I did this Crystal Balls video for Emil & Friends, in Bali and Brooklyn. Directed by a dear friend Michael Lawrence. EPIC SHIT!!!  

  • 35 - YET AGAIN

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— 35 - YET AGAIN

01. CAT POWER - Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
02. GRIZZLY BEAR — Yet Again
03. EMIL & FRIENDS — Polish Girl (Neon Indian Cover)
04. MANCEAU — Full Time Job (The Popopopops Remix)
05. PETITE NOIR — Disappear
06. GET PEOPLE — Grove
07. SUNROM — Le Sable
08. SAINT LOU LOU — Maybe You (Pyramid Remix)
10. TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS — Household Goods (Zeds Dead Remix)
11. CRYSTAL FIGHTERS — At Home (Fusty Delights Remix)
13. LOL BOYS — Changes (Shlohmo remix)
14. JULIA HOLTER — Goddess Eyes I

New Groovebug Feature: Emil & Friends

True or False: Emil & Friends is the band of actor Emil Hirsh. FALSE.

True or False: Emil Hewitt, the real Emil behind the music, created the rumor in an effort to get his music heard. TRUE.

Personally, we respect anyone who can successfully fake being Emil Hirsh. The real Emil is a self-classified “weird pop” musician. He spent quite a few years as an elusive artist who would periodically show up with buzzed about HypeMachine remixes. Then Cantora Records asked him to move to NY and he was out of then-home Boston pretty fast. He began as a solo act but quickly gained the “& friends” in the form of a five piece band.

This year he released his full-length debut Lo and Behold on Cantora, and he comes across as wonderfully whimsical. While the album is a bit fragmented, it all works together in its own weird way (ah, we get the weird pop thing now). Some of the track titles give you an idea of the scattered nature of the album, you’ve got “C.U.P.I.D,” “Prescriptions,” and “Raincheck.” Seems to me just from those three I have a track for any of my multiple moods. His theater background helps Emil act out a stage persona during his live shows that reflects the many topics covered in his music.

To find out more about Emil’s interests and inspirations check out the Groovebug App for iPad.

Rain Check by Emil & Friends (from the album Lo & Behold)

You know how sometimes you listen to a song and you can’t decide if it’s utterly terrible or utterly brilliant and then you realize its both but by that point it’s too late to care? Maybe that just happens to me? At any rate, Emil & Friends fits into this mold. And that’s a good thing. I think.

Short Order Cooks
  • Short Order Cooks
  • Emil & Friends
  • Downed Economy

Emil & Friends - Short Order Cooks

Listen to this if you want to hear beautiful samples, amazing guitar work, heavenly backing falsettos, or smooth bass. Listen to this if you want to hear an unexpectedly appealing mix of R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Synthpop. Listen to this if you want to start your day off right.

Cantora Records

Emil & Friends - Royal Oats (Minimix)

Kitsuné Records has just released their latest EP—this one is from American producer Emil Hewitt, aka Emil & Friends—and as usual, we commend their scouting talents. The EP features a track from the Kitsuné America compilation titled “Royal Oats,” with remixes of the track by Dubka, Radial and D.V.N.O., as well another track called “Internal Affairs.” Stream the minimix of the EP below.