Emilia Fox


This beautiful gold and white Tudor style gown has been used in many different forms. It’s been seen in a film, a documentary, a mini-series, several book covers, and even utilized as a prop. The dress was first designed for the 1977 film Crossed Swords (also known as The Prince and the Pauper) by costume designer Judy Moorcroft (A Passage To India, The Europeans). Moorcroft seems to have designed the costumes for all of the main characters in the film, though quite a few recycled costumes from Anne of the Thousand Days and A Man For All Seasons do appear on secondary characters.

The gown was worn on Lalla Ward in 1977 as the Princess Elizabeth in Crossed Swords. In 1986 the costume was seen again in Lady Jane, though it was used as a prop rather than a costume. In 2001 it was worn on Charlotte Roach as Jane Seymour in David Starkey’s 2001 documentary The Six Wives of Henry VIII.  In 2003 it was worn in the mini-series Henry VIII on Emilia Fox as Jane Seymour. At some point after that, the dress seems to have been used in a photo shoot, with several of the photos eventually being used on re-issues of Jean Pleady novels, including Murder Most Royal on the cover of a 2011 re-issue of the 1949 novel, The Sixth Wife on the cover of a 2011 re-issue of the 1953 novel, The Queen’s Favourites, on the cover of a 2012 re-issue of the 1966 novel, and lastly on A Health Unto His Majesty, on the cover of a 2012 re-issue of the 1956 novel.

Costume Credit:  Annette, Cintia, Katie S.

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