I got Tic Tacs in my mouth, with a big dick!
But it don’t matter

Redman is informing us that he’s having some refreshing Tic Tacs and also, by the way, his penis is large.

Or, two things are in his mouth right now: Tic Tacs and a sizable member.

There are so many different, unambiguous ways that he could have expressed this idea. “I’ve got Tic Tacs in my mouth, and a big dick in my pants.” “I have a big dick, and I also have Tic Tacs.” “I’m eating Tic Tacs. I’m also well endowed.” We’ve personally used many of those in the past. But no, he had to go with the one phrasing that makes it sound like somebody’s getting a wintergreen blowjob from the star of How High.

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Mi consigli dieci canzoni stupende?

LowLow - Sfoghi di una vita complicata

Mezzosangue - This is jam

Gemitaiz - Top of the world

E-green - 4 secondi

Nayt - Un giorno nero

Salmo - Traccia 9 (premeditazione e dolo)

Eminem - Second chance

Redman - Dunfiato

Canesecco - Fortunato

Luca J - Mai più