College Confession 48

A few nights ago, a group of friends and myself were chilling in the common room when a group of happy drunks came in and started talking to us. One of them was trying to memorize the name of everyone in the room, but kept on messing up mine. When the drunken group were leaving, this guy insisted on giving me a hug goodbye as an apology. Immediately, he was amazed at how amazing of a hugger I am. Cue every drunk and sober person in the area lining up to get a hug from me, each one amazed when it turned out better than they expected. One girl even insisted that my hugs reminded her of her mom and made all of her anxieties melt away.

Nowadays, when being introduced to new people, everyone insists on mentioning how good of a hugger I am. I still can’t believe this is the reputation I have built for myself.

– Emerson College

story time:

so i get in the elevator in the lobby of my dorm building, and there’s this kid just low key sitting in the elevator, he sees me and smiles

when I get in and push “12,” he goes “yesssss” so i’m like “what are u doin buddy” and he’s like “tryna hit every floor without hitting any buttons”

so i’m like “how long u been at it” he goes “34 minutes”

34. Minutes.

can u believe that

Last time I’ll post my grad cap probably but this picture came out way better. I’m done with Emerson College and it was really difficult. I was waitlisted, deferred, denied, and then got in anyways. A guidance counselor at Emerson told me to drop out because I came from public high school and she assumed I wouldn’t be able to handle it. She also told me to give up on animation since I was attending a film school…she doesn’t know what being resourceful and well rounded is.

Forgive me if I sound rude, but this was a feat for me and my family!

I graduated Summa Cum Laude and in the top 2% of my class. This public school kid had a 3.9. I had an internship at Adult Swim and temped at Lionsgate all before I touched a diploma. I’m a working class daughter of a first generation American. So yes, I did write my way out, and Hamilton was extremely inspirational to have my last semester of college, when things seemed uncertain. Going back to my apartment in LA next week. Wonder if that guidance counselor cares.

I love my new community out there and can’t wait to get back.

Alright, so, my old roommate Hana and I have this game of tag/hot potato on where we pass this Residence Inn hotel key card back and forth.

The object of the game is to stick the other person with it in the sneakiest way possible. When I moved to New York, she slipped it into one of my shoes that had been packed away. When I discovered it, I took a bus trip back to Boston during a week she wasn’t home to plant it in a book above the toilet.

Anyway, on my recent birthday, I received a fat letter from my Alma Mater on official letterhead and found this inside.


Emerson College campus by Morphosis | via

Situated in the heart of the entertainment industry on Sunset Boulevard, Emerson College Los Angeles will accommodate over 200 undergraduate students from the renowned creative arts and communication school based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The building’s frame-like outer volume accommodates ten storeys of student housing, while the curving central sections contain teaching facilities and staff administration, amidst a series of terraces and connecting bridges.

“The building is designed to expand the interactive, social aspect of education,” said Thom Mayne. “We focused on creating with the broader community in mind - both in terms of public space and sustainable design.”

Photography: Iwan Baan

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