Le Salse di Nirano  (Fiorano Modenese, Modena - Italy), mud volcanoes.

A geological phenomenon that originates where fundamentally gaseous hydrocarbon deposits, particularly methane, come into communication with the surface through cracks in the roof of the deposit: the gas leaks out pushing and carrying upward the salty waters associated with the gaseous deposit. The dissolved clays brought to the surface deposit around the opening, creating the typical cones. The Salse, emissions of salty muds, are mistakenly considered pseudo-volcanic in nature. While this is not the only site of this phenomenon in Italy, it is undoubtedly the most important. (source)

The word “salsa” does not mean “sauce” but “salted”, referring to the salty clay soil.  Inside the cones, mud seems to boil because of hydrocarbons bubbles, which are actually emitted at ambient temperature.


Venezia (Venice)? Not at all, my gullible followers! It’s actually an amazing fishing harbor, about 100 km (65 m) far from Venice.

Italy is much more than the usual art cities for tourists. If you come here, take your time to visit some small jewels like this, out of the boring, same quick tourist tour.

Comacchio, Emilia Romagna, Italy

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Villa Bighi, a Copparo - in provincia di Ferrara - custodisce l’eredità di un grande graphic designer poco ricordato, Dante Bighi

In giardino trova spazio anche una vecchia Fiat 500: la usava Bighi. 

È lì ferma dal 1994, quando il suo proprietario morì: tra le ultime volontà chiese a un amico di portare da Milano, dove Bighi viveva, a Copparo, proprio quella Fiat 500 bianca. E lasciarla in giardino per sempre.