College Confession 48

A few nights ago, a group of friends and myself were chilling in the common room when a group of happy drunks came in and started talking to us. One of them was trying to memorize the name of everyone in the room, but kept on messing up mine. When the drunken group were leaving, this guy insisted on giving me a hug goodbye as an apology. Immediately, he was amazed at how amazing of a hugger I am. Cue every drunk and sober person in the area lining up to get a hug from me, each one amazed when it turned out better than they expected. One girl even insisted that my hugs reminded her of her mom and made all of her anxieties melt away.

Nowadays, when being introduced to new people, everyone insists on mentioning how good of a hugger I am. I still can’t believe this is the reputation I have built for myself.

– Emerson College

story time:

so i get in the elevator in the lobby of my dorm building, and there’s this kid just low key sitting in the elevator, he sees me and smiles

when I get in and push “12,” he goes “yesssss” so i’m like “what are u doin buddy” and he’s like “tryna hit every floor without hitting any buttons”

so i’m like “how long u been at it” he goes “34 minutes”

34. Minutes.

can u believe that

Got my acceptance into New York University today.

Holy shit. I was accepted into every single college I applied to…

  1. New York University
  2. George Washington University
  3. Northeastern University
  4. American University
  5. Emerson College
  6. Moravian College
  7. Eugene Lang College

I will definitely choose either NYU or GWU, I’m just not quite sure yet.

i was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia just now and saw that Mac was wearing an Emerson College shirt!

so i googled up on it and found this:

“Last spring in our Writing for TV class, we had a conference call with Rob McElhenney, the creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. As a thank you our class sent him a t-shirt that reads “Emerson College Football - Undefeated Since 1880.” (Emerson has never had a football team, hence the irony.) Well, on last night’s hi-larious third season finale, Rob sported that very same t-shirt. Much to my surprise, he did not cut the sleeves off. If you’ve never checked out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia you should, it’s one of the funniest shows on TV. There’s also a brief write-up about the shirt on Emerson’s VMA page." 

Many Firsts!

WOW! This post is long overdue and in all honesty, was typed up last week but I am just now getting around to posting it. Anyway, first post let’s go!

Two weeks ago, I went to Boston to tour two colleges. It was my first time ever going to Boston (and my first time in Massachusetts), my first college tours, and let me just say this, that city is AMAZING. 10/10 would recommend going to Boston if you get the chance. I was only there for a little over 24 hours but my top school is up there so I’m hoping to return soon to do some more exploring. My mom and I stayed a mile away from the first school I toured (Northeastern University) and we ate at this restaurant near our hotel that has the best onion rings ever. (I don’t remember what it was called but if I remember I’ll add it to this post because I suggest you check it out) We also went and looked around this mall that was across the street from our hotel and there were some really cute stores in there.(Sidenote: There was thing big Microsoft store in there and I’ve never seen one of those stores that’s as big as an Apple store)

The other school I toured, which is now my first choice, was Emerson College and I fell IN LOVE. For starters, the campus is near the theatre district and is not far from Newbury Street, which has a bunch of stores and really cute boutiques. They’re more of an arts(??) school which is really cool because they have a lot of creative arts centered majors and co-curriculars. They also have a Los Angeles campus which I really liked a lot because I’ve never been to the West Coast and am still dying to go, but realistically, I know I can’t go to college that far from home so the opportunity to be able to spend a semester there was a big “yes please!!” for me. Northeastern was super great as well. It’s definitely way bigger than Emerson, but their campus is so pretty and their one residence hall happened to smell like cookies when we were in there and it was the greatest thing ever.

I am now realizing this probably wasn’t that interesting at all but I PROMISE I have a better post coming soon! Thanks for reading if you’re still here! (I attached some unedited pictures I took that you may or may not have already seen but I liked them so, why not post again right?)

9.17.17// Finally posting a real post about school. I cannot really be caught in the dining hall without homework or a book (Currently reading I Hate Everyone But You by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin). I’m studying speech now and I have an online quiz and a self critique due by midnight. I also have a rant on sex education due soon. I had a rough start but now I’m getting dedicated.


Alright, so, my old roommate Hana and I have this game of tag/hot potato on where we pass this Residence Inn hotel key card back and forth.

The object of the game is to stick the other person with it in the sneakiest way possible. When I moved to New York, she slipped it into one of my shoes that had been packed away. When I discovered it, I took a bus trip back to Boston during a week she wasn’t home to plant it in a book above the toilet.

Anyway, on my recent birthday, I received a fat letter from my Alma Mater on official letterhead and found this inside.

College Checklist

As I get ready to graduate, I begin to get nostalgic for my “college experience”. Did I do “it” right? Did I cross and check everything off of the college bucket list? Did I live the All-American College dream? Probably not. But, in the past three years, here’s what I did do.

  • I lived in a room overlooking the Boston Common.
  • I lived in a room overlooking an alleyway.
  • I lived in a room that looks at a wall.
  • I once drank four coffees in a 6 hour period, 8 in a day.
  • I quit drinking coffee. Several times.
  • I had a wonderful roommate who taught me more than I can ever thank her for.
  • I had an awful roommate who bullied me so relentlessly that I wanted to drop out of college just because of her.
  • I didn’t let her win, and now she runs away from me, rather than the other way around.
  • I never did end up dropping out…
  • I once only slept 20 hours over a five day time period.
  • I stayed in the costume shop so late security had to kick me out.
  • I arrived at the costume shop so early, I had to wait for the building to be opened.
  • I played quidditch. (I was a beater for the Faneuil Falcons).
  • I took spring break trips to Santa Fe and Fort Myers with my Newman friends, and each one was an eye-opening experience.
  • I was president of a club.
  • I went to college parties.
  • I stayed so late at a college party, that not only did I miss the T, I ended up walking across Boston to get home. (with friends, of course).
  • I took a cab to a college party because it was snowing. Took a cab home from the same party. It was still snowing.
  • I only missed three classes in my college career. Every time was because I was sick.
  • I spent too much time on tumblr and facebook, and watched too much tv.
  • I had illegal dorm pets (hermit crabs!).
  • I was in the shower twice when the fire alarms went off.
  • I was asleep all the other times.
  • I designed costumes for five shows: three straight plays and two musicals. Straight plays: one comedy, two feminist dramas. Both feminist dramas involved middle-aged Victorian women going insane because of post-partum depression. Why I was always asked to design those, I’ll never know. Oddly specific.
  • I grew my hair long, cut it, and did that again. and again.
  • I’ve run away, but I’ve always come back.
  • I’ve made enemies.
  • I’ve made friends. 
  • I’ve made best friends.
  • I’ve worked for bosses that I’m glad to call my friends.
  • I have fought my way through the biddies in front of the Estate and the gypsies on Boylston street. 
  • I once nearly got hit by a motorcycle cop. When I was walking on the sidewalk. In front of EmCafe.
  • I’ve heard that homeless guy sing the “spare change” song.
  • I’ve been awkwardly hit on by the homeless men on Boylston Street.
  • I haven’t been hit on by Emerson boys. Straight ones, that is.
  • I’ve spent hours drafting until my eyes felt like bleeding and all I could do is curse, but that project is the one I’ve been proudest of.
  • I never had a summer internship (which is Emerson’s favorite tradition)
  • I have spent a summer working in the costume shop and traveling to England. 
  • I have spent a summer getting paid to play with dogs.
  • I have never regret how I’ve spent a summer.
  • I have praised the Dining Hall.
  • I have cursed the Dining Hall.
  • I mostly just miss Brownie Waffle Night and Taco Tuesday. (Why are they gone?)
  • I discovered that the “soft serve ice cream” is frozen milk and sugar.
  • I’ve learned how to be snarky and sassy.
  • I now know how to understand aforementioned sassiness from other people.
  • I’ve stayed up all night having heart-to-hearts with friends.
  • I once went to bed at 7pm and woke up at noon.
  • I never burnt popcorn in the microwave.
  • I did light a bird feather on fire, in the microwave.
  • I had classes in Ansin, Walker, Tufte and the Union Bank Building. 
  • I’ve fallen up the stairs in the Walker Building.
  • I’ve fallen down the stairs in the Walker Building.
  • I really shouldn’t run on the stairs in the Walker Building.
  • I’ve snuck out of the Tufte Building after hours without setting off the alarms.
  • I got locked in a Tufte art closet once.
  • I’ve only been above the 2nd floor of Ansin once. 
  • My class in the Bank building was Mythology. It was AWESOME.
  • I went to a hipster concert, Sufjan Stevens, and it was great!
  • I will receive a BFA degree in Theater Design and Technology. 
  • I should receive a minor degree in BS.
  • I found out that I like making lists and that I probably talk too much.