A Swinging Wake and Doorless Chambers, a collection of fifteen (yes, fifteen!) terrifying tea blends inspired by our favorite 999 happy haunts! 

Lapsang Souchong, a smoky-flavored tea, is the common thread running through all of them to bring out that sense of a moldering sanctum. (Now that I think about it, it tastes better than I’m making it sound!)

Side note: I’m sure these all have room for improvement, so I’m leaving them open to changes. I have tested them all and like them, but I don’t consider myself a tea connoisseur, so please don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.

Please message me if you have any questions/comments! Hopefully this will lead to even more fandom blends in the future. Maybe I’ll add more Mansion residents - Medusa, April December, the Singing Busts, the Mummy, the raven, the Opera Singers…who knows?

(Full credit for this frightfully fabulous idea goes to my wonderfully amazing friend, fellow tea lover @spookymaid! Seriously, she’s really cool and scary talented. Go check out her stuff.)

You can get them all here and here!

sometimes i think about the fact that Emily had absolutely no idea of or involvement with Josh’s serial killer “prank” at all and when she comes running into the lodge like THERES SOMETHING OUT THERE everyone’s like “it’s okay, it’s Josh, it’s just Josh” 

she must have been like “??? What’s Josh??? The monsters in the mineshaft??? The guy with the flamethrower???”