Once Upon a Time 7x01 “Hyperion Heights” Sneak Peek - After six seasons, the residents of the enchanted forest enter Season 7 facing their greatest challenge yet as the Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin join forces with a grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, new fairy tale characters and old search for true love, find adventure and take sides in the ongoing struggle of good against evil as classic tales are once again twisted and reimagined.

Emma groans as she make she way down the sidewalk. As she steps she curses. 

Curse being back to bounty hunting. 

Curse Seattle.

Curse my annoying empty apartment.

Curse freaking curses.

She sighs wondering if anyone else remembers of if she’s the only one cursed with bearing the weight of a life she’s lost. She spends her days trying to distract herself with bounty hunting and her nights living with ghosts. Everything she does feels wrong. 

When she makes breakfast it should be for three with Regina teasing her that bacon is all she can make.

When she folds laundry she should be hurling and dodging socks as she plays laundry war with her son.

When she goes to sleep it should be with her arms wrapped around the woman she loves. 

Instead she’s just alone, left wondering where that grey cloud whisked her family to, if they’re still alive and if they’re fighting just as hard to get back to her, 

It’s those thoughts that plague her and today, Regina’s birthday, the memories weigh heavier threatening to break her heart and she knows she cannot go back to that apartment. So, instead she’s ended up here, outside the bar, two blocks from her place hoping to forget for a night. 

Emma pushes the door open and makes her way to the bar, throwing herself down onto a stool. Graceful as ever. A tear slides down her face as she can practically hear Regina’s voice in her ear. 

Then she does hear it. 

“Welcome to Roni’s. What can I get ya tonight?” 

Emma lifts her head, her heart thumping in her chest as she looks up and gasps. It’s Regina. Regina with curly hair and a denim jacket. Regina with a tattoo and a mini-skirt. 

“Regina?” She whispers before she can stop herself. 

Regina raises her brow, a move so familiar to Emma that it stings, before she shakes her head, “Sorry hun, there’s no Regina here.” 

But there is, Emma thinks, she’s here. 

Can I get you anything?” 

Emma shakes her head, “No I…I came here to forget but I don’t need to forget anymore…look this might sound crazy…but could we…would you go out with me sometime?” 

Regina tilts her head to the side before shrugging, “Sure, why not? Wait around here for half an hour and then I’ll be off my shift…I know a Diner down the street. I’m Maria.” 

“Emma Swan.” 

The bartender stops blinking a few times before shaking her head, “Funny, that name sounds familiar…we haven’t met before have we?”

Emma shakes her head even though it makes her want to cry, “No, must just be a popular name.”

Reg….Maria nods before moving off to serve her customers, only returning to Emma when her shift is finally over. “You waited.” 

Emma nods smiling as she replies, “You’re were worth waiting for,” and wonders if this is where their story starts again. 

ok but A Trail of Destruction by starsthatburn is 240k words, which is roughly 400 pages if it were a physical book

i started it yesterday afternoon, and i’m six chapters away from the end

all of that to say, one of the best fics i’ve read in a long time; i highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good swan queen fic

aimieliey  asked:

It just occurred to me that adult Henry looks more like Killian than Neal. I was looking at a few pictures and did some double takes at more than one. I mean they casted an actor that looks very much like Jared but it's still interesting to note. Especially when you see how they casted siblings and parents/children before. With all the reality jumping, do you think Henry found one where he(or alternate him) is Hook's son?

Anonymous said:

How could Henry be the CS child?

It’s more than interesting to note. My theory before the reveal was that Andrew’s character was the CS Baby, and, really, that theory hasn’t changed. Even though the character ended up being adult Henry, just the sheer resemblance to Killian made me modify it just slightly to be that Henry was the CS Baby. Because it’s like you said—LOOK at him! I made a whole POST on it when I was bored a few months ago. Hold his picture up next to Colin and it becomes very difficult to tell who’s who for someone who doesn’t know the show or either actor. To someone from the “outside”, like my friend whom I tested it on, that post is just six pictures of the same dude rather than three pictures of two different men for comparison.

So, for me, what you said is a little bit reversed. I don’t think they cast a guy who looked very much like Jared. I think they cast a guy who looked very much like Colin, and then they made Jared look like him. Thats what I think they did. Hell, even before now, I’ve been talking about how much Jared is looking more and more like Colin (rather than Michael Raymond James), how much Henry is looking more and more like Killian rather than Neal, with every passing episode. Casting Andrew and making him the adult version of Henry pretty much did it for me. Before now, Henry as Killians biological son was just wishful thinking. Now, it’s a theory. Remember that joke theory I had a few months ago about how Henry is the OUAT version of the Indiana Jones character, Henry Jones? Well, it’s no longer a joke theory. I’m folding it in with everything else.

Henry = Henry Jones = “Indiana” Jones

He has an obsession with snakes rather than a fear of them, and he followed his “father’s” journal to the (dark) Holy Grail. Henry is Indiana Jones.

I don’t think adult Henry found an alternate reality in which he’s Killian’s biological son. I think Henry came from an alternate reality, and that he is Killians biological son.

Here’s what I’m basing my theory on: Premiers mirror their finales. No matter how shitty these writers are at following through, there’s always a mirroring effect between premiers and finales on the show. As well as previous season finales foreshadowing the following season somehow. What’s happened so far in this premier? Henry’s daughter shows up claiming that Henry is her father, and Henry doesnt remember ever having a daughter. And not only that, Henry doesnt remember meeting his wife, or falling in love, or bearing a child with her at all! And here’s another little tidbit that people might’ve forgotten—after Henry disappeared from the Enchanted Forest while defending his daughter from the oncoming curse, Tiger Lily told Lucy that they needed to take the storybook to her mother, and that her mother would help Lucy get her father back. And what’s the next thing we know? Lucy is in the cursed reality, and so is her mother, apparently. And then her father meets her mother and then they start their love story, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And, remember, this is how Hook and Emma’s love story began as well—with Henry knocking on his mother’s door in the Pilot and starting that whole adventure that led to her marriage to Killian.

So what does that tell us about what possibly might be the scenario that graces our screens during the finale next May? A mirroring storyline between Hook and Emma and their biological son, Henry. This is where I’m going to fold in one of my other theories regarding the CS Baby being put in danger, and the Author hiding him in the storybook. Only this time, the modification is that Henry is the CS Baby. So heres the complete modified theory, from start to finish:

Killian and Emmas actual love story happened in another reality. They met, adventured together, got married, and bore a son—Henry Jones. Throughout the couple’s marriage and Emma’s pregnancy, they were put in danger by evil forces (*cough*Regina and Rumple*cough*), who threatened to take away their Happy Ending as well as their child’s. So Killian and Emma made the difficult decision to give their child up in order to protect him. But where would they hide him that would ensure that they would be able to protect him as well? Why, inside a storybook, of course! So Killian, as the Sorcerer and a controller of all storybooks, writes up a story in which Emma meets some other dude, and hooks up with him, and he leaves her. That then allows them to give their baby an acceptable entrance into their storybook world. They magic their baby, Henry, into the story, injecting him into the book through his mother’s character, and then hiding him as another man’s son.

You ever watch Star Wars? Remember what Obi-Wan told Luke in Return of the Jedi? About how they took extra measures to hide his sister and her parentage from the villain by making her remain “safely anonymous”. So Leia Skywalker instead became Leia Organa, and everyone, including herself and her own biological father, thought Bail Organa was her father rather than Darth Vader.

It’d be the same scenario here, only with Henry. The way Killian and Emma (from their unsafe reality) write the story, they make storybook Emma think that Henry is Baelfire’s son, Rumplestiltskin’s grandson. Except he’s not. Neal never got Emma pregnant. But she did bear a child—their child. Emma’s storybook pregnancy was how they brought their son, Henry, into the story. And then they got Emma to give him up, just like they both did in their reality, and they manipulated everything so that Baby Henry, their son, ended up in Regina’s care. Remember, on the show, this has all been chalked up to the meddling of the Sorcerer–to “coincidence”. But in my theories, Killian is the Sorcerer. So in this higher, unsafe reality that he and Emma inhabit, he, as the actual Sorcerer, is manipulating the course of his son’s life in the storybook in order to protect him. By making it seem like Henry is Rumple’s grandson and Regina’s adopted son, Killian and Emma, therefore, are able to protect him from the actual Regina and Rumple (who might go searching through the storybook) by making him remain “safely anonymous”. By giving Henry the family history with Rumple and connection to Regina that they did, Killian and Emma did to Henry what Obi-Wan and Yoda did to Leia—protected him from the two people who would want to harm him most.

So the theory is that Henry is a real person, the son of Killian and Emma Jones, and he’s been hidden in the storybook by his parents in order to protect him from the actual Rumple and Regina, who mean to do him harm. This is an echo of how Emma’s story started, by the way.

In another echo to both the Pilot and Henry’s short scenes with Lucy in the finale, what happened after Emma and Killian hid their baby in the storybook, was that Killian sent Emma to hide away with the storybook (their son) while he defended her from the Evil Queen and Rumple, who were overtaking their castle. So Emma runs off to protect the storybook and their son, just like Lucy did. And Killian stays to fend off her pursuers, just like Charming did for Emma in the Pilot, and Henry did for Lucy in the S6 finale. Then Killian takes a hit and practically dies protecting his wife and child, just like Charming did for Emma, and Henry did for Lucy. So now Emma is stuck by herself, her husband is nearly dead, their son is stuck in a storybook, and her pursuers are still after them. What’s a girl to do in this scenario?

Why cast a curse, of course!

Just like Lucy’s mother did some kind of magic to inject her and Lucy into the cursed world that adult Henry now inhabited, Hyperion Heights, in order to save him and wake him up, so did Emma do the same thing. In the frame of the narrative, Emma cast a curse that injected her, her dying husband, and her enemies (Rumple and Regina) into the world that she and Killian created for Baby Henry—the world of the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, and all the shit that we’ve seen on the show so far. And just like Lucy’s mother (probably) and adult Henry don’t remember a damn thing about how they met or fell in love or had a daughter, Emma and Killian now don’t remember a damn thing about their love story either. And they certainly don’t remember creating Henry. So just like Henry and Cinderella (Lucy’s mother) have to meet and fall in love all over again, so did Hook and Emma. And that is what we’ve seen over the years on the show–Hook and Emma’s second love story.

So it’s kinda like Inception or The Matrix or what have you—a storybook within a storybook within a storybook. Ultimately, in the frame of the show (because, remember, the show is a frame narrative), Henry is Killian and Emmas biological son, Henry Jones. Indiana Jones, if you wanna keep up with the Disney theme. His parents actually met and fell in love in another world, then sent him into a cursed storybook in order to protect him. Then they somehow all ended up in the same storybook, and his parents had to meet and fall in love all over again. Henry is doing that in the present storyline with Cinderella, as their daughter watches, and I believe the finale will reveal that the same thing has been happening to Hook and Emma throughout the show—they had to fall in love again as their son, Henry, watched.

Anyway, that’s what I think it is. That’s the frame of the narrative—there’s a higher reality than the one we’ve been witnessing, and Henry’s present-day storyline, wherein he has to meet and fall in love with his wife again, is a hint to that. That higher reality contains Killian and Emma’s real love story, and how they created Henry, and why they had to create and send him into the storybook. It explains how coincidences like Henry ending up in Regina’s care happened, why the storybooks just started showing up, why there’s magic in the “Land Without Magic”, and all the other shit that’s been a little too coincidental or too deus ex machina on this show. If you say that Henry is living inside a storybook that’s within someone else’s control, like his father’s or his mother’s, then that explains away the too-ridiculous coincidences that happen on this show. Ultimately, the goal would be to get back to that higher reality as a family—Killian, Emma and Henry (hopefully as a baby so that they don’t lose their chance of raising him).

Remember how Belle had Gideon, sent him away to protect him, and then two seconds later he shows up in Storybrooke as a grown man because he grew up in another world with funky time passage? But then he gets babified again later on so that Belle doesn’t lose any time with him? I’d say the same thing happens to Killian and Emma—in their higher reality, they have Henry, give him up, he grows into a man in the storybook, but then when they finally return to their higher reality, he gets babified again so that they don’t lose any time with him.

So anyway, yeah…that’s it. It’s the whole story within a story within a story thing. Typical frame narrative shit. But it works with all my theories and marries them all together quite nicely, and it works with all the foreshadowed shit, so…there.

The pirate and his son have worked things out in the end.

— Rumpelstiltskin, referring to Killian and Henry

*whispers* Foreshadowing!!!

Thanks so much for the question! I hope everyone has a great week!  

So I know I said I would be drabbling rather than blogging as a means of digesting my OUAT rewatch, but I lied. Ok, maybe not lied so much as I will take that back if something strikes my fancy. And I was left with thoughts after rewatching the pilot.

I’ll also preface this by saying that I talk about Regina here. And as CS-heavy blog who also appreciates Regina, I want to make it clear that this is not an open invitation for Regina hate or character assassination, either on this post or in my inbox.

All that said, here we go.

It’s funny how you can watch or read something a thousand times and not notice something and last night I was struck by the closing scene between Emma and Regina. Emma ends the encounter by asking Regina if she loves Henry. It’s an episode that makes sure that in the introduction of Emma Swan that of all the things you need to know about her, among the most important is that she can read people. That she knows when she is being lied to. 

Emma asks the question - Do you love him? - and they both pause. The camera makes sure to pan to Emma’s face as she watches Regina, takes in her stance, her expression, and finally her answer.

I’ve always read the questions as something of a toss away line. Important, yes, but something Emma just asks because it’s a thing you do when wanting to know if your child is all right. A way to reassure yourself that you did the right thing for him.

Call me utterly dense, but it never occurred to me that Emma asks to test Regina for the truth of her answer. Yet, that’s exactly what she did. 

And she found Regina’s answer lacking. 

It may not have been a full lie on her part, but there was a kernel of something there that Emma didn’t like and it was only in that moment that she chose to stay in Storybrooke. That’s the moment, and not her earlier talk with Henry at the playground - which is what I always thought was the trigger, she decided to track down a place to stay and take Henry up on his request for one week. Regina lies, Emma makes her choice, and then handed the key the clock tower strikes and everything changes.

This may completely change my view of the early part of S1. 

I know the chatter is that Lana requested A&E tone down the abuse overtones to Regina’s early relationship with Henry. Whether that’s true or not, it clearly happens and the fact that this overt text was there at the start of the show is never really discussed again. It makes me curious as what may have been the original intentions for Regina’s arc as it relates to her relationship with Henry. I’m fascinating by this moment and I’ll be curious how it colors my view during the rest of the S1 portion of the rewatch.