Yesterday I went out to get my life-size AND real life WEIGHT limited and very exclusive Pikachu plush by BEAMS! Just like the real Pikachu, he is .4 meters tall and weighs 6 kilograms…

I didn’t know how heavy 6 kilograms was until I picked up this plush. I have no idea what they put into it…..weights? Sand? Pebbles? Feels like he is full of sand, but I don’t think regular sand would weigh this much inside of this plush. Weighted pebble sand??

He is soft, minky, and his design is based off the VERY FIRST Ken Sugimori drawing of Pikachu, which is why he is so very plumpy!! He is probably the best Pikachu plush I’ve ever seen and I am so happy I was able to get him despite how limited he is!

He is posing here with my other two life-size plush, Emonga by the Pokemon Center and Pachirisu by the Daisuki Club :D