It’s official: Sharon Carter will NOT be in Infinity Wars.

If there was ever any doubt that she was there to do little more than to establish Steve’s heterosexuality this should be your proof. And once that was done, Marvel got rid of her.

Because let’s be real. She’s not going to be in Spiderman. We aren’t going to see her again in the MCU. Hell, if we even get a mention of her that will be shocking, the way that Marvel discards “love interests”.  

And this has always been my problem with her character, since I first read her in the comics. She was created to be a love interest and unlike other female comic characters wasn’t given a reboot in the 70s/80s to make her more than that. 

Marvel needs someone to screw up for a plot point to happen (pretty much her role in comics!Civil War): Sharon. They needed someone to suddenly have a useful skill they never had before to keep the story moving  (i.e. a Mary Sue): Sharon. They want a bad ass woman to point to, so they give a woman a gun, but make her shrewish and bitchy: Sharon. 

In the MCU, they need to remove any question of the obvious affection between Steve and his long time friend that might call into question their sexuality. Why Sharon is there to seemingly randomly kiss Steve with no chemistry, no build-up and no other reason to include her in the movie.

Two things to say to you Marvel:

1) It’s the 21st Century. Stop doing this to a supposedly female lead. Reboot Sharon once and for all and make her more than a caricature of a supposedly awesome female lead. Actually make her awesome! 

2) You better have not tanked Emily Vancamp’s career by letting all of the fandom hate rest on her shoulders. It was crappy how you threw her to the wolves. I can only hope that all the negativity she faced won’t prevent her from moving on to other, non-marvel roles. She’s a talent and I’d love to see her in more things. 

At last (2016)

Third and last artwork of the evening devoted to Civil War (sorry about the CW spam), after this one devoted to the first post-credit scene (Steve and Bucky) and this one showing Tony at the end of the movie.

This is totally how the parking scene went. *cough* Yup, I’m 100% positive. (Photoshop CS6)