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Emma had been feeling out of sorts.

In the wake of her fight with Lucinda, she had been ––understandably–– struggling to find her footing again, especially as she moved around a castle where everybody had either heard of the scene that the two girls had caused or had no idea. She didn’t know which one bothered her more: people looking at her out of the corner of their eyes like they were expecting her to explode on them, or the ones that carried along with the bliss of ignorance, laughing too loudly and enjoying their days too much right near Emma, who wanted no part of it. 

There had been the initial dramatics, of course–– the holding up in her room with candles burning and a bout of self-indulgence to just lay there and stew about it. She’d done that now, though (wallowed, though it wasn’t something she generally approved of) and yet, in spite of it, the world hadn’t stopped spinning. There were still classes to go to, meals to attend and things to stay busy with. She still had her pre-dawn runs to keep her busy in the mornings, but impending exams meant that the clubs she’d signed up for were few and far between. Without Quidditch, without her distractions and without a best friend, Emma was finding herself–– well, bored.

Things that Lucinda had said to her ––mostly about her apparent inherent unlikability–– were still swirling their way around Emma’s mind, sticking to her in a way that insults usually did not. Determined to distract herself with something productive,  Emma had set up shop at one of the benches in the sunny courtyard outside, with schoolbooks around her and a notebook open in her lap. No matter how many times she let her eyes glide over the words, though, she wasn’t retaining any of it–– it was no use. 

Frustrated with her lack of concentration and her mounting restlessness, Emma found herself closing her book in her lap with one swift motion and craning her neck to look over, instead, at the person sitting closest to her. “Hey,” she said bluntly, her eyes resting on them until she knew she had their attention. “What are you doing right now?”

A Pirate Comes To Pemberley (CS Oneshot)

Years ago Miss Emma Nolan of Pemberley was left heartbroken by the unfaithful Neal Cassidy. Now an older and wiser young woman a chance meeting with the scandalous Captain Killian Jones leaves her determined to not make the same mistake. A OUAT AU fused with Pride & Prejudice where David and Snow are Lizzy and Darcy and Emma is Georgiana. Wonderful beta work done by @venagrey and @kat2609 thanks so much!!

Happy Birthday @belovedcreation (a week late!) I know you were a fan of this idea and I hope you enjoy what came out! 

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9k | Rated J for Jane Austen

The Pemberley estate was known as one of the largest and most well-managed in all of England. It contained vast acreage of forests, fields and lakes, all carefully paid for and tended to by its owner, Mr. David Nolan. But while Mr. Nolan could tell you the yields and size of the estate, it was his younger sister, Miss Emma Nolan, who was best able to describe its beauty.

For it was Miss Nolan who spent her mornings riding about the estate, enjoying forest, fields and lakes with no thought of commerce. Indeed, her thoughts while riding rarely strayed into anything so mundane. But what exactly the young woman pondered on those long and early mornings is best left to the imagination, as it was scandalous enough that her brother and sister-in-law allowed her to go out unaccompanied.

To be sure, Mrs Mary-Margaret Nolan thought it no strange thing, as she herself was particularly fond of walking and before marriage had often had occasion to wander the countryside near her family’s home of Longbourn. It was just such a long walk that had helped spur David’s heart toward the then Miss Bennet. Her sister-in-law understood the need for solitude and activity, especially when one was nursing a broken heart, and encouraged Emma on her daily rides. If Miss Nolan also wore trousers, pinned her braided hair back under a riding cap, and rode astride—well, her older brother need never know.

Given Nolan’s attention to detail and status as master of the house, it was unlikely that he did not know of Emma’s improper behavior. But as he had never chosen to censure her, she felt free to continue in her preferred manner, and in time, the long rides she took nearly every morning came to be regarded as routine.

It was in the middle of one such ride in late February that Emma exited the woods and came upon a man struggling with a high-spirited black Arabian. Her first thought was surprise at his presence on her family estate, her second thought was that he was a terrible horseman, her third that his hair, a rich black, and face, with short beard and high cheekbones, were most handsome.

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TO ALL THE NEW SHAME || for Emma and Regina, in limbo (post-season 3)
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01. First Aid Kit - Fake/Real // 02. The Romanovs - Four Things // 03. The XX - Insects // 04. The National - Cardinal Song // 05. Angus and Julia Stone - Draw Your Sword // 06. Emma Louise - Jungle // 07. Mount Moriah - Lament // 08. The Swell Seasons - All the Way Down // 09. Lucy Rose - Shiver // 10. Daughter - Winter // 11. Okkervil River - Unravel (Björk cover) // 12. Vaults - Premonitions // 13. Birdy - Standing in the Way of the Light

queen-saviour  asked:

Hey Carly! I Absolutely adore your short fics and it's a daily deed of mine to check ur tumblr page for them! Could you continue your SQ video game prompt? smut please <3

Thanks for the prompt :)

NSFW ;) 

Emma grins as she carries Regina up the stairs. When she got home tonight she didn’t really care about playing her video game. She’ll admit she has been a bit too obsessed with it this week but she’s noticed how much it’s riling Regina up. Truth be told she’s been missing the brunette too and tonight she decided to try and see how much she could push it.

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Emma as a Dog!

Because of this “If Swan-Mills Charming family were dogs” post, I began to imagine this scene!


“Henry Mills!” Regina bellowed loudly as a white and gray blur bounded through the front door and scurried into her living room.  “Henry!  What is a dog doing in my house!”

With an abashed grin Henry awkwardly sighed, “I thought you like dogs, Mom.”

The furry mongrel leapt onto the couch and bit into one of the pillows with gleeful excitement.  “Yes, outside and certainly not on my expensive furniture.  Get it out of here this instant!”

“But Mom, you don’t understand.”  

A loud crash sounded and Regina turned her head and discovered a vase, that had been on the sofa side table, had been felled to the floor!  “For Heaven’s sake, Henry!”

“Down!  Get down!”  The teen waved at the dog.

The lively husky sprang from the couch and then as if in a race, scampered quickly all about the room, around the sofas, into the dining room and through the foyer.  Regina moved quickly out of its path afraid it was going to take her down as it doubled back.

Among louder crashing in the other rooms, claws of the animal could be heard sliding and scratching against Regina’s hardwood floors.

“Explain!” Regina demanded of her son after she tried to grab the dog but the beast slipped through her fingers.

“Okay, well we were walking in the woods…”

The dog suddenly appeared out of nowhere, made a playful skip as if showing off for Regina and then took off like a rocket passed the back of her knees almost tripping her. With a yell, Regina luckily righted her balance.

“Catch it!”

“It’s not an it, Mom.  It’s a her!

The husky barked and yipped and did a beautiful loping hop out in the foyer, and began to chase its tail.  Regina tried not to smile too widely.  After all they did take her by surprise, but looking at the gorgeous canine she did admit that she was fond of dogs.

“What’s her name?”


Regina chuckled.  “You named her after your mother?”

There was a beat and Henry’s face scrunched up in distress.  “That is my mother.”

Regina’s gaze whipped to Henry just as the dog, Emma, mounted Regina’s leg, paws around her hips and started humping the astonished brunette.  “Oh my gosh!”  She slowly looked back at the dog rutting against her side.  “Oh, goodness!”  Henry raised his eyebrows and tried to look away as if this was something he’d rather not watch.  Neither heard the front door open.

Regina tried to push the dog off her but Emma was rather persistent and held on even tighter.  “No.  Stop! Bad dog.”

Henry wasn’t sure whether to laugh or not.  This was all so strange and crazy.  He had been walking along with his mother an hour ago and all of a sudden, there was a shimmering light around her and she turned into a dog.

Regina finally and firmly straightened as much as she could, firing a glare at the dog.  “Emma Swan!  Will you stop humping me!”

That seemed to work and the dog fell to all four paws and looked adoringly at Regina.

“Well, that’s not something I thought I would hear when I woke up this morning?”

Both Henry and Regina turned to find Snow White standing in the doorway blinking incredulously.

“Believe me, it’s not something I thought I would say.  This is all hard to believe,” Regina fired back, eyes growing kinder looking back at the adorable hound before her.

Regina shook her head. When the dog leaned back on her hind legs and appeared as if she were about to jump on Regina again, the older woman held up a finger.  “Uh-uh! Emma, sit!”  The dog immediately obeyed and plopped down in front of her causing Regina to snort. “Henry dear, are you sure this is Emma? She is far too sweet and obedient to be your mother.”

At that, the dog barked as if insulted.  Peering closely, Regina inspected the beautiful creature in front of her and placed a hand on top of her head, stroking her carefully.  This husky had green eyes and Regina could already begin to feel a deep connection to her.  Everything in her being told her that this dog was indeed Emma Swan and she shook her head again in disbelief while scratching Emma behind the ears.  It was a move Emma liked and she tilted her head into Regina’s palm, allowing her soft fur to be pet.

“Regina, is that dog really my daughter?”

Regina looked up at Snow and quipped, “Same color eyes.  Same vacant expression with the tongue hanging out.  Of course it is.”

Snow rolled her eyes, Henry chuckled and Emma, again offended, gave a little whine and fell to her stomach, completely laying with her head on the floor.  Regina took a seat on the couch.  “Now Miss Swan, I was just teasing.”  The dog lifted her head and shot a hopeful expression at Regina. As if reading her mind, Regina looked at her with a side smile and said, “Of course I was.”

The dog surprised everyone by jumping on the sofa and crawling over an astounded Regina’s lap and laid down again, but this time placing her head comfortably on Regina’s thigh.  With one hand cupping Emma’s jowl and the other scratching the top of her head, Regina cooed, “Good girl.”

Emma responded by putting her paws on Regina’s arm and repeatedly lapping at her hand and delightful peals of laughter dropped from the mayor’s lips.

As he watched one mother, as a dog, lick the other mother enthusiastically, who began petting her faster and rubbing her belly, Henry leaned toward his grandmother and mumbled, “This is just too weird.”  All snow could do was nod back slowly.

lana-lana-b0-bana  asked:

Anti-SQers keep saying that the kiss between E&H didn't work in the scene where she healed Robin because she had already embraced her powers/the darkness. But Rumple had already embraced the darkness himself and had completely transitioned into the DO when Belle kissed him, and it still worked briefly. So judging by that alone, I'd say CS are NOT true love/endgame. Agree?


Seriously, even if they have babies, get married and break a million curses together all I’ll be able to think after what we’ve seen on screen so far is “Wow, Emma Swan has really taken denial to another level.”

If you give a couple as many romantic moments as they’ve given them this season, it’s not about the romantic moments anymore. It’s significant to the story, because normally you get the romantic moments as narrative pay-off. As some sort of conclusion. Now we’re getting all these moments, but we’re shown Fake!Rumple standing around looking at Emma pointedly until Hook finds something that is actually not him, but an exhilerating horse ride to distract her.

Emma: ( Slowly approaches the horse and reaches out, but the horse snorts and tries to move away from her, and she snatches her hand back ) Rumplestiltskin: ( Laughs ) Well, I guess the pony’s smarter than the pirate. She knows what you are, dearie.
Emma: Go away.
Hook: ( Already mounted the horse ) Swan, stop talking to the demon in your head. Get on the horse.
Emma: This is pointless. I’m the Dark One. What’s this going to do?
Hook: This isn’t about the bloody horse, Emma. This is about you putting your faith in me, in our future.
Emma: You still think we can get back there, to Storybrooke and some white-picket-fence life?
Hook: Yes. I’ll never stop fighting for us. All you have to do is trust me. This’ll work.

This is exactly the same conversation that seems to have lit the Promethean flame. She already voiced her doubts. Those were never behind a wall. It also had nothing to do with protecting her family. If it were, they would have had Emma explain it as such.

If the kisses could work, but there was something keeping them from fully working, we would have gotten some sparks, some magic, like with Rumbelle. Instead there was nothing… Honestly, though, TLK not working is less telling than just what they’ve shown us of the relationship and why it isn’t True Love.

Keeping Track Week 44

Been a while since I did one of these but why not. Noticed that DS pretty much equals Metro so I guess these are the spoilers that are issued by ITV?

Tuesday 1st Nov

Zak attacks Bailey for betraying Belle with Megan, but feels guilty when Megan explains what was really going on between them. Lisa is furious that Zak has resorted to violence. She also struggles when it becomes apparent that Belle has been lying about the extent of her ‘recovery’.

Later, Zak tells Lisa they have to pull together at this difficult time and kisses her. Will Lisa respond?

Moira is accused of not appreciating Cain.

Wednesday 2nd Nov

Lisa considers confessing to Joanie about the kiss with Zak, but she can’t bring herself to do it.

Later, Lisa gets tough with Zak by warning him to stay away from her from now on - not wanting any more heartbreak.

Emma’s worst nightmare comes true when Ashley seems to be remembering her at the bridge.

Thursday 3rd Nov

Emma has to pretend that she’s shocked and upset at the 'news’ that James told Moira he loved her.

Later, with the pressure mounting, Emma heads for the footbridge. Ashley sees Emma up there and a memory comes flooding back.

When Kerry decides to use online dating to find a new man, Liv decides that Lisa should follow suit. When Liv makes an online profile for Lisa, she agrees to try it out.

Emma desperately tries to make Ashley doubt his memory, even switching between different conversations to confuse him further.

By the time Emma hands Ashley back to Laurel, she’s managed to convince him that he was wrong - but Ashley’s camera has recorded the whole thing in the background.

Finn heads to the hospital to see Kasim, the man whose life he saved in the crash. Kasim is still in a coma.

Friday 4th Nov

It’s the day of James’s funeral. During the service, Emma breaks down and apologises to James but everyone is baffled by her behaviour.

Emma slaps Moira

Chrissie is annoyed to hear Rebecca calling herself 'White’ and complains to Lawrence, but he won’t listen. Robert assures Victoria that Rebecca is on their side.

Monday 7th Nov

Rebecca manipulates Lachlan, claiming that Robert knows there is evidence and warning him to hide whatever it is.

Later in the woods, Lachlan tries to retrieve something from a stream but is interrupted. Rebecca watches as he leaves, ready to pounce on the evidence.

Rebecca tricks Lachlan into revealing key evidence that incriminates him but Chrissie soon moves in with a deadly attack.

Belle reveals that she’s coming home for good on Friday and will be staying at Dale Head with Zak. Zak claims that he’s cleared this with Lisa in advance, but is he really telling the truth?

Tuesday 8th Nov

Chrissie tries to dispose of a vase in the Home Farm bonfire, but she’s startled when Rebecca turns up – bloodied but alive. (Aaron in background with Sam)

Rebecca has some shocking revelations for everyone in attendance, claiming that Chrissie knocked her out – as well as framing Andy for shooting Lawrence. How will everyone react?

Diane is hell bent on revenge

The Bartons are left reeling

Nicola has a panic attack as she worries about the children’s safety at the bonfire. (i guess flashback to the mill fire and not Robert’s shooting - sorry my bad)

Wednesday 9th Nov

When the police turn up to question the Whites, Lachlan pretends that he was merely fishing his phone out of the stream.

Now aware of everything, a furious Diane is determined to make the Whites pay for their actions and bursts into the kitchen at Home Farm. Lawrence tries to make Diane see that there’s nothing in the allegations his family are facing.

Ross earns himself a slap from Victoria when he kisses her, but he urges her to tell Adam about it.

Thursday 10th Nov

Robert tries to reassure Diane

Victoria is pushed to the ground when Ross and Adam clash over what happened yesterday.

With Victoria in obvious pain, Adam, Finn and Aaron drive her to the hospital, where she tells a shocked Adam that she might be pregnant.

Adam is adamant that Victoria can’t be pregnant, but as she heads off to get a pregnancy test, Adam reassures her they’ll face the result together.

Out in the hallway, Victoria confides to Finn that she wants to have a baby but isn’t sure if Adam does. What will the test reveal?

Finn worries about Victoria’s plan

Aaron is surprised when Finn reveals that he’s been visiting Kasim. Aaron warns Finn he knows nothing about this man and that he should leave him alone. Finn agrees, but are his promises to leave it as genuine as they appear?

Diane, Rodney and Doug disrupt a PR event at the Home Farm adventure course by waving placards outside and urging the guests not to go in.

Also, a rock flies through the window at Home Farm, narrowly missing Lachlan. Is Diane really responsible?

Zak does a U-turn by insisting that he’s happy with Joanie and begging Belle to forget what he told her. Belle agrees not to tell Joanie, but insists she can’t live there anymore.

Friday 11th Nov

Adam tries to hide his doubts

Chrissie retaliates following recent events by giving Doug, Bernice and Diane an eviction notice. She explains herself by revealing that Diane threw a brick through the window.

Diane warns Lachlan that his lies will eat at him if he doesn’t confess. Lachlan films Diane on his phone and goads her until she smacks him. Has Diane gone too far this time?

(Diane is my hero)

Will update when the mags download ><

Monday 14th Nov

Rebecca tries to help Diane

Jimmy and Bernice are caught in a compromising position (:o/)

Tuesday 15th Nov

Aaron grows jealous over Rebecca

Lawrence has some words of reassurance for Doug and Diane

Wednesday 16th Nov

Rebecca seizes an opportuntiy

Thursday 17th Nov

Things start to get messy when a police officer turns up at home farm

Will Lachlan confess everything?

Liv teases Paddy about his feelings for Rhona (yes! Liv and Paddy <3)

Liv hatches a plan

Friday 18th Nov

Pierce is paranoid that there are still feelings between Rhona and Paddy

Rhona is shocked by Paddy’s actions

Chrissie is desperate to help Lachlan

You did ask...

“What do you want, Hook?” Emma spat as the pirate in question tugged her into the back hallway of Granny’s Diner. “I’m not having the greatest evening here; I don’t need any more stress.”

“Not enjoying your “date” with Neal then, luv?” his relief at that revelation was quickly masked with his best smolder.  He released her wrist and brought his hand up to her face, running it lightly down her neck, as he moved his lips closer to her, “Why not just say good night and move on to something more… gratifying.”

Emma leaned into his touch and let out an audible sigh at the word “gratifying”. She still wasn’t entirely sure how she ended up there with Neal in the first place, and she strongly felt it had been a bit of a set-up on her mother’s part. Mary Margaret had practically PUSHED her out the door muttering something about hope and happy endings. Emma even tried to be polite and even-tempered when she tried to assert to Neal that their relationship was never going to be anything but platonic, and even that, only for Henry’s sake. Well, the first 5 times he brought it up anyway… did Neal even listen to the words coming out of her mouth? She had excused herself to the ladies room because she didn’t want to have to explain to Henry why his father was suddenly missing and presumed dead…

At some point during her inner monologue, Hook had started gently rubbing his nose along her hairline behind her ear. His hand had found its way back to her arm where he was drawing patterns lightly with his fingers, and his hook was firmly resting on her back just above her ass. Emma had had enough of dancing around, trying to please everyone and avoid stepping on their toes. She’d have thought a year of separation from her and varying levels of memory loss would have prompted everyone to take some time off from Operation Flaming Swan. Clearly not. Besides, Emma already knew who her happy ending was, and anxiety-be-damned because she was done waiting for an opportune moment; she was going to let him know it.

“I only want you.” She whispered, breathing into the scruff on his cheek. “Now. Later. Forever.”

He froze, clearly stunned at her declaration. Emma took that opportunity to push him back into the empty bathroom, kicking the door closed and locking it behind them. Hook recovered quickly, however, when Emma started removing articles of his clothing. Moments later, they were both completely divested, and Emma was sitting on the sink, her legs wrapped tightly around Hook’s waist.

“Gods, Emma,” he exclaimed as she nipped at his collarbone, a pleasured groan closely following, “Not that I’m complaining, darling, but why the sudden change of heart?” He tilted her head up so that he could lavish attention on her neck: starting at her pulse point and working his way down to her breastbone.

“There was nothing sudden about it.” she gasped as he took a nipple into his mouth, “Like I told you in Neverland, there was never a contest.” Emma tightened her legs, pulling him further in, “It just never felt like the right time. You might have noticed, I don’t exactly get days off.”

“Forgive me for saying it, lass, but that might be the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard.” His hand trailed up her inner thigh, leaving light scratches as it went, “We’ve been missing out on an awful lot of fun.”

She brought his lips back to hers, opening her mouth and encouraging him to do the same. Their tongues and teeth intermingling sweetly, slowly, deeply. They let out pleasured whimpers in unison when they pulled back to breathe.

As Hook moved forward to capture her lips for a second go, he slipped a finger inside her and pumped slowly as he massaged her clit with his thumb. Emma gasped loudly and mounted her own retaliation, stroking his cock with her finger nails. Hook thrust forward, nearly losing his balance at her touch. She grabbed him a bit more firmly, lining his tip up to her entrance.

“Unless you’re looking to be caught by a little old lady with exceptional hearing, we might want to make this a quickie.” Emma thrust her hips forward, swallowing his cock inside her all at once, “We can do it properly later: somewhere with pillows I think…”

Hook nodded his agreement, but only a string of whispered curse words escaped his mouth and they feverishly thrust into each other. As they both moved closer to climax, their movements and limbs became a passionate tangle, mouths nipping, fingers scratching and gripping. They felt the familiar pressure starting to build, practically of one body, each not sure where the other ended and they began, higher than they’d ever been in the past; light, and sound, and heat building as they came together until— there was a knock at the door.

“Emma?” Neal’s voice filtered through the wood, “Are you feeling alright? You’ve just been gone for a while… Granny said she saw you come back this way…” (Hook muttered something about old women and trolls under his breath)

“I’m fine. I’ll be out.” Emma called back, unsuccessfully willing her voice to stop shaking. “Really, just go back to the table.”

“Emma, you don’t sound fine.” Neal replied. He turned the handle (which apparently had a faulty lock) and opened the door.

“Well this is awkward…”

*Author’s note: That is the first time in my LIFE I have ever written smut… I think i nearly hyperventilated twice…*