Viola Davis Makes History, Moves The Damn Line For Women of Color

Viola Davis won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her lead role as Annalise Keating on “How to Get Away with Murder” at the 67th annual ceremony Sunday night.

WATCH: this historic and moving speech again here. 

We will be quoting Viola Davis’ acceptance speech for at least another two weeks, but mad props to Regina King for her Emmy win out of nowhere!  I think most of us really did expect Viola Davis to win last night.  She has two Oscar nominations and she’s widely respected as one of the finest thespians of our day. 

Regina King gets no respect even though she’s been consistently turning out memorable performances for the past 35 years.  After she grew up and 227 ended, Hollywood kept typecasting her as the homegirl from South Central LA in all of her big roles.  It wasn’t until Ray that people finally started paying attention to the fact that Regina King can act, y'all.  Jamie Foxx got the praise and the accolades, but for me, Regina King stole the show in Ray.  She burned up the screen in every scene and I went back and watched it again in the theaters just for her.

So this is just a quick Regina King appreciation moment.  I’m so glad she’s been recognized for her work and I hope this just the start of more and more amazing roles for her.  She has been relevant for longer than I’ve been alive without ever being considered in the same league with our other legendary Blacktresses like Halle and Angela.  She just flies under the radar putting out consistently stellar performances and I was so happy for her last night.  What a moment for someone this far into their career.