I was incredibly inspired by a statement one of my Instagram followers made recently in a letter they wrote to me: “..art must be imperfect to be perfect”. When I was younger I probably would have read this statement and rolled my eyes or laughed - thinking it something people say to make themselves feel better about a performance gone not quite as they wanted. But over the years I have found this statement to be more true than I can comprehend.
We are humans living out our lives trying to be as perfect and successful as humanly….impossible. Of course it’s wonderful to have ambitions and goals, and a solid work ethic, but we lose out on a lot when those things become our only objective and we are blinded to everything else around us. Ironically, it is the people who refuse to see anything but success as acceptable that ultimately fail. What’s also interesting is that it is those failures, and imperfections in our lives and in ourselves that make other people feel like they can connect to us on a personal level. When we can connect with so many people on that kind of level, that’s when we begin to change the world for the better - and shouldn’t that be the real definition of success?
Some of you may know that I grew up crafting a lot with my hands - sewing, crocheting, knitting etc. But you many not know that many of the best artisans in the world purposely put imperfections into their work as a symbol of their craftsmanship. Art is only perfect if it is imperfect.
Thus I have gone out of my comfort zone to post a video of something that I am never entirely comfortable playing. I’m always grateful that there is an orchestra behind me during the section of the Tchaikovsky concerto because it masks the imperfections in the sound that are practically inevitable here. But since I encourage so many of you to put your own art out there no matter the level of perfection, I figure I should follow my own words and do the same.❤️
🔊Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto: Allegro Moderato

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Misono Alicein 3

“Do not let the past consume you and fill your thoughts with bad things. Do not be scared of what other people think of you. Sometimes, you’ve got to be ready for the door to be shut in your face, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Keep walking forward, one foot in front of the other, and keep on going through those open doors- don’t give up. I believe in you.” -Misono Alicein

In my Young Adult Literature class we had been having some discussions on what exactly our journey through reading has been. The overwhelming answer was that everyone had been read to by their parents, then had started reading above their grade level at a young age, and had a great English teacher who really helped hit it home that English was something they really wanted to pursue with their lives. And I sat there and listened and felt a little sad because I never had that. My experience was so different from that.

It’s not that my parents didn’t read to me, it’s just that we did verbal stories all the time, but I never sat in their lap demanding to be read to. I didn’t read fluently until 8 years old and didn’t read at grade level until 11 years old. I have hated most of my English teachers and the odds of some of them encouraging me in English were about as good as them remembering my name. 

And I was sad that I missed out on that support, that opportunity to gain advice from someone who specializes in English, but then I realized something else. I write and read because I have made it happen, because authors who have no idea who I am have encouraged me, through their stories alone, to keep going. I keep writing because although my handwriting is impossible to read and my spelling errors are a nightmare I have always had a story to tell. And I keep telling those stories with the hope that someday someone will read them and find comfort, identity, or community in them.


Life’s hard.
The world’s dark. You need light.
Who can you trust?
How can you find hope?
Where is the love?

I found it.

kpopscenoreos  asked:

Congratulations! Out of the however many months of my time on tumblr, I've only gotten 39 followers, but what really makes me happy is when truly amazing writers (like you) grow insanely fast!

Honestly? I’m like 99% sure the reason my blog grew so fast is because I made it into a request blog. I don’t think it has much to do with my writing skills. When it was only a writing blog, it was way under the radar and my fics got very few notes. When I started taking requests the blog suddenly blew up in only a month. But still, thank you for liking my writing! I have a lot of doubts so it means a lot!

Update on the bullying commenter on the Spones tag on AO3

So I found out from my friend @silvernightsky that he’s also struck again and posted another inflammatory, hate comment on their fic. So that makes the user count to 7.

Unfortunately, I have not gotten a response from the support team but the last time I sent a report, it took 5 days to respond. Today will be day 6 for me and @silvernightsky has mentioned reporting it to AO3 as well. Hopefully we’ll get an answer soon because this is why we came to AO3 for, to get rid of this shit. Also, if this turns out to be an area ff.net is better at, I’ll laugh and scream.

I just seriously don’t want this person affecting someone who actually is vulnerable.

Meanwhile, I am going to make myself a drink because I have the stuff for it right now and it’ll be nice to wind down. Who knows? I’ll finish fic? Maybe? Or something? (Though I did start on sleepy’s prompt while out shopping today I can’t wait to actually finish it because OH MAN SPOCK DON’T KNOW WHAT”S COMING AHAHAHHA.)