call you over to show you some shots he got of you. “this is my favorite,” he’d confess while pointing to a solo shot of you laughing at something he had said off camera. “why’s that?” you’d ask innocently, peering up at him. he’d look down at you and instantly feel that rush he got whenever you even spoke around him. he was suddenly also aware of how close you were standing to him and how he could softly feel your breath on his lips when you talked and he wasn’t sure what came over him, but he couldn’t help himself when he used his free hand to cup your cheek and lean into you. as soon as you felt his lips on yours, you were surprised but couldn’t help relaxing into it despite the thousands of butterflies spreading through your body. he’d pull away, his hand still on your cheek, when harrison yelled, “oi, you two, s’about fucking time”

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so, another year has come and gone (well, nearly!) and it’s now time for my annual follow forever that includes a lot of amazing, spectacular, and long-known friends as well as blogs that i couldn’t imagine my dashboard being without. i love all of the blogs that i follow, but i have bolded some blogs that i am particularly fond of this year. even if you aren’t on this list, though,  know that i value you and enjoy your companionship and mutual followship. 

2017 was an oddly stagnant, but transformative year for me. i graduated from college. i began dating the love of my life. i asked the love of my life to marry me and she actually said yes. i had my first “big boy” office job, even though it ended up being temporary. i crossed the five year line of being on testosterone. i got a new car…. after getting into my first car accident ever, but still. i even lost some weight and started taking my ADHD seriously. i turned twenty FOUR this year. 

through all of it, y’all have been here to offer me reassurance, guidance, and “matt, you done fucked up”ance among other advice and words of encouragement. i’ve been on tumblr since 2008 and while there are more than a few problems with this so-called “hell site,” it’s still something i’m glad i signed up for nearly a decade ago. 

with all of that said, i wish each and every one of you happy holidays, a strikingly smooth transition into the winter season, and a bright and joyous new year and rest of 2018. 

season’s greetings!

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if a discourse encourages people to be actually afraid or scared about interacting with “other cultures” based simply on how “it would look” to others then like isnt that literally encouraging literal xenophobia


Secret admirer!Hoseok

Part 13


(It’s going to be a bit long, so if you feel like, you can skip to the scenario! ^^)

Hello beautiful Sunshines! ♥ I’m late again, I know! I’m really sorry, I didn’t think that after uploading the previous part, my oral exams and the preparation for them would take all of my time, and after I finished, I had so much school project I couldn’t see the top of it! T.T But now I’m finally here with the new part, it’s maybe uncommon, because I’ve changed to an other app, because the old one was very tiring to use, it lasted forever to make a conversation, but I hope you don’t mind it. Please take care and eat well! ♥

(Also if you’re interested in a little personal stuff, you can keep on reading the author’s note~)

The other thing I was barely active is that our school has annually a special day, when the classes compete with each other; there are forehand, inside and outside tasks we have to do, and the forehand tasks are always mock-ups and in these times the whole class is in the school from 7 am to 9 pm and making it. So yeah, I was in school all day, and when I arrived home, I was knocked out! x.x But it worth it, because after winning the previous two year’s event, WE’VE WON THIS AS WELL!! And there is a so called “rule” in our school that says if a class win three times, they’ll get the goblet forever and their names will be written on it. And in 55 years there was only one class except for us (about in the 90′s) that has won it three times. So I’m very happy atm! ^^ I’m very thankful if you’ve read this personal part as well, but now… LET’S THE STORY BEGIN!

Scenario [antecedent]:

“It’s really not necessary, guys!” you told them hesitantly.

“Oh, it is!” Namjoon’s voice could be heard behind you; his hands were on your shoulders to encourage you to walk forward.

“I really don’t know…” a sigh left your mouth.

“Hey, [Y/N]! Why do you hesitate?” Jimin turned back to look at you. You didn’t answer, just sighed. He was right; there was nothing you had to be afraid of. You’ve already told your parents that you’ll be late and they’re not the type of being mad about it.

“It’ll be okay, darling” the boy’s soft voice behind you made you relax a bit. “Believe me, the only thing he would be the most happy about at the moment is You.”

“Did you learn the cheesiness from him?” you chuckled as you heartened up a bit. The boy just laughed it off.

“Maybe” he added as he squeezed your shoulders gently to release the tense in your muscles. “Inhale, we’re almost there!”

“Oh my…” you sighed and you felt your heart beat faster inside your chest.

“Chill, darling” he giggled. The boys stopped in front of an average sized house, which looked pretty lovely. It didn’t take too long until a kind looking woman opened the door and greeted everybody. All of you entered the house, while Namjoon was pushing you from behind to encourage you inside. At the door, the woman – assuming Hoseok’s mother – gazed at you curiously. You immediately bowed.

“Good afternoon! My name is [Y/L/N] [Y/F/N]!”

“She’s a little surprise for our Hobi!” Namjoon explained that made the woman chuckle.

“I’m sorry for the bother!” you bowed again in a nineteen degree angle.

“Shush, you’re not a bother!” the boy hushed you.

“I’m happy to meet you!” Hoseok’s mother greeted you as well with a smile that made you sigh in relief.

Stepping inside the house, you looked around with amazement. It was very cozy and sunny. Before you could study the place more, a little fluffy creature ran up to you.

“Hello there!” you crouched down to greet the little dog as well. You couldn’t help, but pat it. “What’s the name?” you asked.

“Mickey!” Hoseok’s voice could be heard from upstairs. “Why did you leave me alone~?” you let out a big breath; for a moment you thought he knows that you’re here.

“The name is Mickey, by the way” Seokjin grinned at you while you stood up.

“It’s very lovely” you giggled as you followed them towards the stairs. Your heart pounded as you got closer to him with every step. The door was already open, and the others walked in with no difficulties, but as soon as you reached the doorway, the butterflies in your stomach began to fly. He couldn’t see you; you were in the middle of the group.

“Why are you all standing in the doorway?” Hoseok asked kindly. His voice was music to your ears.

“We have a present for you~” Jimin exclaimed.

“A present?”

“Yeah, a present!” they nodded then all of them stepped away, so you could be seen. You were standing there still, not knowing what to do or say. Hoseok’s face was surprised, but immediately changed to a happy expression as he greeted you.

“Sunshine!” he cheered.

“H-hey!” and then awkward silence.

“Okay! Because we haven’t got much time, we’ll be downstairs. Your mom told she’ll make a cake for us, so… we shouldn’t disappoint her” Taehyung turned around as well as the others did and they left the room.

“Hey! Leave us some, too!” Hoseok yelled after them then looked at you with a wide smile. You were a bit embarrassed, so after a few seconds you gazed at the floor. “Sunshine!”

“Yeah?” jerking up your head your eyes meet his worried look.

“Did they force you to come here? Did they threaten you or something?”

“What?” your eyes widened and you began to shook your head. “They didn’t do anything wrong. They’re very kind actually.”

“Good then” a bright smile appeared on the boy’s face. “It means that you came here willingly.”

“Well… it was their plan but yes, I did” a slight pink blush appeared on your cheeks.

“Um… don’t you want to sit down?” he patted the mattress beside him. “I mean you can sit down on the wheelchair if you want.”

“It’s okay” you walked there and took a seat on the bed next to him. It was a bit awkward at first. Texting through the phone was much easier; you had time to think about your answers and reactions, but now every little thing you felt was written on your face. You could barely hide anything. You felt him staring at you which caused your heart beat faster than it should. This was the time, you pointed out the little, empty lunch-box on the table in front of the bed. A soft smile appeared on your face as you turned to him.

“Was it delicious?”

“Hm?” he frowned as he tried to follow your gaze to the table, and when he saw it, he made a little ‘oh’ sound. “It was the most delicious meal I’ve ever have” a laugh left his mouth.

“I’m glad!” you cheered as you took out the lunch-box you brought from your backpack. “I made some today as well!”

“Yay!” and if it were planned, his stomach began to growl. He put his hands immediately on it and looked a bit embarrassed. “Sorry, I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Then it’s the best time to do it!” handing the box to him you smiled reassuringly.

“I don’t want to be impolite” he shook his head as he rejected taking the meal.

“It’s not impolite at all, Hoseok. Just take it, please” a sad look appeared on your face as you tried to convince him. You were still worried if he was okay and fine. Seeing your facial expression he sighed and grabbed the little box, opening it. His eyes lit up as he saw all of the things that was inside.

“I have no chopsticks” he gazed at you. And if you read his mind, you handed over the cutlery after a quick search.

“Sorry, it’s what I usually use in the canteen, but I always wash it well after every eating.”

“Thank you, Sunshine!” he grinned at you while taking the chopsticks in his hand and begin the meal. “Oh, God, it’s so delicious!” he groaned as he chewed on the first bites. You only smiled at the sight of him. His face looked better than it was before; not that he wasn’t handsome, but the dark circles under his eyes almost disappeared and his beautifully tanned skin tone returned, banishing the paleness. You were happy. You were happy to see him, to see he’s eating and that he’s fine. You were so zoned out that you didn’t noticed him gazing at you with a curious look.

“What?” he asked. You only shook your head.

“It’s just good to see that your face is getting its colour back” you smiled widely but then your expression softened. “It’s just good to see you in general.”

A big smile spread across Hoseok’s face. You felt your cheeks heated up and the fact that he reached out for your hand and grabbed it gently, didn’t help at all. It was so pleasant; his soft and warm palm against your cold fingers. A great combo. He squeezed them as to the purpose to warm them up and he didn’t let go of them after it. You didn’t ask him to, it felt just so right. Like that, holding your hand with one of his, was a bit difficult to eat, but he made it. Silence took place in the room in the next few minutes. When Hoseok finished his meal, he put the box aside and gazed at you still holding your hand.

“How is your ankle?” you broke the silence.

“Better, actually.” he looked at the said body part then back at you to meet the worried look of your eyes. “Sunshine, I know you’re worrying, but please try to not think about it.” a little sigh left his mouth. “Sorry… it’s a stupid ask. But I’m totally okay, I promise. I know, I was an idiot for what I did; not taking care of my health and making everyone around me worried, but it won’t happen again and…” you saw on his face that he felt very uncomfortable, so you gently squeezed his hand to stop him.

“It’s all fine now, Hoseok. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. I’m happy that you changed your mind.” sighing in relief, the boy began to caress your hand with his thumb.

“I only want to tell you, that I’m so thankful to you. When you didn’t give up on coming to help me on that evening made me realize that there are people who cares about me and stupid thoughts shouldn’t take over my mind.” he finally gazed up from your hands to look in your eyes. “And maybe I’m cheesy, but you’re truly my Sunshine. Every time you appear, I can see things million times brighter and my mind clear.”

“So cheesy~” you scoffed trying to hide the blush on your face, but couldn’t resist the chuckle that escaped your lips. “But I kinda like it.” He gazed at you with his goofy smile that never left his face.

“I’m so happy, you’re here.” the boy pulled your hand in his lap and started to caress the top of it with his soft fingers.

“I’m happy, too” you stared at him, at his beautiful face as his eyes was resting on your hands in his lap, intertwining your fingers with his owns, playing with them or just caressing your palm. Hoseok never let go of it, nor when you talked, nor when you laughed and nor even when you had to go.

A wide grin spread across your face on the whole way home. Your heart was still pounding, your cheeks were flushed and you still could feel the gentle touch of his fingers on your skin. At the end of the day you were very thankful that you visited him.

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picole-de-coca-cola  asked:

OMG your Soriel fankid is so cute ❤❤

Aww geez, I didn’t think you guys would like him so much!! Well, his name is Tan, and he’s a hybrid skeleton monster/ whatever monster Toriel is (which I kinda headcanon as a bipedal goat/capybara/lop-eared rabbit kinda monster)

I kinda figure it would take Sans a WHILE to warm up to the thought of having a kid, marriage was already a big step for the guy, hell living on the surface on a somewhat linear timeline is already odd. But Sans is a grown man, with a big support group now, and I figure once he gets on regular antidepressants and figures out how to control his symptoms that he would take on hobbies like cooking and stuff, encouraged by Toriel ya know? I’m a sucker for slice of life stuff what can i tell you ^^’ 

And I don’t think Toriel would really think about have another kid for a bit either, but once Frisk’s like 16-17 years old i think she starts to like the thought of it. And well, a kid doesn’t sound like a terrible idea to Sans, he would like to settle down, and with Toriel helping him he starts to like the idea.

I headcanon that monster babies are very small?? I feel like Frisk would be afraid to hold him almost because he’s just TINY. He’s also kinda noisy

Toriel and Sans are going to be older parents but being older parents I don’t think would be too odd, and with how monsters age being a big ???? i think it would be just fine.

He takes a lot of naps and is kinda lazy, and he’s kinda tired of puns because of just HOW constantly he hears them, but whe it comes down to the wire he’s a seasoned master of them. It doesn’t take long for him to get taller than sans, he’s a pretty healthy kid. Technically he’s also Frisk’s half-brother but the age between them is a lot, when he’s about 9, Frisk will be around 26 or so, and Frisk babysits him from time to time, they get along pretty well and Tan often brags about having a human sibling. Tan looks up a LOT to Papyrus and Papyrus is his favroite uncle, though Papyrus is simultanously impressed and appalled by his expertise in puns. 

I like the thought of monsters starting off with they/them pronouns and choosing to change them if they want to later, and Tan started off as “Tara” but later chose he/him pronouns and the name Tan. Sans jokes about him having his mother’s ability to come up with names because his name is just a combination of Sans and Toriel’s name but he SWEARS it’s not.

Thank you for listening to my ramble *runs and hides*

-Mod Avery

Perchance to dream


A prompt by the lovely @raven-brings-light

It had been an exhausting day and Loki couldn’t help yawning as he tucked himself under the covers. Thor had challenged him to climb Skarstind with him and he just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Come, brother, you can’t always stay in and read books,” he urged Loki as he grabbed a book from the pile on the table trying to read it, until he realized he was holding it upside down and tossed it away. “You’ve grown pale.”

“I’m always pale,” Loki quipped licking his finger as he shuffled through the pages of “King Bor: Sustaining peace in the Nine Realms”, a thick dusty volume that no one was interested in during those days of prosperity, no one but Loki. In fact he had decided to read all the books in the palace library. Every single one of them. He’d take his time, he had all the time in the world, after all there wasn’t much a 1400 year old Asgardian prince, who was second in line of succession, was expected to do. Or so he thought.

Because Thor was now distracting him from his precious reading time. It seemed urgent. He was even leaning on Loki’s chair from behind, both hands on the chair ears, shaking Loki with it.

“Come ONNNNN,” Thor roared as his voice echoed in the empty hallways of the library. A solitary reader holding a pince-nez in front of his wrinkled squinty eyes raised his head and blinked in disdain at the two young princes. “Shhhhh!”

Thor leaned over his ear as a long strand of hair brushed lightly over Loki’s cheek like the wing of a bird made of pure gold.

“See? We’re disturbing that nice old fellow over there,” he murmured pointing at the man. “You don’t want us to make any fuss, do you?”

You are disturbing him, not me,” Loki said coldly as he turned another page, unyielding.

Thor sighed and left Loki’s chair to sit on the reading table right in front of him, entwining his fingers on his lap. He looked stunning and so much like father, Loki thought, even if he didn’t have his beard yet.

“Loki. Look. I can’t do this alone.”

“Why not.”

“I need you with me, brother!” he pleaded. “I need company. I need someone to gaze at the dawn with me while…”

“The dawn?! We’re going to have to wake up in the middle of the night if we are to catch the daybreak on the top of Skarstind!”

“Well, we could go now, make camp for the night and wake up when the sun comes out.”

“Why don’t you take your friends with you?” Loki murmured turning another page. His face was calm but a slight wrinkle appeared between his brows.

Thor scoffed. “My friends? Hogun has joined his father hunting in the forest, they won’t be back for two days. Fandral is meeting a girl tonight. Or two. Or… did he say it was three girls? Oh well. And Volstagg is… well he is…”

Loki raised his gaze from the book, keeping a straight face as slight mockery was about to reach his eyes; he knew what Volstagg had been up to, it was the talk of the court.

Thor scratched his head in embarrassment for his mighty ginger friend. “Well Volstagg is helping the servants with house cleaning. His mother said he will be doing this for a week as punishment for sneaking into the kitchen and eating alone the whole stuffed boar they were having for dinner last night.”

“I thought Volstagg was a grown man,” Loki blinked, baffled.

“Well he still lives with his mother. It’s her cooking, he can’t live without it.”

Loki tried hard not to laugh; Thor’s friends were always laughable but he wouldn’t let his brother know. He wouldn’t hurt Thor, no matter how many times his friends hurt Loki.

“How about Sif? She’s always an eager candidate to join you in your adventures, isn’t she? Much too eager these days…”

Loki said that in one breath going back to his reading, avoiding Thor’s eyes. His tone was light, teasing Thor like he always did for the constant admiration he got from girls, still there was a trace of contempt and bitterness as Loki tried hard to keep his lips from frowning. The smile he forced didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Thor sighed. “It’s not Sif I want with me on the mountain. It’s you. So are you coming or not?”

Loki’s heart leapt a bit. If Thor had found yet another excuse why Sif couldn’t come, thus making Loki the only candidate to join him on his climbing adventure, he would be able to dismiss Thor saying he didn’t want to be someone’s “last resort”. Or he could just lie like always, saying he had lots of reading to do, and then spend the rest of his day wallowing in the fact that his brother only remembered him when his new friends weren’t available, going over the same dusty page over and over again, eyes stinging but never letting go because it was enough for him to drink the bitter cup of pride again and again until the day was done and he went back to his lonely chamber.

“You could have just said you wanted me all along instead of mentioning why your friends can’t join you,” Loki sighed impatiently as he closed his book with a thud, a thin cloud of dust filling with tiny sparkles the sunbeam that was crossing the room from the large stained glass window behind them.

“Well you asked about them, didn’t you?” Thor grinned and turned. “I just answered that question.” Loki swore he could punch him in his self-satisfied face if he wasn’t afraid he might break his knuckles on Thor’s jaw.

Why did Thor always get his way? And why did he let him.

With soft movements Loki made himself comfortable under the covers trying not to wake his brother who was sleeping like a babe next to him. There should be two beds in this room, two beds. Thor and Loki had been sharing a chamber ever since Thor was old enough to protect his baby brother and keep him company; Frigga insisted on the boys being raised together, doing everything together. But on Thor’s 1400th birthday Odin ordered the servants to prepare a room for Loki. “They’re old enough to have separate chambers now,” the All-Father commanded as Loki’s bed was being moved to another room at the other end of the palace, “they’re not babies anymore.” It’s not like they didn’t have enough beds in the palace. It was a symbolic act, Odin wanted to make sure Loki got the message of not clinging to Thor anymore. Frigga protested because Loki was obviously still in need of company and support seeing that he had no other friends but Thor. Ironically, it was on that evening during the birthday celebration that Odin introduced Hogun and Fandral to Thor, both of them first born sons of Asgardian and Vanaheimian aristocracy. As a child Sif had always joined the boys in their games but now she was introduced in her satin tunic, with a hairdo that revealed her neck and a few long curls falling down her back like black snakes, all dressed up like a proper princess; her role wasn’t that of a playing companion anymore. Thor and Loki’s carefree days of games and studying together were over. Thor was meant to take the throne with a queen on his side, and his upbringing would change radically. He would now focus on sparring sessions, training all day long with the master at arms and his new friends. There was no time for daydreaming and childlike adventures, and certainly no time for Loki. Thor had to grow up.

200 years had passed since then, Thor was now 1600 years old but Loki couldn’t bring himself to forget that day.

He just couldn’t sleep, his back was aching from carrying his heavy sack up that hill all day long, his thighs and glutes burning from the strain. The dawn Thor promised him was indeed glorious, with bright golden and violet colours filling the sky, and Loki surely enjoyed watching his brother giving names to snakes and beetles they’d find on the slope. They sat on the ground to rest before reaching the peak and enjoyed the view. It was indeed magnificent.

But now there was nothing left in Loki’s body but pain, a pain that wouldn’t let him sleep. He turned to see his brother’s serene face, his calm breathing. Loki smirked thinking about father. “That day” Odin had forbidden them to sleep together but Thor whispered that father’s rules were the rules of an old fool, and Loki was still the best conversationalist he knew. The best mate. Loki would always listen to his dreams and fears about becoming king, and give him good advice. But whenever Thor asked Loki what he wanted to do when he grew up, Loki remained silent. He would either change the subject or tease Thor for wanting to be king at such a young age.

Thor would tease him back, mentioning the ladies-in-waiting at the court who would giggle whenever Loki walked by them. Thor was too used to be the center of attention and was a bit shocked to notice that his shy studious brother had his own admirers as well. To be honest, Thor thought, Loki wasn’t so bad, was he? He was rather easy on the eyes. Whenever Thor’s baffled gaze traveled from the girls back to his brother he wondered who Loki had taken after seeing that his hair was so dark compared to their parents’. And that was what always fascinated Thor, how different Loki was. From all of them. Maybe the girls saw that in him, the lanky introverted raven-haired prince with the big blue eyes and the coy smile, so different from the golden-maned heir to the throne with the broad shoulders. Thor had caught himself staring at the corners of Loki’s mouth for a bit too long, more times than he could remember. Things had changed a lot since they were kids and sharing a chamber. Thor had grown, and so did Loki, in a way Thor couldn’t fathom. He just couldn’t understand what was so thrilling about the way Loki looked at him these days.

And the way he smiled whenever Thor was around.

That smile.

Still he was the big brother, sworn to protect and guide his younger sibling. As as soon as he got used to the idea that the ladies fancied Loki as well he was eager to encourage him to court them, although he didn’t quite know how to do that. He could do it himself, but he couldn’t teach it to someone else. So his encouragement always sounded more like teasing, and that made Loki even shyer, turning the other way whenever the girls caught his eye.

But Loki didn’t turn his eyes now. Instead his gaze traveled from Thor’s hair to his naked arm, to the curve of his covered hips. Thor, as if sensing his brother’s eyes upon him in his sleep, shifted his weight and turned on his back. Loki was startled, afraid that Thor might suddenly wake up, but his brother was too deep in the realm of dreams to notice his presence. What was it that mother said the other day? “Know a man’s dreams is knowing him.” But what was there to know about Thor? Loki knew everything about him, Thor always made sure his thoughts were spoken out loud and his intentions plain as day.

Among other things Frigga had taught Loki to read minds; that was one of many magic tricks she was teaching him when Odin wasn’t looking. “I won’t let you pass your days idly for the rest of your life,” she had stated, “You may never be king but I can make you the greatest magician on Asgard.”

Soon Odin found out about their lessons but he was too busy preparing Thor to be king, traveling with him to all Nine Realms to show him the kingdoms he would rule, so he didn’t take the time to stop Frigga from taking Loki under her wing.

Making illusions of himself and other objects or animals was a fun thing to do, and Loki was very proud of his skills but he quickly got bored. Reading people’s minds was much more enjoyable. Soon enough he was teasing the servant boys telling them to put back the things they had stolen but Frigga advised him against that; people should never know his strengths, they should never know he had the advantage. Laying low was the thing to do if he wanted to get what he wanted.

He hesitated before placing his hand on Thor’s forehead. He just didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, or what Thor’s dreams might show him. Did he really want to know? Or better, did Thor have anything of value in that thick skull of his but dreams of battle, conquest, triumph and ruling? And probably a load of half-naked girls waiting for him on his bed, eager to please. Surely his brother had changed since they shared a room and Loki didn’t want one more proof of the different paths they had taken.

Still, he was curious. He removed a few strands from Thor’s face, tracing his lean chin with his finger, almost touching the tip of his lip. Thor gave a faint smile and Loki’s breath hitched. He didn’t move a muscle before making sure his brother was still sleeping. As Thor’s face relaxed Loki placed his fingertips on his forehead, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

A bright flash of lightning crossed Loki’s mind like a dagger made of pure light, slashing  through his thoughts, cutting him open, blinding him. He gnashed his teeth trying not to scream. It was so much easier when he was doing it with mother, her thoughts were always soft and smooth and welcoming like warm waves or pillowy clouds. But now Loki was feeling as if he was entering a forbidden room, like Thor had closed the door right on his face, slamming down heavy bars to keep everyone out. This was not a place that welcomed strangers.

“I’m no stranger, brother, let me in.” Loki thought, trying to focus on the center of Thor’s sleeping mind.

His mind-reading ability was still bouncing back, finding obstacles, making his spirit suffer. The more Loki tried the harder the light got until he remembered mother’s advice to take a deep breath and relax. Soon the light grew softer, dimmer, and melted away like a waterfall of sparkles making way for him to enter Thor’s mind.

The room was dimly lit by the setting sun, light escaping the curtains that were drawn over the windows. It was Thor’s room but it looked… bigger. With walls and pillars reaching the sky and everything bathing in an eerie golden light. As Loki walked on, he touched the furniture and it felt… soft. Smoother than ever, like velvet made of water. The colours that were being projected on the floor by the stained glass didn’t have names anymore, they weren’t “blue”, or “yellow”, or “red”. They were notes. They were music. Loki tried to remember what tune they played but the more he tried to listen the more the music faded away, giving way to different sounds coming from a different place in the dream. It was the echo of a young man sighing.

Loki’s spirit walked slowly towards the sound. The more he approached the clearer it was to him that it was Thor whose breath hitched from time to time as he whimpered and moaned. But it wasn’t just Thor’s breathing that Loki’s spirit could hear, there was another sound, softer, wetter, like the sound of a hungry creature, lapping.

Loki heard his own voice.

It sounded as if Thor was hurt, or wanting, and the Loki in the dream was soothing him, guiding him, encouraging him.

“Do you like it like that?” Loki heard himself whisper in a gentle voice he never knew he had. “Do you like what I’m doing?”

YES…” Thor gasped impatiently. “Please, Loki…”

“I can’t hear you, brother…” Loki was teasing, taunting him, but there was something more in his voice, something warm and dark and lustful.

“Please. Please do it,” Thor begged.

Loki had never heard his brother beg before.

“Do what?”

“Put it back in your mouth.”

Loki’s spirit stopped as he realized what his dream self was doing to his big brother, making him plead like a defenseless little boy. As he walked around a column to face the visions of Thor’s dream he stood in shock.

There he was sitting on his heels, his dream self, half-naked, with his breeches in a bundle around his knees, with his short black hair all messed up by Thor’s hand that was pushing him back on his hard-on like it was the most important, the most urgent thing in the world, like his life depended on it. Loki had seen Thor’s penis before but never erected like that. They would go swimming together in sunlit lakes or hot springs in subterranean caves when the weather was too cold, but when they were kids Loki could never imagine how… How big Thor could get.

And Thor looked glorious in his godly nudity, his naked skin shining like the sun, his warrior body like soft marble.

“And what else?…” his dream self cooed playing gently with Thor’s testicles. “What else, brother? Tell me.”

“Oh no, not that, Loki.”

“You’re going to love it, I promise.”

“If you dare put your finger inside me-“

“Then I’ll let you ride me,” Loki quipped still stroking Thor’s manhood, teasing the tip with little licks in between sentences, his big eyes wet with longing. “I’ll let you fuck me fast and hard just the way you like it. Just the way you fuck those girls.”

Thor covered his face with his hand trying to process what Loki had just told him. “Ugh… I want… But if you hurt me…”

“Oh I’d never hurt you, brother,” Loki smiled.

He took Thor’s silence as consent and he proceeded to put his middle finger in his mouth, licking it like the sweetest candy, then pulled it out to push it gently between Thor’s butt cheeks.

“Scoot forward,” Loki urged him. “Open your legs.”

Thor complied with a groan of defeat. And as Loki’s dream self swallowed him whole with one breath, taking him all in like a sheathe welcoming its blade, Thor cried out with bliss and grabbed Loki by the hair once more.

Loki’s spirit was speechless. He couldn’t process what he was seeing. He couldn’t believe those were Thor’s inner thoughts and secret desires. He closed his eyes as he felt his own young member hardening in his breeches, making it so painful, and he knew the hard on was happening in the real world as well as he was lying next to Thor with his hand on his forehead. He was hoping Thor wouldn’t wake up before he could get out of his mind.

But he didn’t want to get out of this dream. Not yet. Not ever.

When he opened his eyes again Thor was whimpering with bliss as his dream self was pushing his middle finger again and again in his brother’s virgin hole while he sucked him with the same rhythm. With each push Thor would cry out, with each shove Loki would bury his member deeper into his throat. He then pulled back and sat on all fours, stroking Thor’s manhood as he reached for his crack with his tongue, making it wet again.

Thor’s breathing got faster as Loki went back to sucking him more violently this time, his head going up and down in Thor’s lap at a frantic pace as he grabbed his brother’s hip with one hand to steady him.

“Oh… brother, this… this is it,” Thor breathed with a husky voice. “I’m-I’m going to… Oh. Don’t stop… don’t… Ah. AAAAaaah.

Thor squeezed Loki’s shoulder hard and bucked his hips forward as he came with a loud gasp, filling his brother’s mouth with his hot seed, almost choking him. And only then did Loki’s spirit realize that his dream self was jerking himself fast with his other hand, ejaculating on his hand as he let out a deep sigh. Thor closed his eyes panting as his head lolled back, and Loki held on to Thor’s knee resting his head on it, trying to catch his breath.

Loki’s spirit, still standing numb by that pillar, touched his crotch hesitantly and he almost felt his physical body lying next to Thor do the same. The sight of his dream self and his brother making love to each other and pleasuring themselves was too much to bear. And then Thor, whose hand was still lost in Loki’s dark hair, opened his eyes and looked straight at him, straight at Loki’s spirit.

Loki was terrified. He had seen him, Thor’s dream self had seen him. Suddenly he felt a violent pull at the back of his head and his navel, and the golden string of light that was connecting him with his physical body retracted like a spring, pulling him all the way out of Thor’s mind and back into the real world.

He sat right up, gasping desperately for air as his mind and body were one again and jumped right out of bed, terrified of what Thor might see in the light of the moons coming through the window, or what he might feel if his brother was too close to him. However Thor’s awakening was rather calm and peaceful. He slowly rubbed his eyes and yawned, then patted the mattress next to him looking for a presence that was no longer there, and lifted his head a little.

“Loki, what are you doing standing there?”

“I’m… I was about to… to take the pot and…”

“Hmm? Well you don’t seem to need one since you’ve already pissed yourself. Are you alright?”

Loki stared down his crotch and saw the large wet stain on his white linen breeches.

Thor blinked in disbelief, still not fully awakened. “Did you have a dream?”

“I - What? Uuuuh…” Loki was still searching for the right words. Did Thor really see him watching him in his wet dream?

“I know I did,” Thor said cheerfully as he lifted the covers to look at himself. “Look at this mess.”

Loki lowered his gaze in embarrassment as Thor got up to grab a towel from the drawers; he gathered any courage he had left and managed to form a sentence, trying to sound as indifferent as he could.  “It must have… I gather it was quite a dream, wasn’t it?”

“I have no idea,” Thor shrugged as he pushed the towel in his breeches wiping himself. “I don’t remember my dreams lately.”

“But… but surely you must remember what caused this,” Loki stuttered, pushing himself to smile like it was nothing.

“Well, if I had to guess it was probably Sif and that new girl from Vanaheim, the blonde, you know her? I’m sure if she and Sif agreed to bathe together one day they would gladly-”

Loki squeezed his eyes shut and cringed. “Did you really have to tell me? Now that image is imprinted in my brain.”

Thor chuckled as he bundled up the towel and threw it at his brother who grabbed it with a reluctant frown. “Well you asked, didn’t you?” he smirked. “I just answered your question.”

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So for silentscreams, something...NICE? Fluffy? Perhaps something with QuiObi?

Waiting patiently, Qui-Gon watched Obi-Wan inspect his now short nails on his left hand, pale eyes squinting at them before he ran his fingertips over the shortened lengths. They had become long since and had needed a trimming but the redhead had been so reluctant…

Considering the amount of torture he had gone through, perhaps not surprising but saddening all the same.

So Qui-Gon had sat quietly with him on his balcony and waited for Obi-Wan to give him his hand, gently cutting each nail to a nice rounded shape before letting him snatch his hand back.

More willingly and happily then the first time, Obi-Wan gave him his left hand now, smiling meekly in Qui-Gon’s general direction as the man took his left and started gently cutting those with the nail clipper.

Around his neck, the collar was still wrapped but for now it had a splash of silver that broke up the letters of the black metal, an addition from Plo that would temporarily at least deactivate the collar so not to cause Obi-Wan pain and it seemed to be working too from what they could tell as they researched ways to remove the collar fully from the once so strong Jedi’s neck.

It was nice to have Obi-Wan back, it soothed parts Qui-Gon thought long dead, the parts of him that used to care and tend and nurture.

Oh he had done his best by Anakin, had protected him but there were parts of his heart that never healed with the loss of his Obi-Wan.

And now he had him back.

“Do you want me to paint your nails too?” He questioned gently when he set down the nail clipper, gently stroking Obi-Wan’s left hand.

Obi-Wan made a questioning noise at that.

“Nail polish Obi-Wan… I still have some from various undercover missions.” He chuckled quietly.

Normally he didn’t think that was something to do but…

He wanted to spend time with Obi-Wan, touch him, give him kind and normal touches to normalize for Obi-Wan that this was how it should be, how people should act to him and around him.

With kindness or at least politeness.

To accept his autonomy when he said no… or well shook his head, Obi-Wan still didn’t speak.

When the other nodded, albeit slowly, Qui-Gon gently squeezed his hand before taking his cane and getting up, slipping in to find the little box with the small makeup kit.

Most of it was unusable after so long but a few of the nail polish bottles were still well sealed and therefor usable.

He brought back four of them, royal purple, gold, deep blue and a sheer pink one with glitter in it.

Carefully he gave Obi-Wan all four to look over them. “You pick which ones you want.” He encouraged and kept his smile up when Obi-Wan shot him a nervous glance as he squinted at the bottles and tried to examine them.

Slowly the redhead presented him with both the golden and purple one, looking almost frightened.

“Alright, gold and purple it is.” He murmured, taking the bottles to uncap them and slowly paint the others nail, done half purple and half gold.

As Obi-Wan once again relaxed at Qui-Gon’s open acceptance, the long haired Jedi felt a faint hope that perhaps… perhaps he could one day hear Obi-Wan speak again?

pretty   plaything
                           with a chest       full
                           of graveyard      flowers

             you were buried              long ago,
                                 but               you aren’t

                                 (                        yet )

             there are    glass    shards
                               your      eyelids
             but you      must     not cry

the world       is  already
     eager            enough
                               to make you

               (  don’t
                                                           it  )

Taylor Lautner got huge!!!

The actor seems pretty happy with his new size

A new photo of Taylor Lautner is circulating, in it the actor appears with a VERY different figure from that we all remember from his movies: HE IS AMAZINGLY HUGE, WITH A BIG BELLY AND CHEST.

Past year Taylor was involved in a fat shame controversy because he appeared in public with some extra weight, he said that he was happy with the way he looked and was surprised by the attention that that topic had got.

Taylor Lautner with extra weight in 2016

He used to be ripped

Now he still looks happy but with so much more extra weight, seems like the wolf ate the vampire (the whole clan!). The source of the photo is unknown.

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