Ok and what if Levi is over one day, and he runs into Eren walking out of the shower with a white towel slung low over his hips, his damp hair clinging to his glistening skin.  It’s fucking SENSUAL as fuck and he grins all innocently at Levi and that makes it a million times worse.

Later that day Eren is sitting at his desk all cramped over a laptop and Levi happens to walk by the door to his office to see him stretch, the dark material lifting up over his stomach and exposing perfectly tanned skin and wiry muscle.  Levi’s eyes catch the darkly curling happy trail leading into the waistband of Eren’s tight jeans.

He barely contains a gasp and walks quickly past the door and back into Isabel’s room. 

“Dude,” Levi says, his eyes still seeing the tight expanse of muscle and honey brown skin.  “Duuuuuddde.”

“What,” Isabel says, chewing the end of her hair and staring at her phone.  

“Your dad is HOT AS FUCK,” Levi says, intensely, pushing the hair back from his face and then giving Isabel a lopsided grin.  

“Stop smiling like that you creep,” she responds, slamming a pillow into Levi’s face.  “That’s my DAD.”

“Yeah, a DILF to be more precise,” Levi gasps against the pillow.

yes, more of this.  all of it.  

Allowing yourself to mess up and be bad artistically not only gets you past a whole bunch of mental blocks that can keep you from consistently producing art, but it also allows you to tap into all these different areas of creativity within yourself. All those areas you always decide not to go because you’re afraid it won’t work, it’ll suck, it’ll come off the wrong way, it’ll be too hard. Just letting yourself go to those places sans inhibition will completely change your artistic life and allow you to be more creative than you ever were before.


We are a generation so concerned with numbers. We choose quantity over quality. We hate the numbers on the scale, and believe they define our worth as human beings. We find ourselves waiting by our phones, and constantly checking every outlet of social media to see if we have more “likes”… as if somehow, those numbers actually reflect who cares about us. All I’m saying is, if we took a step back and examined ourselves… REALLY examined our lives and asked ourselves if our actions come from a heart that is content in who God made us to be, OR from a deep desire to feel validated and accepted. All in all, my point is not to call people out, but rather, lift you all up and simply say: YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN NUMBERS.

i have literally no basis for my headcanon. like none at all. but ever since 8x07 i’ve thought that at least one half of bucklemming ships destiel and my money would be on eugenie because fuck you bob, that’s why (imagine the betrayal he’d feel)

i like to imagine her writing destiel fanfic in her little office at home.

bob comes in, ‘what’re you up to dear?’

she gets all flustered, ‘just jotting down some new episode ideas. thinking of sending them over to bradley later!’

'sounds good dear,' he says indulgently as he brings over a cup of coffee for her. 'mind if i take a look?'

in a blind panic she knocks a pot of pens on the floor, ‘oh goodness, i’m such a klutz! i was just -’ she stands up too quickly, and makes a sharp movement to take the coffee cup, but jostles it over bob’s jumper. ‘oh honey i’m so so sorry. here let’s go to the kitchen and get you cleaned up’

she steers him towards the door and nudges him down the hall before quickly running back to her laptop and hitting save on the document that’s stopped halfway through a paragraph detailing castiel prepping dean’s entrance with well placed fingers.

Man Flu

that-first-glance-feeling​ and I were concerned for Killian’s health - all that getting wet and all.
Which, of course, became something else entirely….

She knew there was going to be trouble when the sniffling started. His unplanned dip in the harbour and his subsequent adventures, hair and clothes still dripping, had come to their only logical conclusion.

Killian Jones had a cold.

(If she’d known, she wouldn’t have been so quick to throw an admiring glance his way when he was wet - no doubt a good look for him - because he NEVER missed that stuff. The vain idiot probably resisted towelling off for hours, knowing he looked good damp.)

She had given him an aspirin and sent him home with Kleenex and orders to keep hydrated - water, not rum - and promised to check on him the next day.

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More Stacy's Mom au there's that part in the song that goes "You know I'm not the little boy that I used to be I'm all grown up now baby can't you see" and Levi just really feels that he's older and just wants to diddle Eren but it's just his own

fantasy tho he thinks it’s for reals like he thinks Eren is giving him bedroom eyes or purposefully bending over in front of him but in reality it’s just Levi’s overactive imagination (or peeping tom!Levi like in the song too much? sorry bruh h a h)

it would be no coincidence that he always passed by the bathroom door when it was cracked open and eren was getting out of the shower or how he’d always let his eyes linger when he spent the night and saw eren walking out to the kitchen in the mornings in a pair of sweatpants hanging low on his hips

God knows what’s in your future. He knows every opportunity ahead of you. That’s why He is crossing over in front of you to make sure the right people will be there when you need them. You may think that you met someone just by accident or that it was just a coincidence. But one day you will look back. Like I did, and see how God used that person in an instrumental way to help you move closer to your divine destiny. My brother Paul and a group of surgeons were in Haiti right after the big earthquake. They were operating on many of the injured people. One day the main monitor they’d been using to keep an eye on patients oxygen levels, blood pressure and pulse rates stopped working. Without that monitor they couldn’t do any more surgeries. It was too dangerous to work without tracking patients vital signs. Paul and the other doctors put out the word that they needed a new monitor. They made phone calls and did everything they could do to make their need known, but at first they had no success. They decided to pray and ask God to give them a monitor so they could continue helping the injured people. Not long after they began praying, the administrator of the hospital, a Haitian man, came walking up. He was beaming from ear to ear, carting a brand new monitor still in the box never used. It was the exact monitor they needed. Paul and the other professionals were so amazed. “Where in the world did you find this monitor?” My brother asked. ” I was at a convention for hospital administrators in America two years ago, and everyone who attended was automatically eligible for a door prize. I won and the prize was this monitor.” Two years before the problem occurred - two years before the big earthquake - God had already provided a solution, right now, God is crossing over ahead of you. He is lining up the right people, the right supplies, and the right circumstances. He knows what you will need a week from now, a month from now, even ten years from now, and the good news is, He’s already taken care of it. Quit worrying about how it will work out. God is saying to you what He said to Joshua, “be strong and of good courage.” You have someone fighting for you. The creator of the universe is breathing in your direction. his hands of favor is upon your life. He is crossing over ahead of you. Making your crooked places straight. As long as you live a life to honour Him, God had promised nothing will be able to stand up against you.
—  Joel Osteen