Seven of Nine looks straight in your eyes. She wants you to know that even if you are socially awkward, there are people who (will) love you unconditionally. You just need more experience and you are so strong, you try to do your best and making a mistake is not the end of the world. She knows very well how to try to be perfect and not to succeed. She wants you to be more patient with yourself because hating yourself doesn’t make you perfect. You, as an individual can’t be perfect. Even if you feel like shit after social interactions, you need to know there are many things you can do, you are talented in so many ways. Seven cares about you and even if she doesn’t show her emotions in a usual way, she will always be there for you when you feel yourself imperfect.


Winter came, piercing me with cold,
And through those howling winds,
I heard your voice, calming silver,
Creeping in my soul, my heart,

So I looked beyond your gaze,
And let those cold colors into my lungs,
To find the softness of morning haze,
To feel your emotions flowing through mine,

And when the morning mists fade,
The memory of your voice will ease my pain,

Leaveing marks on my skin,
Soft shivers of cold.

10:14 / 22.11.2017

For: @eldritchpopkitsch

Why my emotions are fuckered up

1) The gay messages but nothing in supercorp
3) Sanvers breaking up
5) writers of my fav shows just fuckering with all my ships


anonymous asked:

hey, i just want to speak up about something and i feel like you’re a nice person to talk to .. i’ve tried to be optimistic through difficult situations and push my emotions away , then there’s going to be a day where i just let all my thoughts n emotions take over me . I’ve hurt myself , i thought hurting yourself is a stupid thing that i’ll never do but i just dont know what to do . I want to be that person i’ve dreamed to be but i dont know , im really trying but i know im not doing anything.

Oh boy, I don’t know about nice, but if you like honesty, then I’m here for you. If you’re sensitive
to reality and constructive criticism, I suggest you stop reading here.

If you’re saying you’re not doing anything then you’re not trying. People like to lie and sugarcoat these situations and tell you that it doesn’t matter what it is you’re dealing with if you’re just trying, because it sounds like it’s motivating you but it’s really creating this illusion for you and letting you be happy with mediocrity. Trying is subjective, often to the point that not doing anything and not letting it get to you sometimes is considered trying, but it’s only a part of it.

I don’t know how bad it gets for you but if you’ve got the correct mindset, and to me it seems like you do because you’re seeking help and you want to get better, then the hardest step is identifying and becoming self aware of what is causing your issue.

Trying to increase your emotional intelligence is difficult, but it is possible if you actively seek to. The process of getting better isn’t easy, and it’s not a 1-step process that happens overnight. You are going to have those days where you just feel crummy and crushed. One day does not define your entire process and you must remember that and not let it hinder your progress.

There are 5 parts to emotional intelligence, 3 of which are self inflicted and the other 2 are interpersonal. Those 3 are self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-motivation. The other 2 are empathy and effective relationships.

Humans aren’t born of complete rationale. We have emotions and they can often be a bias in our judgment, so we must become aware of them and why they are there in the first place.

The first part is self-awareness, becoming aware of the emotions you are feeling, feeling them and trying to pin point the cause of these emotions. Let’s say you’re at a grocery store and the line to the check out is long. Do you feel fine or do you feel nervous? The cause of not feeling nervous might be is that you’re fine with waiting your turn. If you’re feeling nervous and you’ve got a dentist appointment you’re going to miss, then it is understandable to feel that way.

When feelings blind our judgement then that can often lead to being unaware of the consequences your actions and words have. That is why it is always important to be self aware.

There are going to be days when you just don’t know where your feelings are coming from and that’s okay, you might feel happy or sad and you can really tell why, just be sure to not let that get in the way by the way of self regulation.

Self-regulation is quite well…self-explanatory. You regulate the way your decisions are made by your emotions and looking further at the consequences of when you let your negative emotions take control over you.

The last part is motivation. Motivation might be one of the most difficult, I mean, they’re all difficult but the is what gives us that drive. Self motivation is that light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m going to use driving a car as a metaphor to you and your emotional state. Imagine your car is your emotions and basically the journey you are going to go through. You, the driver, are in full control of what happens and how you get to the end of the tunnel. Being under the influence of distractions can hinder your driving and may take your eyes away from the road, the destination, and that can take you astray from your true purpose. What we sometimes don’t realize is that we put ourselves under those distractions because it’s easier to fall to them.

Things happening to your car that you’re in no control over are going to happen. Your tire may pop, your car may need a jump start from someone else, your oil may need changing, or some other people may try to even hit your car. That’s the part where you can come to a hault and take care of that situation that is stopping you and fix it instead of completely giving up and letting it get worse.

Sometimes in extreme situations you’ll get in a really bad accident and may not be able to retrieve your car, or even your own physical health, that is when you must get professional help to heal yourself and get a new car to get back to what you’re out here to conquer the world.

Sorry for talking so much, I didn’t think I would drag it on to this much but here I am. Anyway, I hope this helped and shook you up a bit.


Emotions are like water

People think they are big things

But they are small things

They are lil waves over your body sent by your brain to influence your overall feeling over another.

They are lil droplets of water

Sprinkling down from a nimbus

Until you ignore them then they become a monsoon

They are the tide easing into the beach

Slowly as the weather turns they become these big surfing waves

Thaat when bottled up explode into a tsunami

- Xavier Coburn