Emmett J. Scanlan

This is the start of the revolution, and nothing, not even Blue Oblivion can stop us.

This Sunday, from 10PM to 11PM (UK Time), TT WorldWide, tag: #InTheFleshMustRise

We want to give a clear message to the channels and get the attention of the media, so please use only this tag on Sunday (also the use of only one tag increases the possibilities to trend when it’s programmed like this one) and tag the following channels in the tweets:





If we go all together using just one tag, we will succeed, check here the time in your country, we need all the possible help worldwide:


If you have to go work or sleep, you can schedule your tweets to pop up at the hour with the tag #InTheFleshMustRise



Do not use the same tag several times in the same tweet, Twitter thinks is spam and won’t trend, also don’t use curse words, those tweets won’t trend either.

We can do this Undead Army! 

Get everybody aware of it and use the opportunity of the trend to share the links to the Petitions, there’s a lot of people that don’t know yet about them -some fans are just finding out about the cancellation in fact- so we can end the trend with a lot more signatures than before started!


2. https://www.change.org/p/amazon-amazon-give-in-the-flesh-a-new-home

3. https://www.change.org/p/bbc-three-give-in-the-flesh-a-third-season

Love and hugs for everyone X

Ok guys, so the other day we started something great on Twitter with #InTheFleshMustRise campaign; I made a post here to let you all know about it and join us on Sunday.

It was a good start, but we came out with it on Friday, and more time is needed for you all to not just spread the information, but make a special spot in your schedules (as it is already in your hearts) to be able to join in time to fight for In The Flesh all together.

Let’s do things right: 

Next Sunday March 8th at 10PM GMT (UK Time), we need you all to come all over Twitter, like the Undead Army we are, and trend #InTheFleshMustRise from 10 to 11PM.

We’ll include this hashtag in every tweet along with all these mentions for the channels to see:





IMPORTANT things to know to make it work good:

-As this is an scheduled trend event, #InTheFleshMustRise is the only hashtag we’ll use to make it trend, and make it trend high and worldwide.

-Do not fill tweets with a repetition of the hashtag, that tweets are considered spam for Twitter and won’t trend.

-Don’t use curse words in the tweets, that tweets won’t trend either.

We need all the possible international participation to make it a success; here’s the link to see which time it is in your country, it’s very easy to use, you only have to click “Time zone” and then “Time zone converter”, I link you to the direct link anyways:

-World Clock Converter:


1. Choose the day (Sunday 8th)

2. Choose the place you want to convert to your time, in this case, UK (London)

3. Choose the country you live in and the city

4. Convert time

-In case you can’t make it in time, please schedule your tweets with the tag #InTheFleshMustRise by using this app:


For last but not less important, use this opportunity to spread the Petitions in the tweets and get signatures quick from all the people that doesn’t know yet about them, or even the cancellation by BBC.

Here are the Petition links:




Please spread this post, it’s very important for all of us, and even if you didn’t watch In The Flesh yet, you are going to need this brilliant show renewed when you do, because you are gonna fall in love so hard, trust us: sign the petitions and share this event <3

Just 9 episodes so far, make it a preference in your “to watch” list, In The Flesh is a must watch!

We need everyone’s participation to make this happen, everyone of you is important and we love you, join us X

Update: Share your selfies with a sign where it is written #InTheFleshMustRise -or any message you want- addressed to Netflix, Amazon and Channel 4, let’s make this trend really really massive.

We cannot be sure if they are going to read all the messages that we leave in the signatures in the Petitions -they’re a whole lot- so let’s make sure we are heard!

Make a sign with the message you want them to see, make a selfie holding it and tag them in the tweet along with #InTheFleshMustRise!