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Kozmotis and his family survive the nightmare ambush. Many years later they come across Nightlight instead of the Lunanoffs. They adopt him, and he becomes a knight of the Pitchiners. I have no idea where the story would go from there….. (I think Pitch’s wife is best with short hair) 


I see a lot of people mixing Guardians of Childhood books with the Rise of the Guardians movie, and I’m totally into that, I love it when people do that, 

but the books and movie are actually pretty different. I wanted to make a fine line between what is in the books, and what is in the movie. That way, people won’t get confused or we can look at things from a different perspective. 

I probably have left out a lot, and maybe forgotten a few things, but these are just the basics. 

There are still a few books yet to come out for The Guardians of Childhood, so we don’t have full confirmation for a lot of things. 

As for the movie, I really don’t see a sequel happening anytime soon, so I just went with the information we were given. 

Otherwise, feel free to use this as a reference for any art or fan fictions you guys want to make! Any questions? Go ahead and ask~ <3 

~~~~Guardians of Childhood VS Rise of the guardians ~~~~


Guardians of Childhood Jack Frost

ISBN: 978-1442430433
Released Date: October 27, 2015
Publisher:  Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Pages: 48
Author: William Joyce

Discover how Jack Frost keeps the hearts of children happy in the third picture book in Academy Award winner William Joyce’s New York Times bestselling and “dazzlingly inventive” (Publishers Weekly) The Guardians of Childhood series.

Before Jack Frost was Jack Frost, he was Nightlight, the most trusted and valiant companion of Mim, the Man in the Moon. But when Pitch destroys Mim’s world, he nearly destroys Nightlight too, sending him plunging to Earth where, like Peter Pan, he is destined to remain forever a boy, frozen in time. And while Nightlight has fun sailing icy winds and surfing clouds, he is also lonely without his friend Mim. To keep the cold in his heart from taking over, he spreads it to the landscapes around him and earns a new name: Jack Overland Frost.

But a true friend always comes through, and on one particularly bleak night, Mim shines down and shows Jack a group of children in great peril. Through helping them, Jack finds the warmth he’s been yearning for, and realizes bringing joy to others can melt his own chill. It is this realization—that there will always be children who need moments of bravery, who need rosy cheeks, who need to build snowmen, and who are then eager for a spring day—that makes Jack realize why he is a forever boy, and worthy of becoming a Guardian of Childhood.

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“The conception and birth of a child are a new awakening of the heart, they enlarge it.  The parents are called to grow in greater love and openness, and give of themselves.  The beautiful side of belonging is how it calls forth what is most precious in the human heart.  Belonging is equally beautiful for the child.  She knows she is loved and that she brings joy to her parents.  Her body, her growth, her nourishment, her language and her security all come from belonging.  It is through this sense of belonging that she begins to discover who she is and who she is called to become.” – Becoming Human by Jean Vanier

So I drew this, but all credit should really go to @paterxumbra and @materxnatura.