please don’t feel like a failure because of what you haven’t accomplished yet. no matter how fast time seems to pass you by, by grace, you are right where you need to be.

Berena fic lists?

Hi! So I wanted to celebrate somehow the fandom milestone of 1000 ao3 fanfictions, and since I don’t write yet I thought I could make fic lists! I’ve already started compiling a list of every berena AU on ao3 (yes, all of them) but then it occurred to me that maybe nobody would be interested in it and I was doing it for nothing… so I thought I’d ask! 
Would you be interested in something like this? Would you like me to make other types of lists of berena fanfics? Let me know, if this post gets at least 10 notes I’m doing it! ^-^ 

why has there only been 5 female drivers enter a Grand Prix in the history of formula 1 just wondering like, people talk about how sexist the football world is but like, at least there are women’s football teams and tournaments, unlike formula 1 which has only ever had 5 women even enter, let alone qualify

redwall413  asked:

His Courtney! I love what you do, and I was wondering if I could have a star? I have the opportunity to do something huge this summer, and I really want to make the right choice for me and not mess things up. Maybe just a little star for the nervous butterflies?

Of course you can have a star! <3

Don’t worry, friend, you will make the right choice. You won’t mess things up, and you can do this. You’ve got this <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

man it’s a shame fandom can be so stifling for creators. it’s undoubtedly one of the easier way to get feedback and responses on writing (original fiction… is a community hard to break into, imo, and more frivolous and prone to moving on than fandom)–

but also so incredibly fucking cruel. there’s points when it’s understandable–when something is written in a harmful way (and ‘harmful’ is different to different people, sure–but most the time it’s 'um lol I don’t like the way this person writes this trope’ or 'this pairing sucks and these people write it and thus they suck’

no? there’s a difference between deliberately harmful/accidentally harmful and writing something I find interesting, and fandom’s good at blurring the line

so you have your average writer who probably struggles already from the average writer quality issues (I’m garbage, I suck, nothing I write is any good) and you throw on being terrified that someone’s going to hate it so much they drive you from ever creating again

SUPER embarrassing post alert. Take a look at this beauty lol.. 

This is the first picture I ever posted on tumblr. December of 2014. YIKES. It probably took me a couple of hours to draw.

Now here’s my drawing from today. June 2017, it took me about 20-30 mins? I never thought I would see this day. It’s taken so many hours, tutorials, tears, and a some victories. I still have SO MUCH I would like to improve on but I’m hoping to inspire someone today. You’ll get there, just be patient and keep at it. 

A Reminder

I know that I don’t post a lot of text post on here. Although, today I’m going to make an exception. I just wanted to make sure each and every one of you knows that you are an exceptional person and being unique is what makes you truly special in life. Being unique means you are mature and well adapted enough to take charge and pave a path for yourself that nobody has ever taken before, or choosing to go down a path that is less traveled. However, because you have found it in yourself to become a leader and take charge of yourself and your journey you are accepting all the trials and tribulations that come with it. Unfortunately, this means you are bound to run into people who will try to create obstacles or provoke you into getting off your chosen path. This can be from name calling to bullying/harassment but don’t let that bother or deter you. Do you know why? because you are stronger than them. You have managed to get this far with being bumped, bruised, and covered in the blood, sweat, and tears of what is required to pave your path. The path designed and created by you and for you, and I know you know that this journey wasn’t easy or pretty, you had to fight it tooth and nail for it. Although your path isn’t complete and it still might not be perfect it can still have flaws take pride and comfort in yourself that you have made and are still able to keep pushing till you reach your goals. As for the people who try to steer of your path. They are completely irrelivant and they do this to you because they havent found the path that they are looking for along with lacking the maturity to even start to find their own way and become indepent. Sadly, these types of people will always exist and find a way into way into you path to tear you down and blind you from your truth and your way. Just always remeber that they are not helping you in your day to day strugles,helping you stay alive, or helping your pave your path. Since these are the things that sustain you and keep you moving and they arent apart of it proves the worthlesness of giving them the time of day. Just keep moving till you reach your happy ending keeping those who push you and help you succeed. Remeber your strength is in your uniqness and dont let anyone tear you down.