2016.05.25 - Sneak Peak Clip of Gui Gui and Aaron Yan in “The Iconoclast”

Aaron Yan: If you’re going to find someone to marry, you should marry a more mature guy.
Gui Gui: How old?
AY: Huh?
GG: How old should he be?
AY: At least thirty.
GG: What about you?
AY: Let’s make a promise then. When we’re both thirty…
GG: When I’m thirty and I haven’t gotten married yet.
AY: I’ll marry you.
GG: Okay.
AY: Okay. … Where would you want to get married? Do you still want to get married in Greece?
GG: I want to go to Finland. I want to see the Northern Lights.
AY: I want to see the Northern Lights too.
GG: Then let’s go together.

There is a Chinese slang term for single people, “single dogs”. GuiLun are being too “lovey-dovey” without considering the single people (the host) around them. (Hahaha!)

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2016.09.29 - TaecGui Reunite on M! Countdown!

Eric Oppa: “They finally bumped into each other again.”

Eric oppa (Yoo Ho Cheol) was the PD of Global We Got Married, and he now works at CJ E&M.
Gui Gui, 2PM, and GOT7 all performed on M! Countdown today.
Ok Taecyeon of 2PM went to visit Gui Gui outside of her dressing room. The two were previously on “Global We Got Married” together in 2013.

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2016.05.25 - Gui Gui and Aaron Yan Behind the Scenes of “Crime Scene” and “The Iconoclast”

Fans Idol Wu Ying Jie: “#Wu Ying Jie in Crime Scene# Adorable @Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie and @Aaron Yan’s sweet time taking photos together. [heart] cr: Weibo Taiwan #GuiLun Reunite in Crime Scene#”

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11/23/13 - Gui Gui Comforts Aaron Yan 

Aaron Yan: “People who stir up trouble and fuss over nothing are like tumors; you don’t need to pity them or appease them. I am scolding those people, but they are determined to quote me out of context. Do you have a conscience? Stop trying to act like you know me if you don’t! If you are like that, please stop messing up the environment." 

Gui Gui: "Be obedient… Don’t be angry, don’t be angry! As long as I know (understand) you, it’s okay.”