“So you’ve been working there for three weeks and still haven’t actually met your boss?” Their conversation was drowned out by their own feet pounding against the ground. “I mean yeah but-” Her phone buzzed, cutting her music off before she reached to check it. “There’s also a guy.” 

Emma stopped her treadmill, taking deep breaths as she turned towards her sister. “A guy? Why haven’t I heard about this guy?” Kohl shrugged, continuing her pace after she responded to the text. “Because it’s nothing serious - seriously. He texts me once he’s off work and comes over to let off some steam.” Emma let out a choked laugh. “Oh my god, my baby sister has a fuck buddy.”

nothxmontyurnotmanenough  asked:

Me too honestly ??? Like a lot of things that happened just confused me so so much?? Like yousef and sana ??? And the fuckin thing with eva, p chris, jonas and emma was just ?? aND They brought back willhell i was just like WHAt

Get ready for this.


I love them together but seriously? Sending him to Turkey? What was the fucking point? The text between him and Sana was cute though, “One day, I’ll bring you here”, I was like, you have almost saved this season my adorable children.


Chris had never, not once, shown any interest in Emma, whatsoever. He was, fucking, in love with Eva a couple of clips ago. Please explain to me (I’m talking to you, Julie) that he can go from wanting her to be his girlfriend, meeting her mother, telling Willhell he thinks he loves her, and asking Jonas for help to being like “I’m your boyfriend” to a girl he just met. And Emma? She didn’t even, fucking, question it. Even though, she’s supposed to be with Jonas, like what the fuck?


WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Did Julie just completely forget how shitty a boyfriend Jonas was to Eva. I mean he treated her like crap. Let’s just remember what kind of boyfriend he was shall we: cheated on two girlfriends, not one but two, mocked Eva (her grades and her lack of friends), broke her trust and made her paranoid and terrified that she was going to lose him, and basically broke her, to the point where it took, like, 3 seasons for her to get back on her feet properly. But, yeah, sure, throw one of the best developed characters back into a toxic relationship with a basic asshole because it’s fucking easy.


Seriously? Noora (isn’t exactly my favourite character) deserved better than that asshole. I’m not going into that right now. I just really hate how unsupportive he was of Chris’s feelings for Eva. “You don’t love her. You’d know if you did.” Yeah, like, you know what you’re talking about, you fucking blackmailed Noora into dating you so you wouldn’t continue hurting her friend, that’s not fucking love asshole. And the fact that the only way to get Noora and Willhell to actually talk after their (whatever the fuck it was) argument was for Sana to send one fucking email, neither of them couldn’t get off their fucking arses to make the effort? Oh, yeah, that’s true love, right there.


When it comes to Emma, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m like, what the fuck are you doing? I mean, she’s been with Isak, Jonas and, now, she’s with P-Chris. She needs to get a clue. On the other hand, she’s just a girl that wants to be loved. She didn’t know Isak was gay, he didn’t even know, she just saw a cute guy that she could imagine liking and being with. She tried with Jonas, I think she knew he still liked Eva, but she wanted to believe he wanted her. So when P-Chris, says “I’m your new boyfriend”, she’s over the moon, because, for whatever reason, this guy wants to be with her, and she’s not gonna question it.


I really wish they explained this more. I mean, Noora is a smart girl, she must have known on some level that Sana felt, at least, a small attraction to him. And, to go off at Sana about not telling her about Willhell’s new girlfriend, who must have been pissed when he just suddenly ended things, if he did. It wasn’t Sana’s fault, all the other girls knew, but you don’t see Noora going off at them. 

Did I miss anything? I just have a lot of feelings. 

Captain Swan Vows
  • Hook: When we met it was just one thing that mattered to me: getting my revenge. And you did something that no one else ever could: you showed me that a heart full of love is the most precious treasure of all. And one that I don't intend to lose. They say that a captain's heart belongs to his ship. And with this ring, it now belongs to you.
  • Emma: Killian. I spent so much of my life on my own. And then Henry found me and brought me to Storybrooke and helped me find the rest of my family. But just because you learn that you come from true love doesn’t mean you believe that you will ever find it. But thanks to you, now I have.