2016.05.25 - Sneak Peak Clip of Gui Gui and Aaron Yan in “The Iconoclast”

Aaron Yan: If you’re going to find someone to marry, you should marry a more mature guy.
Gui Gui: How old?
AY: Huh?
GG: How old should he be?
AY: At least thirty.
GG: What about you?
AY: Let’s make a promise then. When we’re both thirty…
GG: When I’m thirty and I haven’t gotten married yet.
AY: I’ll marry you.
GG: Okay.
AY: Okay. … Where would you want to get married? Do you still want to get married in Greece?
GG: I want to go to Finland. I want to see the Northern Lights.
AY: I want to see the Northern Lights too.
GG: Then let’s go together.

There is a Chinese slang term for single people, “single dogs”. GuiLun are being too “lovey-dovey” without considering the single people (the host) around them. (Hahaha!)

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Here are #348 gifs of Gui Gui (鬼鬼) (aka Wu Ying Chieh [吳映潔] or Emma Wu) from the drama A Different Kind of Pretty Man. She showed a wide range of expressions in this drama, which made her a lot of fun to gif! She is a Taiwanese actress, born in 1989, and former member of Mandopop group Hey Girl. All of these were made by me. Please do not repost, redistribute (unless you link back to me), or edit them. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful! [updated July 28 2015.]


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