Okay, but can we talk about Emma’s reaction to Snow suggesting she should leave until after CS have had pancakes? Can we talk about the way Emma looks at Killian right away? And how her little “hmm…” makes it look like she’s actually considering accepting her mother’s suggestion and wants to see if he agrees to it?

“I don’t know, babe, do you think we have time?”

“Hell yes. What do you say, babe?”

“Fine for me… Still feeling like it, babe? I can totally send her away and then call her when we’re done.”

But then Killian says he’s lost his appetite and she can do nothing but smile and kiss his cheek. Maybe some other time, Emma. 

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prompt: set in S2. Henry tells Emma Regina is the evil queen and Emma defends her. Regina overhears.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma,” Henry warns, his voice deadly serious, “You can’t hang around with my Mom.”

Emma frowns. She’s just had lunch with Regina, part of a truce they’ve formed out of a desire to coparent Henry. Deep down Emma knows it’s becoming more than that, that lunch is fast becoming a highlight of her day. She looks forward to soft, shy smiles and the occasional genuine laugh. She hopes for Regina to steal her fries and enjoys the glimpses of the woman behind the Queen. 

“Why not?” She asks as she kneels down in front of Henry, “I thought you’d be glad we were getting along?”

“Why would I be happy?” Henry counters, “She’s the Evil Queen.”

“Henry,” Emma groans, “Stop it. Yes your Mom was the Evil Queen but she’s also your Mom and she adores you kid. All she wants is to be back in your life again and she is trying so hard yet you won’t give an inch. She gave up magic for you. She saved Snow and I for you. She would give you the world if you asked for it kid. I know she made some poor decisions, but we all do and she’s done terrible, awful things but you’re old enough to know that there are two sides to every story. Evil isn’t born it’s made and you need to ask yourself or your Mom how she became the Queen to start with. And if you won’t do that then remember that she was the one who scared monsters out of your closets, who kissed your scraped knees, sang nursery rhymes with you and raised you into the smart, funny, sensitive kid you are today. You were lucky to have that. I wasn’t and neither was your Mom. You have every right to be angry and confused but every now and then cut her some slack Henry and see the woman beneath the Queen, I see her, she’s loyal, brave and loves with her whole heart and I don’t want you to miss out on that.”

Henry signs scuffing his shoe along the floor, “Okay…I can try…I think I’m going to go back to the loft…I have homework.”

Emma nods knowing that she’s given him a lot to think about, “Okay kid, I’ll see you at home.”

He nods, waving and offering her a small smile before walking away a pensive expression settling over his face. 

Once he’s gone, Emma jumps in surprise as Regina appears in front of her, brown eyes shining as she pulls Emma in for a hug. 


“Thank you,” Regina says softly, “I heard what you said to Henry…I…did you mean it?”

Emma smiles hugging the other woman back as she nods, “Every single word.”

Title: “Armful of You” (1/1)


Rated G (though hanky panky is referenced)

Words: 633


Hook and Emma discuss Deckhand Hook and make Henry uncomfortable.

A/N: Shameless self-reposting, now complete with AO3 link.

Emma was brushing her teeth when Killian appeared in the mirror behind her, fully dressed for the day, the boyscout.

“Dave messaged. He got a tip that Granny’s is selling some of Leroy’s home brew unauthorized.”

“Aw, Leroy,” Emma said, but with a mouthful of toothpaste it sounded more like, “Aww, eewoy.”

Killian shook his head, unfazed. “I’ll never understand people’s fascination with brewing their own ale. I like rum but that doesn’t qualify me to make it myself.”

“Wike?” Emma repeated, skeptically.

He shot her a fondly contemptuous look through the mirror and she grinned back around the toothbrush.

Thinking about her husband’s love of rum sparked a memory. A fresh-faced, wide-eyed Killian offering her a flask of goat’s milk.

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So, I got a flu and I want to draw some GoldenSwan broship.
I was thinking about my fav airport scene, which Gold nearly beat some stuff up with his cane, and I got a picture in my head that Gold wanted to run around the city to find his son ASAP. Emma needs to follow him of cause.

@ellensalama1 is the one who suggest me to draw them. I don’t know which idea to choose. Maybe I will draw them more in the future, though.


okay my dudes, i wrote something. i started writing this fic like two years ago and i never seemed to find the right motivation to finish it. i happened to show the first few chapters to my girlfriend and she really liked it. that was the motivation and support that i needed to get excited about it again. i finished it up, without telling her and i gave it to her as a christmas present, printed out and everything. now i want to share it with all of you as the ‘keeping it secret’ part is over.

i have posted this up until chapter 3 so far and i plan on posting weekly since yeah i have all chapters ready. i do hope you give it a read and enjoy it.

(it’s an sq au where emma works with the lions at a zoo and how she meets a gorgeous brunette… fluff and gaypanic ahead)


It was 5:47 when Emma opened her locker door carefully. She couldn’t remember what she had shoved up there the evening before and she was afraid that the entire content of the locker was gonna fall on her. Luckily she had been smart enough to store her things away safely, and she was in no danger. She threw in her backpack and got around changing into her dark green overalls. She buttoned it up over her tank, pulled her long blonde hair on a ponytail before putting a cap on her head. After finishing tying the lashes of her shoes, she checked her looks in the mirror. She was ready for duty.

Hallways were mostly empty as she made her way to the yard. Morning birds had started to sing as she breathed in the crispy air. She couldn’t help but smile since this was her favorite place to be. Step bouncing with the beat in her head, she made her way towards her destination. Using her key to unlock the service door, she let herself in her hearts home.

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Your writing is so amazing, and I'm dealing with a lotta crap with my sister either punching me or screaming at me, which made me think of a prompt: teenager Regina having the worst time with Zelena and her Cora being horrible to her, and maybe Emma overheard an argument and goes to help Regina or defends her against those two.

Thanks for the prompt, sorry to hear you’re having a rough time with your sibling, hope it goes better for you soon. 

TW for child abuse. 

“You shouldn’t be here,” Regina whispers, her voice thick with fear as Emma climbs through the window. 

Emma nods, “I know…I know what your Mom will say…or your sister but I hate the thought of leaving you alone to deal with them.”

Regina smiles sadly wrapping her arms around Emma, “I’m glad you came.”

“Well after what I heard on the phone I had to,” Emma replies.

Regina?” Emma asks frowning when the brunette doesn’t respond. What she hears makes her blood boil and heart ache. 

“Are you going to cry? Aw my poor baby sister,” Zelena taunts before another noise thunders over the phone line, a slap or a punch. 

“Zelena cut it out please.”

“Why? Are you going to tell Mom? I bet she’d love to hear what a weak little princess you are.”

“I’m not a princess Zelena…please just leave me alone.”

“I’d rather you just left instead,” Zelena shouts.

“What are you girls doing? For goodness sake Regina what are you crying over now? I didn’t raise you to be so pathetic. Pull yourself together.”

Another thunderclap roars over the line and Emma hangs up, quickly grabbing her sneakers before climbing out the window and hopping on your bike. 

I’m sorry you had to hear that,” Regina says wiping her tears away, “I don’t even know what set Zelena off this time…she just hates me so much and my Mom…”

“Is a bully and Zelena…well she’s a bully too and you deserve so much more than them.”

“How sickening,” Zelena drawls marching into Regina’s room, “Seriously sis, you have to call your girlfriend to defend you? How pathetic.”

“How dare you?” Emma says, rising to her feet as her anger boils over.

“Emma,” Regina whispers, “Don’t…”

“Yeah Emma don’t,” Zelena mimics. 

“I have to,” Emma replies before moving to stand between Zelena and Regina, “You’re a jerk and I don’t know what you’re problem is but there is no need to take it out on Regina all the time. She’s your sister and that aside she’s an amazing person. She’s brave and strong and so loyal that she puts up with your crap just so you don’t have to handle your Mom alone. She loves animals and she knows all the songs from Wickedly. She’s funny and makes me smile all the time. I love her and she’s an easy person to love because she’s Regina and she’s incredible if you’d only give her the chance.”

Zelena rolls her eyes and scoffs, looking down, a hint of shame and guilt flushing her features before she mutters, “Whatever,” and storms off slamming the door behind her.

Regina smiles softly moving to kiss Emma sweetly, “I love you too…thank you for defending me…even though I don’t know if it’ll help.”

Emma shrugs, “She left.”

Regina nods, “For tonight.”

Emma nods again before smiling at Regina as she promises, “Then I’ll come back every night.”