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Did you happen to notice the gesture Regina does slapping her thighs in 6x10 when she says 'let's go home' to Emma? She does the same thing a few seasons back after she closes the door to her mansion and walks up the stairs to the foyer. I think it's the scene where Emma comes to tell her she's leaving town,saying something like 'whatever this is, it has to end'. It's almost like Regina's gearing herself up,trying to rouse some enthusiasm in herself for some reason.What do you think?

I thought that in episode 1x21, Regina was more “preening” herself rather than simply slapping her thighs.

‘Preening’ is act of faked cleaning or tidying that is common in courtship rituals across the animal kingdom. birds pick at their feathers, chimps pick at fleas and humans tidy themselves to look good for their prospective partners. Actions include:

-Brushing imaginary lint off arms or legs.
-Patting down hair or combing it with the fingers.


Now where have I seen this before?

(Regina combing her hair with fingers right before greeting Emma at the door)

(Regina before Emma’s ‘whatever this is, it has to end’ talk)

Smooth Regina smooth. ;)

“It’s almost like Regina’s gearing herself up,trying to rouse some enthusiasm in herself for some reason.“

-> Either way I agree anon.

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"Miss swan!" "Don't call me that"

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Miss Swan!” Regina shouts out as she marches into the Sheriff’s station. 

“Don’t call me that!” Emma fires back. 

Regina frowns pouting as she asks, “Why not?” 

“Because it’s not my name anymore.” 

Regina rolls her eyes, her irritation dissipating at the reminder of their new name as she steps forward and corrects, “Mrs Swan-Mills.” 

“Better,” Emma replies wrapping her arms around Regina and greeting her with a kiss, “So, why are we marching in bellowing my name, other than just that you wanted to see me which is totally understandable.” 

“What did you forget this morning?” 


“The council meeting,” Regina prompts. 

“Oh…” Emma replies with a sheepish smile, “Sorry…well…we’re married so technically we only need to send one representative…”

“Does that mean only you need to go next time?” 

I rewatched a clip from 6x10. So you’re really trying to tell me that Henry was ready to become a knight, yet to Emma the idea that he could kill someone (who had just murdered her parents) was so terrible that she woke up? Really? What did she think he was gonna do as a knight?

Bitch please, she didn’t want Regina to die. End of the discussion.