‘On the Lookout!’ If you’ve been watching @NBCDays #DaysOfOurLives​ lately then you know things have been getting GOOD GOOD! And they are just getting started with story lines leading up the 50th Anniversary! Get Ready Fans cuz you’re about to go on a wild roller coaster of emotions ride! #BraceYourselves Daytime Emmy Award Winner @fmsmith319 #FreddieSmith for #DreamLoudOfficial DreamLoudOfficial.com / Photograph By @Bradley206 #BradEverettYoung​ / #DreamLoud #Freddie #Smith #Days #DOOL #Salem #BeverlyHills90210 #AddictsAnonymous Freddie​ Days of our Lives 50th Anniversary​ CBS Soaps In Depth Official Page​ Soap Opera #Sony​ / Photo taken w/ the @Sony #A3000 (at Los Angeles/Hollywood California)

Emmy week: the big day is here!

This photo has it all: a weird height-warping optical illusion, that hot guy from the “Scully gets a tattoo and has adventures” episode, a possible lurking Skinner, a really stellar monochromatic outfit on the lady in the background, and our favourite iridescent mermaid shawl

The only thing missing is Gillian’s Emmy, but she’ll pick that up later.


Gail Fisher and co-star Mike Connors in series “Mannix”.

(Gail won an Emmy award for outstanding performance by an actress in a dramatic supporting role and 2 Golden Globe awards for best supporting actress & best actress. She was the first African-American woman to win an Emmy and Golden Globe)


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