Emily B

also interesting, ‘he found a way to get himself isolated without hurting anybody’  from Emily, the same Emily who figured out this episode that Reid poisoned 6 dudes enough to earn them long hospital stays, and had no reaction and was seemingly apathetic to it. 

She was glad he didn’t have to hurt anybody to keep himself safe, but she wouldn’t have minded if he had, she was half expecting him to have to do harm to achieve it and she’s the one who told him to isolate himself in the first place (i mean, she’d have cared what it did to his mental state if he’d had to, but not batted an eyelid over who he could have potentially harmed). If she was aware telling him to isolate himself could likely mean him harming another person/people, she technically gave him her tacit approval when she told him to do it. 

Kind of a ‘do no harm unless you have to’ philosophy, and it’s not like we’ve never seen her employ ugly methods to prevent something worse. She clearly believes harming yourself is preferable to harming others, but also, she shot Fahey, she chose to tell Doyle to kill him because the alternative was even more terrible. 

She’s not afraid of making shitty choices, and she’s not somebody who holds it against others when they have to, either. 

It’s so interesting it’s so morally grey and i love it.