I just have so many headcanons about Killian and Emma taking trips now that they’re at peace. 

They could take the JR down the East Coast or something. Spend the majority of the time naked, sleep on the deck when they feel like it, talk through the last few months, talk about their lives more, drink until they’re tipsy and laughing together, because they haven’t had enough of that and it’s a beautiful sight. 

Or they could take the bug to Boston, because I feel like Killian would love it there, with the Colonial and maritime history. I have it in my head that they would walk along the river and around the Boston Public Gardens, sit on a bench with Emma’s head in his lap…and Emma lays there quietly, remembering how she would linger in that same place as a kid so she didn’t have to go back to her foster home of the month…or sitting there in her adulthood before Storybrooke, feeling empty and looking at everyone else who seemed to have someone while she was just alone. Killian notices her quiet tears and just dries them and clasps their hands on her chest. She has someone now. 

Or, Killian learns how to use the internet, looks up all these ridiculous things nearby like ‘World’s Largest Frying Pan’ or some shit, goes “Swan, we’ve got to go see this!” and just generally geeks out over what a bizarre world he’s married into. Emma rolls her eyes and laughs the whole time but loves seeing him so happy. 

They can just exist together however they want without any damn interruption, and it’s beautiful. 

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Henry gets in trouble for tricking Emma into letting him do something he's not allowed to do, and Emma's scared Regina is upset with her too

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma’s fingers twitch anxiously as Regina sends Henry off to his room. It’s not the first time he’s played his mothers against one another and as he moves further into adolescence it probably won’t be the last, however it is the first time that he’s done it since they become a couple. 

She hated going behind Regina’s back when they were just friends. Little things they could get away with, a candy bar here and there or a sneaky trip to the ice-cream bar that Regina knew about anyway. 

Anything big though and Emma would make sure to consult, not wanting Regina to feel pushed aside as the brunette would do for her. 

This time though Henry pulled out what Emma calls the “sneaky little shit” card by telling Emma that he’d already asked Regina’s permission and was just checking that she was okay with it too. Emma had nodded and waved him off only for Regina to arrive home furious that night to find out that Henry had headed out to the party/alcohol fest on the beach in spite of being grounded. 

Once he’s gone, Regina collapses onto the sofa with a groan, “Urgh if he wasn’t grounded before he is now…” she pauses frowning as she notices Emma’s anxiety, “Are you okay? Did you think I was too hard on him?” 

Emma shakes her head, “No, he lied to us both and snuck out to a party he knew he wasn’t allowed to go to since he bombed his Math final…I…are you mad at me?” 

“Why would I be mad at you?” 

“Because I let him go…I went behind your back…I know you hate that,” Emma mumbles averting her gaze. 

Regina shakes her head before using her little finger to tilt Emma’s chin back up, “You didn’t lie to me and you didn’t go behind my back. Henry did what teenagers do and tried to play us. I’m not mad at you Emma. We’re a team and as Henry grows older, you and I, we need to have each other’s back. I have yours.” 

Emma smiles softly, “And I have yours.”

something i did in a fanfic that i liked very much: 

changed how emma became full dark one by killing king arthur and enjoying crushing his heart in camelot, instead of violating her partner’s soul- which is even darker IMO.

this would have been so good and shocking y’all. 

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Hella Flirting??

Lol. You could have sent these all in one message if you wanted!

Pretty much all that are in the romance section but here are a couple:

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Past the clouds we found the stars

Notes: I wanted to write something but i didn’t have such ideas. So I opened a new document, and I simply started to tap.


It’s just that I miss them so much already.


(Always sorry for any mistake, remember I’m not English /American/etc…)


A happy beginning means that you’re ready to begin something. It means you’re ready to smile, ready to welcome life with open arms with pros and cons. No matter what she will put on your way, you’ll be there. You won’t give up.

Emma wished for a happy ending for so long, during her life. For the most of it, actually, she was alone. Then Henry found her, but she didn’t believe at first.
But even than, even after the all magic curse thing, she still didn’t believe she would have found what she needed. She knew even Neal wasn’t her happy ending, her own fairy-tale, outside the book.

Then Hook came to be in her life. He showed up on her way, grin on his face and a shiny silver hook. A pirate.
If someone told her she would fell in love and marry such a character she would have probably laugh to death, like it was the most ridiculous story to tell. But it’s until you believe, that something is actually possible. And Emma started to believe. Started to smile. Slowly, step by step, she tried, she failed, she never gave up, and, at the end, she won. She won something far more valuable than an happy ending. She earned her happy beginning. She earned a promise, a big smile to encourage her and Killian to always see the best in the worst.
They were husband and wife, now, she found her true love and she was finally feeling at home.


On a SF feelings spiral, please send help 

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Hey. I have to admit I've stopped watching OUAT since S5 (though I did get mildly excited about S6). But, simply because I can't leave the fandom and its art (I mean, the fanfiction alone..) I'm still here. And reading people's reactions to the finale's got me thinking... I'm sure you can tell I'm a shipper now. But I started as GA, I I loved it. And I could have dealt with my ships never happening. But the writing sadly got so bad there was nothing left, you know? That's the worst part for me.

Absolutely. That’s exactly how most of us feel, at this point. And it is because shipper or not, we all gotta admit that around S3 it became evident that ships were going to be the final destruction of this show. As in, Swan Queen–the ship that wrote itself so organically despite their best effort, became such a big treat to everyone’s (showrunners, bigots in the GA, networks, you name it) heteropatriarchal paradigm–that HAD to be obliterated any way possible. So, enter all sorts of heteroenforced, subsequently artificially added ships–to straightwash them, at the cost of any logic, point and sense–in any of the other plotlines. And that is why we are where we are now, at the point where… there’s simply nothing left?