Emblem3 Fanfic

Things I have learned from Emblem3 TV

  • Drew can “surf” without a wet suit.
  • It’s okay to be 2 hours late cause of Starbucks.
  • Keaton is the best surfer.
  • Magic happens at the Strombergs.
  • We all need to thank Tony Morris.
  • Drew knows nothing about Keaton.
  • We can all go hang out with Drew.
  • Drew is the Strombergs sex slave.
Maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me- Keaton Stromberg

Your boyfriend Keaton had just gotten home from tour a few hours ago, and you hadn’t yet seen him since you had been at school all day. After several hours of fidgeting in your chair and texting Keaton, school was finally over. You slung your backpack over your shoulder and walked outside, feeling the cool October breeze on your skin. Your phone vibrated with another text from your boyfriend
“Are you coming home soon? I haven’t seen you in forever </3”
You grinned and quickly responded, before putting your phone back into your pocket and starting to walk home.
After a few minutes of walking, you finally reached your front door, and before you could even get your keys out, the door opened to reveal Keaton’s smiling face.
“Keaton!” you shrieked, stepping into his outstretched arms.
“Your brother let me in,” he explained, kissing you softly and then pulling you in for another hug “I missed you so much” he murmured into your shoulder.
“I missed you more,” you said, smiling.
“So, what do you want to do?” Keaton asked.
“Starbucks?” you asked hopefully.
Keaton rolled his eyes, but you knew he loved it just as much as you did. “Let’s go,” he said, grabbing your hand and pulling you outside.
You both walked hand in hand, occasionally talking about the tour and how much you missed each other.
When you reached Starbucks, Keaton held the door open for you and you smiled at his politeness as you stepped inside. “What do you want?” you asked Keaton.
“I’ll order.” he kissed you on the top of your head. “Go find us a table.”
The place was practically empty, so you knew Keaton just didn’t want you to try to pay for your orders, but you didn’t protest. You chose a table by the window, and pulled out your phone, checking twitter.
A few minutes later, Keaton joined you, handing you a latte.
“Thanks,” you said. Keaton just smiled.
“So…” he said, trailing off.
“Yeah?” you put your phone away, giving him your full attention.
“Well… you know the band I’m in? Emblem3?”
You laughed, knowing he was just stalling. “Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with it.”
“Well, um, we’re going on a tour soon. A pretty big tour.”
You bit your lip. “When?”
Keaton sucked in his breath. “In a few weeks. And it’s six months long.” He looked up at you nervously.
Your heart sunk, but you knew this would happen eventually. You were proud of Keaton no matter what.
“It’s our first worldwide tour. It’s a huge deal,” he said, breaking the silence.
You started to smile. “Aw! Keaton! I’m so proud of you!”
Keaton rolled his eyes, blushing. “I’m excited, but I’ll miss you. A lot.” he looked at the ground.
“I’ll miss you too, Keats.” you said, reaching for his hand.
You two sat in a comfortable silence for several minutes, enjoying each other’s company, savoring the feeling of love.

Three weeks later, and Keaton would be leaving in two days. You two wanted to spend every second together until he had to leave, and Wesley and Drew were always making fun of your clinginess towards each other.
You and Keaton were at the park, swinging in perfect sync and sending each other occasional sad smiles, knowing you wouldn’t see each other for several months after these next two days. The vibe between you two wasn’t sad, but it wasn’t happy, either.
You finally decided. Right now you would tell him. No backing down. He has to know.
“Keaton?” you said, stopping your swing from moving.
“Mmhmm?” he said, doing the same.
“I have to tell you something.” you said shakily. He just nodded. You took a deep breath. “I-I’m sick. Really sick. The doctors are saying i only have a few months left.”
Keaton’s face immediately whitened. “No.” he choked out, grabbing your face in his hands. A single tear streamed down his face.
You began to cry too. “I’m so sorry for not telling you,” you said quietly.
Keaton stood up. “You’re coming on tour with me,” he said weakly, silent tears rolling down his face.
“Keaton- I have school, I can’t…”
“You’re coming on tour with me,” he said firmly. “We can set up a homeschooling program. Just- please…” his speech was interrupted by his heart wrenching sobs.
I pulled him closer to me. “If.. if you really want me to, I guess I can.”
Keaton pulled away from your arms and kissed you passionately. “I love you so much.”

Several hours later, you woke up in the middle of the night on the beach. Keaton was awake, and he was stroking your hair slowly.
“Have you been awake this whole time?” you asked him.
“Yeah,” he said softly, kissing you on the cheek.
Realizing it was only about 3 am, you grabbed his hand. “Let’s go back to my house,” you said.
Keaton agreed and you silently walked home in the dark. You lived fairly close to the beach so it wasn’t too bad. When you got home, you both went straight to bed, exhausted from the day’s events.
About an hour later, you felt Keaton’s arms leave your waist.
“I’m just getting some water. Go back to sleep,” he said gently.
You were too tired to say anything, so you silently drifted off to sleep.
When you woke up a few hours later, Keaton still wasn’t by your side. You went downstairs, assuming he was eating breakfast, but there was no one home. Weird.
The phone rang, and you got up to get it. You noticed it was your doctor- this can’t be good.
“Yes, we have some news for you.”
“Y-yes?” you said.
“You’re officially 100% healthy. Your blood tests proved it. This is a rare case, you’re extremely lucky.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes. But you’ll have to come in regularly to make sure you stay healthy, okay?”
“Of course,” you said, tears of joy starting to form in your eyes as you hung up.
You couldn’t wait to tell Keaton- now you two will never have to be apart. He’ll be thrilled. Everything was suddenly okay again.
You poured yourself a glass of juice and sat down, soon being interrupted by the doorbell. Getting up to answer it, your best friend was standing outside. She looked like she had been… crying?
Before you could ask her what was wrong and tell her the good news you had, she squeezed you into a tight hug. “I’m so so so so so so so sorry,” she choked.
“About what?” you asked, confused.
“Keaton ki-killing himself,” she sobbed.
Your whole world came crashing down. Everything you ever had was destroyed by those three words.
“No one told you?” she asked, noticing your shocked and heartbroken expression.
You shook your head violently, tears streaming down your face. You had never felt like this before- Empty. Sad. Alone.
“When?” you stammered.
“Last night.”
Fuck. You should have known. You should never have let Keaton leave your side. You had ruined everything.
“C-Can I have some time alone?” you asked.
She nodded. “Call me if you need anything at all.”
You waited until she left to break down. Why would Keaton ever do this? You were heartbroken. Much more than heartbroken, actually. There were no words for the deep agony in your heart.
You dragged yourself to the bathroom in which he probably took his own life. There was a small pool of blood on the floor, and you felt like you could die right there. Sobs erupted throughout your entire body. Before you could leave the bathroom, a crumpled piece of paper caught your eye. You picked it up, your hands starting to shake.

“Thank you. For everything. I love you so much, and I will never forget you, even in heaven.” You read the written words aloud softly, your voice shaking with every word. “I never told you this, but when I met you, I was going through a really… rough time in my life. And even though I felt like shit every day, even though everyone at school hated me, even though I never thought I was good enough… you saved me. Even if you didn’t know it. And now that you won’t be able to save me anymore, it’s not worth it. Nothing’s worth it. I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry. “

3000 Miles Chapter 5

*WARNING!!! Sexual content!!! DO NOT read if underage or not into that kind of thing!!!*

We pulled up to his house with the heat still radiating through the car. It was almost worse having him this close to me and not being able to touch him the way i wanted. The lights in the house were off, but Laraine said that Brooke was coming in tonight. I was looking around to see if i could see her car but it wasnt anywhere. Maybe Brooke decided to come in the morning or i dont know something. After a minute of debating what the possible answer was, i gave up. Who cares i just wanted Wesley and i wanted him now. He came around and opened my door. I immediately pulled him against my chest and kissed him. I pulled away and bit onto his lower lip as i did. He groaned a little and pulled me back to him, “Oh you will pay for that.”

He drug me behind him into the house. He opened the door quietly trying to hear for his mom. He flipped the light on and saw a note on the table, it said *Wesley you better have brought your brother home and i hope you are both safe. Brooke was having car troubles so i went over to her house and we will be back in the morning, i promise you one more home cooked breakfast before you leave. Stay inside please and stay out of trouble. Love your mom.* He looked over at me with a suggestive look, “Mom isnt home tonight…” he brought me to his side and nuzzled his way down to my neck. Between lightly blowing on it and kissing it he said, “Is there anywhere in your deepest desires that you have wanted to have sex, because the house is ours until Keaton gets home and we can do it wherever you want.”

I ponder the idea of fulfilling a few fantasies with him tonight but the thought occurs you have no idea when Keaton is going to be home and you dont need to emotionally scar the poor boy, “Just take me to your bed and remind me why i am going to miss you.”

He smiles at me and takes me to his room. Along the way we are kissing and ripping at the layers that are keeping us apart. The hoodie i borrowed was strewn along the stairs. Shoes are being kicked off and anything else that we can get our hands on. By the time we reach Wes’s room i am wearing just my bra and panties, hes down to his boxers. He pushes me up against the wall by his room hardly breathing but frantically running his hands on my body. “Baby slow down I’m not going to run away. Deep breath.”

I open his door and take his hand guiding him to the bed. I push against his chest making him lay back. I straddled his lap taking the control. I laid my body against his bare chest feeling my way over him. He laid his head back allowing me to slide up to the crook of his neck and start my work there. I was biting and kissing and sucking. He was fighting the urge to make any noise or movement. I was driving him crazy and i loved it. I started sliding down his chest leaving small kisses here and there along the way. I got to his waist and slipped my finger under the waistband of his boxers. I lightly tugged them off discarding them to the floor. I ran my finger up and down his member a couple times teasing him. I came up between his legs and ran my tongue along the path my finger had just traveled. I saw a slight tremor run through Wes’s body. I smiled to myself feeling the control run through my veins. I lightly ran my tongue over his head and slipped it into my mouth. I sucked a bit and pulled a little. Wesley groaned from the pleasure. I took more of him into my mouth and then pulled it out. I continued to suck and pull and make pleasure coarse through Wes’s body. A slight spasm ran through his body and suddenly my mouth was filled with everything he had to offer. I swallowed it down and moved back up.

I started kissing his neck again, he flipped me over on my back hovering over me he said, “I love you so much.”

Before i had a chance to say anything back to him he locked lips with me. He traced his tongue along my lip then moved down undoing my bra and slipping it to the floor. He lightly ran his tongue along my nipple. I moaned a little showing him i liked it. He slipped to my side a little but continued to play with my breasts. He ran his hand down my body giving me the chills. He played with the hem of my panties before slipping his hand down and rubbing his finger against my clit. My stomach tied up from the pleasure and the sudden cold touch. He was making so much pleasure rip through my body. I was moaning uncontrollably letting him have his way with me. Before i had a chance to reach my high he stopped, pulled my panties off, grabbed my hips and threw me more into the center of the bed. He climbed between my legs and and slid himself in. I cried out his name and arched my back at his entrance. He started pumping in and out making me moan louder with each thrust. He leaned forward and starting kissing my neck. I brought my hands to his back holding him close to me. He pushed himself in deeper and harder than i was expecting, i screamed out and clawed down his back. He moaned at my pleasurably painful action.

He pulled out of me and whipped me over on top of him. I slid back on his hard cock and started to ride him. He was playing with my breasts as i grinned against him. He grabbed my face and pulled me down towards him. He brought me to his lips and started kissing me again. I kept sliding up and down on him feeling him getting harder and harder with each motion. He grabbed my ass using it to guild. I bit down on his lip and he responded with a hard slap to my ass.

He slid me off of him laid me back down but laid my on my chest. He took my hips and lifted a little to pop my ass up in air for him. He got behind me and angled himself at my entrance. He pushed himself in making my body shake. He started thrusting in and out making waves of new pleasure rip through me. I grabbed a pillow and moaned and screamed into it. My walls started to clench around his cock making have to slow down. He pushed himself in hard one last time sending me over making me just collapse from it. He leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Not yet baby, I’m not done.” He flipped my back to my back and went right back into it. Hard and fast. I couldnt breathe. He started to get a little sloppy and leaned forward to me. He started to kiss me as he peaked. I felt him twitch inside me and he thrusted a few more times and fell to my side breathless.

I cuddled up next to him trying to catch my breath, “Holy shit Wesley where did that come from? Im not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

“I just wanted you to have something to remember me by.”


Only Thing That Matters Ch. 1

~Chloe’s POV~

I was jogging lightly around the block with my music blasting in my ears. To be honest, I liked running out in the sunshine far better than running on a treadmill. Treadmills and inside are so boring. One of my best friend’s Kay was jogging right next to me. Her medium length brunette hair was up in a high ponytail that swayed back and forth. My hair was the same except mine was a bit darker in color.

My other best friend Auburn was following slowly behind us. She didn’t really like exercise, mostly because she was so thin that she never really had to do it. We weren’t a stick figure like her but neither Kay nor I were fat. Auburn was tiny and skinny and blond while Kay and I were both around five foot four with brunette hair. Auburn was the odd person out.

I listened intently to my music as I started to go up the hill toward the corner that lead to my street. The song was saying something about going crazy. I don’t know, it was an old Ashley Tisdale song. Yeah, I like that music. Don’t judge!

“Run Chloe run!” I heard someone yell. Jeez, they had to be yelling pretty loud to be heard over my music. I didn’t know anyone could even yell that loud. I took one of my headphones out and looked around as I continued to jog. “Run shortie!” A familiar voice called and I smiled, looking up to see Keaton Stromburg standing on the front porch of his home on the corner.

“Hey Keats!” I grinned, running quickly up to get to where he was standing. When I got in front of him I looked back to see Auburn and Kay now walking far away at a leisurely pace.

“What are you doing?” He questioned, his normal charming smile displayed on his face. Keaton and his brother Wesley had lived on this corner, three houses down from me, since I can remember. Keaton was my age, 16, only eight days younger than me actually. Wesley was nineteen. He was going to be twenty in december.

“Aw look who it is! Keaton’s little girlfriend!!” Drew, I-love-making-stupid-comments, Chadwick grinned from the open front door. Drew was Wesley’s best friend. He was a year older than Wes and a total pain in the ass!

“Shut up Drew.” I snapped, glaring openly at him. He smirked.

“Did I hit a nerve little…” Drew started but Keaton cut him off.

“Drew stop. Just leave her alone.” Keaton said calmly. Drew rolled his eyes but walked inside.

“One of these days I’m gonna deck him.” I laughed sarcastically. Keaton grinned.

“Only if I get to record it and put it on YouTube.” He chuckled. I smiled at him and lightly shoved his shoulder. Keaton was definitely my best guy friend. “You never answer my question.” He stated.

“What was the question?” I tilted my head to the side.

“What are you doing?” He inquired, sitting down on the rail of the porch. I took the seat next to him.

“I’m out jogging duh. Gotta get skinny for prom.” I winked. I received a blank look at that. “What?” I laughed.

“You are skinny.” He stated. I rolled my eyes.

“Keats that’s cute but I know I could be more fit. It wouldn’t kill me to lose a few more pounds.” I laughed. I was always doing that around him. He was a great guy.

“Chloe, stop. You can’t talk about yourself like that.” He pouted. I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Don’t get all mushy on me.” I giggled. His arm went around my shoulder.

“CHLOE I’M HEADING HOME AND AUBURN IS COMING WITH ME!!!” I heard Kay scream from the end of the street where her car was parked.

“Text me when you get home! I’ll see you at school tomorrow!” I called back. She waved and I went back to laying my head on Keaton’s shoulder.

“So do you have a date for prom yet?” Keat asked, resting his head on the top of mine.

“Nah, I’ll probably wind up going by myself.” I laughed.

“Yo Keat, mom says get your butt inside for dinner. Hey Chloe! Do you want dinner too?” He asked, a large smile on his face.

“My parents are out so I’m just gonna order a pizza or something.” I shrugged. All of the sudden the Stromberg mom appeared in the doorway.

“CHLOE! Are you having dinner with us?!” She asked excitedly. I groaned. I really wanted that pizza.

“No I was just going to order…” I never got the chance to finish.

“I made homemade pizza for dinner.” She smiled.

“You’re better than my own parents!” I yelled, hugged her, and ran inside.

“You just made Keaton fall face first on the porch.” Wes laughed as he sat down across from me at the table.

“Aw Keats I’m sorry! I love you!” I grinned as he sat down across from me. He ignored my words but I felt him place his hand on my knee as his other hand grabbed a piece of pizza. I placed my hand on top of his and took a bite of my own slice. Our fingers interlocked and we wound up holding hands.

After dinner Keaton and I walked down three houses to mine. His mom wouldn’t let me walk home by myself. Insert eyeroll here. We were still holding hands, which sort of made me smile.

“You gonna be okay all by yourself?” He asked, standing on the bottom step of my front porch while I stood on the second to last step, making us eye-level.

“I’ll be fine Keats. Go home.” I smiled. We rested our foreheads against eachother’s.

“Good night Chloe.” He stated, kissing my cheek and then turning to walk away. “I love you.” He smiled.

“I love you too Keats.” I sighed.

Only You Can Love me This Way {Chapter One}


I woke up around 7am right when the sun starts coming up. I quickly changed then ran down the stairs making sure I don’t wake up my mom.I opened the back door, feeling the cool Cali wind hit me in the face. I shut the door and ran over to my friend, Kylie’s. "Kylie!“ I yelled knocking on her door, "Kylie wake up!”

The back door to her bedroom room opened up and Kylie squinted her eyes and stared at me. “What time is it?” She asked. “Seven fifthteen were gonna be late!” I told her. “Crap” she said running inside. I ran inside after her, watching her crap cloths and run into the bathroom. Which she came out she looked beautiful.

“How do I look?” She asked playing with her now curled hair. “Amazing” I said, “But we’re late!” She sighed and gabbed her IPhone. We ran to the back and shut the door. “Shoot! We have ten minutes!” I told her.


Me and Kylie ran in the studio to find my Uncle waiting with three guys. “You’re late Shay!” Uncle Simon said. I sighed, “I know. I am so sorry!” He nodded, “This is Keaton Stromberg, Drew Chadwick, & Wesley Stromberg. A.k.a Emblem3. They are who I am mentoring. I need you girls to make sure these boys do NOT slack off today. I have a meeting with One Direction. Aparently Louis and Zayn got in a Twitter fight with The Wanted. This should be fun. Keep them acupied!” Then he left.

“Is he always like that?” Kylie asked me. “Hey try living with him!” I joked. “I like pie” One of the guys said. I looked at them then looked at the one who said it. “You’re Keaton right?” I asked. He nodded, “And you’re…” “I’m Simons Niece, Shay and this is my best friend Kylie!” I said with happiness. She laughed, “Hayo.” “Hayo?” I believe Wesley said. “Don’t ask…you’re Wesley right?” I asked. “No, I’m Drew” He said then pointed to the other boy who was messing with his hat, “That is Wes” I nodded then took Wes’ hat. “Hey!” He whined. I smiled and put it on my head, “Mine now!” He laughed and I blushed. Man is he hot!

Not my best first chappie (hehe chappie) but I guess it’ll do!(:

2+ Hearts/Rebolgs = Chappie (hehe) Two!

Emblem3 Long Imagine for Anon. (Wesley Stromberg)

“Wesley, you better hurry up or im leaving without you!”
You shouted from downstairs of Wesley’s house.
“Ok, ok im coming”
Wesley comes downstairs with his swimshorts and no shirt. You couldnt help stare at his perfectly toned bod.
You didnt realize you were staring until Keaton comes from the other room.
“what are you staring at?”
You play it cool
“Nothing just watching Wesley take his sweet ass time coming down the stairs”
“complain one more time and ill take even more time”
When he got down he walked out the front door.
“ehhem…forgetting something”you say
Wesley turns around and says
You put up his car keys.
“right, well hand it to me”
“come and get it”
You pass him out the front door. He tried to grab you by the arm but slipped. You ran to his car unlocking.the door. Keaton was already outside.
“Keat get in the car hurry!”
Both you and Keaton get in the car and you lock the doors leaving Wesley out. You and Wesley were always at it with eachother. You had a huge crush on him. Only Keaton knew about it.
“C’mon guys open the door”
Instead of opening the door you turned the car on.
“whats that i couldnt here you over the engine”
He said something but you didnt here him becasue you hit the gas peddle.while the car was on park so it made a louder noise.
“im sorry what’s that?”
Wesley started to laugh and so did you and Keaton.
“Apologize for making me wait you numbnut!”
“oki im sorry now let me in”
Instead of letting him in you put the car in drive and started to drive away slowly.
“(y/n) what are you doing you dont.know how to drive”
You look at him and say
“C’mon its not that har..”
Just when.the words were coming.out of your mouth you crashed into a bush. You hit the breaks and you and Keaton started to laugh so hard. Wesey ran over to you laughing ,more out of relief then humor
“Thats what you get.”
You unlocked the door got out and while he was taking the drivers seat
“hey its your car”
He stoped smiling.
You got in the back seet and Wesley drove to your destination. The beach.
You finaly were there. Keaton ran to Drew since he said he would.meet us here. You decided to help Wesley get things out the trunk. You walk over to him and he looks at you worried.
“Are you ok Wesley?”
He ignores you and walks away with bags of food and towels in his hands. You got the rest, closed the trunk ,and walked to where the guys were at.
You walked towards Wesley and started to walk with him to the shore.
“Did i do something wrong” you ask
Hes still ignoring you.
“look if its about your car im.sorry. you saw it coming though. Atleast theres no scratch on it.
“Your so reckless, you know that?”
“he speaks” you said in a sarcastic tone.
“Its not a joke you should learn to be careful.”
What is wrong with him. He was fine in the car.
“Why are you acting like this. I said i was sorry”
“that bush could have been a brick wall you could have hurt yourself”
“But im not hurt so can you get over it.Keaton was in the car too why dont you go worry about him”
“you hit your side not his”
You turned away because you.know he was right. Your always.getting.yourself hurt somehow. Its not like.its intentional it just happens. While your walking away you say
You walk to the shore and take off your cloths leaving you only in your two piece bathing suit. You put your feat in first letting your skin get used to the cool water. You start walking backwards and keep walking untill the water is a little up your stomach. You didn’t see any waves so you thought it was safe to walk backwards. You saw the guys coming with their surf boards.
“Hey guys the water is great!”
You saw the guys turn towards you.and they all looked worried. Why are they… All of a sudden a huge wave comes and hits you drowning you down. You try to swim up but the water is more powerfull. Your starting to lose breath then you feel someones arms around you lifting you up and taking you to the shore. You catch your breath once your head is out the water.
“t-thank you”
You look up and its Wes. You were so scared you ran into him hugging him. He put his arms around you and kissed your forehead.
“You see what i mean. You need to be more cautious”
You started to cry. You could have died if Wesley hadnt been there. You held him tighter squeezing him and he did the same. Wesley finally pulled away. He lookes deep into your eyes.
“(y/n), you could have died”
He brushes his hands on your cheeks wiping away your tears then he leans in close ans kisses you hard and passionately on your lips. (imagine your both all wet and kissing and and the water is hiting your feat ahh i cant.. Sorry lol) You kiss him back and when your done kissing he leans close to your ear and says
“I love you”
“I love you too”
“Finally” Keaton said.
Way to ruin the moment.

The Wallflower (A Keaton Stomberg Fanfic): Chapter 3

Denali’s POV

                Three hours after fleeing Keaton’s, I’ve just managed to piece myself together when the doorbell rings. I run to answer it, expecting it to be one of my brothers having forgotten their key. I swing the door open hurriedly, only to find Keaton standing on my front porch. Instantly, my body takes over before I can think and slams the door in his face.

                “Nali come on!” Keaton calls, knocking on my door again.

                “G-go away!” I stutter, tears welling up in my eyes. I don’t know why I’m freaking out over this, Keaton didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that I lose control around him, and I don’t know whether to love it or hate it.

                “Nali, I’m sorry. Okay?” He calls again, and I can hear the frown in his voice. “I didn’t know that would upset you, I thought we were just goofing off and having fun. Please open the door?”

                I think for a moment, making a mental list of the pros and cons of inviting him in. Eventually, I swing the door open to see him walking away from the door. “You can come in.” I call, biting the inside of my cheek as he turns around with a huge smile spread across his face. 

            “I knew you couldn’t stay mad at me!” I can’t help myself from smiling as his arms wrap around my shoulders and pull me into his chest. “I don’t know what I did but I really am sorry!”

            “It’s okay.” I whisper, allowing myself a moment to breathe in the soft scent of his conditioner and let his hair tickle my cheek. “I was just – uh overwhelmed.”

            “I can tell.” He looks at my face and his smile instantly falls. “Have you been crying?”

            I shake my head no, and thank god when he doesn’t push it. My mind keeps wandering back to the state of his kitchen when I left and I can’t help but ask, “Did I – did I get you in trouble? You know, with the mess and all?”

            He half smiles. “Wes was pretty mad because he thought he had to help clean it up, but I had it pretty much spotless by the time he was out of the shower so no, not really.” He turns to me, still seeing the slight frown pulling at my mouth. His hand grabs mine and squeezes it while he stares into my eyes. “You didn’t do anything wrong, okay?”

            I nod, biting my lip and turning away to keep my hormones in check. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted to kiss boys plenty of times, but with Keaton it’s harder to resist. Every time he touches me, I can feel my skin warm and my body automatically moves in closer to his. And I’ve been pretty creepily watching his every move for the past nine years…

            “Let’s just go back to your room and hang out, okay?” Keaton asks, giving me a soft smile. “Unless, your dad would be mad?”

            I hold in a flinch. “My step dad won’t care.” I smile, grabbing his hand out of impulse. I’m immediately horrified, but he squeezes it back and lets me lead him down the hall without protest. “He’s pretty cool about that stuff.”

            “Are your parents divorced?” I can tell he’s just curious, but I’ve always hated answering that question.

            I shake my head no, letting go of his hand and curling up in a ball with a pillow on my lap at the end of my bed. “No. My dad passed away when I was three.”

            His lips move for a few moments before he’s actually able to push the words out. “I – I’m sorry. I didn’t know…”

            I smile, placing my hand on his knee and rubbing it with my thumb to reassure him. “It’s okay. It was a long time ago. You didn’t know.”

            “I guess we really don’t know that much about each other…” He sighs, then lifts his head up hurriedly and gives me a hopeful smile. “How about we play the question game?”

            “Don’t people usually do that over text?” I can feel my left eyebrow raising in confusion and I hope I don’t look ridiculous.

            Keaton nods. “Yeah but so what? We can play it in person if we want.” He sees my doubtful expression and sticks out his bottom lip in the most adorable pouty face I’ve ever seen. “Please, Nali?”

            “Ugh, fine.” I mutter. “But you have to go first!”

            “Deal!” He smiles broadly before letting his expression relax into thought. “We’ll start easy. What’s your favorite band?”

            “An Honest Year.” I answer immediately, knowing that Keaton won’t know them. “They’re this band from Florida that followed me on twitter and I got really into.”

            “Interesting.” He nods his head with fake intrigued, but I can tell he’s itching to get into more personal questions. “Your turn.”

            I decide instantly that I’m going to grow a pair on this one and actually ask things that don’t involve the word ‘favorite.’ “One relationship you regret more than any other?”

            He looks almost shocked but answers none the less. “I don’t really regret any of them actually.” Because all the girls you’ve ever dated were probably perfect… “I mean, I certainly wish some had gone differently but saying I regret them is like saying I never had feelings for them in the first place, and I did. They deserve to know that even though it didn’t work out it’s still something in my life I wouldn’t change.”

            I’m instantly warmed by his answer, and I turn my head towards my pillow so he won’t see me blush. “I like that about you.” I instantly blurt.

            “Like what?” He looks so confused, like a puppy who has just realized its owner won’t throw its ball.

            “That you care so much about everyone.” I look into his eyes as the words flow from my mouth, praying that he can hear the sincerity in my tone. “You aren’t selfish like all the other guys at our school.”

            “I don’t see the point in being that way. It never got anyone anywhere.” He shrugs. “My turn?”

            I nod, hoping he doesn’t ask about my dad. He doesn’t.

            “When did you get your first kiss?” His face is completely composed, but mine quickly pales.

            “I – uh – I didn’t..” I whisper, praying he won’t judge me for this. Yes, I’m a 16 year old girl who still hasn’t kissed a boy, my life sucks whatever. “It never came up.”

            He looks absolutely shocked, his mouth hanging slightly open. “I don’t understand.”

            “No one has ever had an interest in me like that, okay?” I snap, wiping at the tears the fill the corners of my eyes. “It shouldn’t surprise you so much..”

            “Of course it surprises me.” He mutters, taking my chin and forcing me to look at him. His tone is both awestruck and stern as he releases the next three words from his beautiful lips. “You are beautiful.”

            I turn my eyes away from him, gently removing my chin from his fingers. The words slip out before I can even think. “Not beautiful enough for you to notice until nine years after I moved in…” I instantly regret them.

            Keaton flinches, biting his lips and looking the most wounded I’ve ever seen him. “You think I’m lying, don’t you?” His voice is barely above a whisper.

            I nod, barely able to meet his gaze. “It’s just logic, Keaton. I’m not trying to hurt you.”

            “What would it take to make you believe that you’re beautiful?” He growls, anger slipping into his tone. “Because someday you’re going to have to see it.”

            “I don’t know, Keaton!” I nearly yell, glaring at him. Why can’t he just let this go?! God this game was a bad idea… “You’ve had the prettiest girls chasing after you in school since we were 11. I’ve had no one. I’ve never even had a guy try to kiss me. Pardon me for not having the highest of self esteem.”

            “You know what?” He growls, scooting closer and grabbing the back of my head. “This ends now.” And with that, he pulls my face close to his and presses his soft lips against mine.

            My first thought is that I should have put on more chapstick today, my second is that this is the most amazing I’ve ever felt. My body takes over, guiding me to move my lips with his. I don’t even flinch when his other arm slides around my hips and pulls me closer to him before having me completely onto his lap. My arms slide around his neck, my fingers slipping into his shirt and softly rubbing the short hairs on the back of his neck.

            I don’t let myself think about how this is an act of pity from him, or how it will mess everything up. I just enjoy the feeling of his hand clutching my hip and his lips pressing down a little harder with every second that passes. I enjoy the feeling of his fingers softly laced through my hair and splayed against the back of my head to keep me close. 

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Chapter Twelve: Something New *Part Three Of A New Beginning*

Wesley and I spent four hours at the mall trying to find something cute for my birthday that would cover the gigantic bruise on my shoulder. I was about to give up until I found the perfect outfit. Wesley picked it out and I have to admit, kids got taste. He chose, http://www.polyvore.com/sarahs_birthday_outfit/set?id=70771281 .

The party was tonight and Karen was throwing a huge party for me. Everyone was gonna be there. Drew and Wesley, of course, invited every single person they knew. It was formal but yet informal. Wesley let us throw the party at her house.

“Is this the one?” I asked.

“Wow, yea.” He said.


“…Happy Birthday to you” they all sang.

“Make a wish Sarah!” Karen said.

I closed my eyes and didn’t know what to wish for at first but then it came to me. I blew the candle and made a wish. Everyone started cheering and saying happy birthday.

Music came on and everyone started to dancing, so did I. I was dancing with Karen and Madison then a slow song came on. Drew Karen, and Keaton and Madison started to dance. This is what I hate about not having a boyfriend. I was walking away from the dance floor when Wesley caught both my hands and put them around his neck. He put his hands on bith side of my hips and we started to dance.

“So what did you wish for?” He smiled.
“If I tell you it won’t come true” I smiled back.

“Oh come one. I won’t tell anyone I promise” he said pouting his lips.

“Fine. If you make fun I’ll beat you down”

“I promise, I won’t.”

“I wished for someone to love me. I wished for him to look at me the way Drew looks at Keren or Keaton looks at Madison.” I put my head down.

“Who is the guy you wished for?” He asked curious.

“you don’t know him” I lied.

“But what if I told you, you already have someone who loves you?”

“Who?” I asked curiously.

“Me” he said.

“What? If this is a joke it’s not funny” I.snapped.

“It’s not a joke.” He said. “It’s you Sarah. Your the one.”

Before I knew it Wesley’s lips were lightly pressed to mine. I could feel my heart skip a beat and butterflies in.my.stomach. He let go of the kiss.

“I’m sorry. I needed to tell you. I couldn’t keep it in anymore.”



“I wished for you.”

“What?” He smiled.

“You were my wish, and it came true.” I said laughing and tearing up at the same time.

He didn’t say anything. All he did was pull me in closer for a deeper kiss. I felt like my body was on fire. His kiss felt so right in so many ways.

3000 Miles Chapter 3

“Nicole i have to go, if i pass this up we are going to be in this small town forever and thats not what either of us want. I am going because its going to help us get away from here. We always said we would runaway together well now is our chance but i have to do this first.”

“I just always thought we would do this together with me right by your side the whole time.”

“You will be by my side. No not physically but you’ll always be there in my heart which is enough for me.”

“Ok, you just have to give me a chance to get used to this, the only person who has ever really been there for me is leaving me for a month, it just sucks.”

“I know but i promise to be back soon to take care of you again in ways we never thought possible.” He kissed my cheek and just squeezed me to his chest, “Now go put on some jeans and a cute tank top we are going to run somewhere before we go to the party.”

“Ok?” I got up and went to my closet and found a dark pair of bootcut jeans. They were my go to cute comfortable pants. I grabbed a green tank top threw it on and stepped out and said, “Do i have your approval?”

“You had it about three minutes ago.”

“You are so gross.”

“No i’m honest. Lets go.”

We went out to his car and loaded in. He turned on some music and right away our song started playing. We sang along together, me a little quieter than him so i can hear him better. His voice always put me into a trance, “So go make your way through the dreams that you dream. Darling you can take all of the time that you need. You know you’re not alone as you swim through the deep. Like a ship calls through the fog. You won’t hear me ‘till you’re gone.” That was my favorite part of the whole song. I always get really quiet so i can hear him sing it like hes singing it right to me. The song ended and we turned it down just for some extra background noise, “I really love that song.”

“I know you do, you just like listening to me sing it though.”

“So whats wrong with that?”

“Nothing I’m just saying.” He flashed me is award winning smile and i melted right there for him. He had such a power over me.

We pulled up to an empty park, he came around and opened my door for me. I got out and realized which park we were at. “Oh my god this is the park we used to play at as kids! I swear i had heard from someone they were tearing this thing down. Thats why i never come here anymore, i thought it was gone.” I took off in a dead run for the swings. I jumped on the first one i reached and let my childhood flow back into me. “This is the park where my mom met your mom after we moved her from Oregon.”

“Yeah and my mom forced me to play with you since you didnt have any friends.”

“Who wouldve thought it would have brought us to this point?”

“Not me.” He said barely audible. “Lets race. Like we did when we were little.”

“What kind of race? We did a lot of racing.”

“On the swings, whoever can get the highest first. Remember that our goal was to be the first to get ourselves to swing over the top of the castle right there.”

“YES! Lets do it! What does the winner get if they win?”

“Whatever they want but no sexual favors because i know thats what my dirty girl over there wants.” I roll my eyes as him and then we got into the swinging position and then we counted to three together and started pumping our legs to see who could win.

Wes had always beaten me when we were younger. He could always reach the top in about 7 good swings. I didnt have faith in beating him but it felt so good to feel free and feel like i was 6 again. The wind blowing through my hair and the smell of the fresh Washington air. I closed my eyes bringing back all the good things that come with innocence.

Wesley’s voice came interrupted my peace with a very excited shout. I opened my eyes and saw that yet again he beat me. I smiled at him as we both started to slow our swings, “Shocker, Wesley Stromberg beat a girl yet again.”

“You shouldve tired harder.” He jumped off his swing then came and stood in front of mine. I was still going pretty fast and i collided with him. I let go of the swing and crashed the woodchipped ground with him. “How is it that we always end up in the position when we are at the park?”

“I did not mean for it to happen that one time when i fell out of the tree you just happened to be right there. You did save me from a broken arm though.”

“Yeah and i had a huge bruise from you as proof of my rescue.” I stood up and offered him my hand to help pull him up. He didnt take it but he did stand up next to me. “So i win, i get whatever i want.”

“Yes you do just remember that we have a party we need to start heading to here in about 20 minutes and we still need to go back past my place so i can throw on a different shirt.”

“Ok i will think about it in the car. Lets go.” We loaded up again and started driving away. But we didnt go the way we had come. I looked over at him and just gave him a questioning look, “I have to run past my place, dont worry if we are late everyone will think we were having a quickie.”


“Im kidding. Sorry jeeze.”

I roll my eyes at him and roughly sigh at him, “You are such a guy.”

“And you really arent the typical girl.”

“Thanks.” We pulled up to his house and we went inside together. He slipped upstairs and i wondered to the kitchen to see if i could find his mom. She was making some dinner, “Hey Laraine how are you?”

“Oh hi honey I’m doing good. Just making some dinner for myself and Brooke who is coming over in a bit to spend some time with her brothers before they leave.”

“Yeah thats pretty crazy. How are you handling it?”

“I’m excited for them and i know they will be back, its just they are my babies and to see them growing up is hard.”

Wesley came into the room and went over to his mom. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “We all have to grow up mom, but that doesnt mean i wont be your baby forever.”

“Oh Wes get out of here, you are going to make me cry again.”

“Dont worry Laraine i have been doing that all day.”

“Just know that even with Wes gone you are more than welcome here whenever you just need a break from your place.”

“Thanks.” Wes took my hand and led me back towards the living room.

He handed me a hoodie of his, “Here.”

“You arent supposed to give me this until tomorrow.”

“No i have the one you get tomorrow upstairs, this one is for tonight. I won and this is what i want, i want you comfortable tonight while you have to listen to everyone tell me they are so happy for me to be leaving. You deserve some comfort while you are being so strong.”

I slid it over my head and took a deep breath, it had Wesley’s essence all over it. “Thank you.”

He gave me a kiss and said, “Anything for you baby. You know i love you and leaving you is just as hard for me.”

“I know but you will be busy, i only work every other day for 10 hours what am i going to do with my time during the 38 hours of down time?”

“Text me. But we have to go, dont worry if i see its getting too hard we will take off and come back here for our 24 hours of no separation.” He wrapped his fingers around mine and headed for the door, “See ya mom we will be back a little later tonight. Not too late because Brooke will be here dont worry.”

“Just make sure you bring your brother with you when you come back.”

He closed the door without answering her back. He went and opened my door and then went around to his side. He climbed in next to me. I was quick to wind my fingers through his and get close to him. The thought of telling people how excited i was for him to be leaving and how i cant imagine anything better happening for him was making my stomach hurt. I just wish i could walk in there and be like no one talk to me i hate you all. I had to be strong for Wes though, he needed to know that i could be strong the whole time he was gone. I would do it for him, i would do anything for him and he knew that.


Some Call It Destiny: Chapter 11

previous chapters

And then, out of no where, I felt Keaton’s lips on mine. 
It wasn’t who I expected, but somehow, I didn’t seem to care as I returned the expression of loving passion.

When I first heard about Emblem3, I had an instant crush on Wesley. Now that I knew the boys personally, maybe I didn’t really like Wesley that way. Maybe it was Keaton. It still felt wrong of me. I could see that Keaton was questioning his actions as well. 
“I’m so sorry” He started.
“No, no, no I’m really sorry. You were already in a bad mood now I’ve probably really confused you. I’m so sorry”
“Oh my God, this is terrible, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that?”
“KEATON!” I shouted, making him stop fretting.
“The point is, you did it. It’s okay. I’m not mad. I just wanna know… why?”
“I don’t know… you’re really cute and you make me happy.” He said shyly.
“I don’t know exactly how I feel but you were upset and I didn’t know what to do and it just kinda happened. Also, I wanted to know how it’d feel like to kiss you. I like your chapstick.” He continued, clearly adding the chapstick comment to stray from the awkwardness of the situation which made me laugh.
“Well, thanks Keaty." 

****Wesley’s Pov****

I had to go to the gym to let out my anger from todays events. I know that I have feelings for Gabriella but that’s so stupid. I’ve only known her for a short time but things just happened and I have no control of them and I hate not being in control of the way I feel. I arrived home with two emotions. Excitement to finally see Gabriella because I kind of missed her, but embarrassment of having to face her.
I was greeted by Drew in the lounge room by himself.
"Hey dude, where’s Keater? And Gabby?”
“Gabs went to her room and I’m pretty sure Keats went to check up on her. She was pretty upset”
“Dude, wouldn’t you be pissed if someone told you they wrote a song about you and then stormed off?”
“Can you keep it down? She’s gonna hear you.” I said defensively.
“You know it’s true, dude.”
Accepting Drew’s comments I entered Gabriella’s room to see her and Keaton hugging.
“Welcome back, bro. I was just leaving. Feel better, Gabby” Keaton smiled as he left the room.
Gabriella refused to look at me.
“Did you have a good time at the studio?” I offered.
“I just want to know something. Why did you write that song about me?”
“Gabby-” I hesitated.
“I need answers. You can’t tell me you wrote a song about me and then just leave for 4 hours. I need answers. You gave me such a broad concept and no definite answers. I’m an overthinker, Wes. I’m probably taking this way further than you intend. So please, before I believe that I really am a stupid girl, just give me some answers” She said, starting to get teary eyed. Her watery eyes broke my heart but I couldn’t tell her I had feelings for her. I wanted to hold her but I needed to say something first. I didn’t know what to do so it resulted in me regretfully saying nothing.
“So you’re not gonna say anything?” She said, her voice breaking. 
“I’ll explain everything soon I just need some time to figure it out" 
"I forgot that I’m some regular girl who hangs off every little thing you say and every little thing you do and you’re some lead singer in a successful band who actually has a life. I’m so stupid." 
"Please stop saying that, you’re not stupid” I tried.
“You’re making me feel pretty stupid. Can I just be alone? I need some time to figure it out too, Wes. I can’t even figure you out.”

I entered into my own room with a million thoughts running through my mind. I slumped onto the bed and nuzzled into the pillow just wanting to die. Before I could rest, I saw Drew and Keaton enter from the corner of my eye. 
“Can’t I get a moment alone?” I mumbled into the pillow.
“Okay, brovention time.”
I rolled my eyes at Drew’s statement.
“On the real, I’ve never seen my best friend as whipped as he is now.” He explained.
“Are you just here to make fun of me?” I questioned.
“Wes, I’ve noticed that she directs your happiness as much as she directs your sadness. I know you told me that you like her, but you really like her. She impacts on you so much that I fear for you if you do let her go because you’ll be a wreck.” Drew continued.
“Wait… Does he know?” I said, motioning to Keaton.
“He told me everything.” Keaton replied.
“Bro, I’m sorry for not telling you. You’re just… I thought you’d tell her.”
“I know, but don’t feel bad. I’m the one that feels bad…” He added.
“Wait, why?” I questioned.
“Okay so don’t kill me but I kinda kissed her while you were out.”
His words made my back stiffen.
“There’s no feelings! I promise! She’s just really cute and she was really upset and I didn’t know what to do and-”
“Keaterpan, relax yourself. It’s okay. You didn’t know.” I said which made him relax.
“Besides, I never freaking told her about my feelings so you didn’t know any better” I added, feeling really bad about myself.
“This is exactly why we both think that you need to tell her” Drew added as Keaton nodded.
I wasn’t sure. 

****Back to Gabriella’s POV****
I feel like such an idiot. Who was I kidding? Why would Wesley like me? He knows so many hot famous girls. I’m a nobody. I’ve caused so much drama since I got here. They had to waste their day at my audition, I’m staying at their damn house, I’ve made Wes angry and now Keaton feels bad because he didn’t know how to shut me up other than by kissing me. I’m a burden. 
I heard the boys murmur’s from Wesley’s room. Obviously they were complaining about me, or even trying to find a way for me to move out. I don’t blame them. I’d want to throw me back out on the streets too if I were them.
At this point, there’s nothing else to do other than pack my bags and go find a motel. I barely have any money but maybe somebody will feel bad for me and take me in. I need to leave and stop annoying these three boys with my stupidity. Goodbye Emblem3. 

The Wallflower (A Keaton Stromberg fanfic): Chapter 1

Nine years. Nine years of living across the street from the cutest boy in Huntington Beach. Nine years of keeping under the radar. And today of all days I manage to run straight first into him and conveniently break my science fair project in the process.

“Shit…” I mutter, looking up and seeing his stunned face. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” I bite my lip as I pick up the broken pieces of my 3d constellation map and rise to my feet. He’s going to think I’m such a loser. Well, if he doesn’t already.

“It’s uhh – it’s alright.” He mutters back, running a hand through his hair and flashing me an awkward half smile. God he’s perfect…  He extends a hand towards me. “I’m Keaton.”

“I know who you are…” I mutter quietly, flushing as the words escape my mouth. I take his hand tentatively and goose bumps instantly rise up on my skin as his hands envelope mine. His hands are warm and calloused. I have to resist the urge to ask him why. I smile politely and move to turn around and walk back up to my house when he stops me.

“Wait.” He says hurriedly, grabbing my arm. My eyes go wide at his touch and he draws his hand away. “You uhh – you never told me your name.”

“Denali.” I say quietly. “My name is Denali.”

He leans his head to the side like a dog does when it’s confused and his hair flops into his eyes. I think it may be the most adorable gesture I’ve ever seen. “That’s a different name; no offense I’ve just never heard it before.” I’m not surprised. “Do you have a nickname?”

I shake my head no. My parents call me Deni, but I don’t want him to know that. It sounds like a boy’s name.

“Well, how about I call you Nali?” He smiles broadly when I nod happily. “Okay. Well, I’ll see you around Nali.” He gives me a wave that is really just a slight tilt of his hand and walks off, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his jeans.

                What just happened?!


                I get to school more than two hours late after taking time to make my project look like I didn’t just smash it into a hot surfers abs this morning, and step on campus just as the bell rings for second period to be released. I race across the courtyard and into the science wing just in time to take my normal front row seat in Mr. Calloway’s astronomy class, four minutes early and the first person in the classroom. I carefully align my project board with the edge of my desk, leaving just enough room on the other side for me to neatly stack my binder, textbook, planner, and pencil couch in sizable order.

                I watch the clock countdown as Mr. Calloway writes away on the board. Two minutes before class starts people start spilling in and Katie takes her seat beside me. “Dear God Denali, just once can we not sit in the front row? By the way, where were you this morning? I brought you Starbucks and you weren’t here so I had to give it away.”

                “I had to fix my project.” I nod my head towards the neatly fixed board before me. Katie gives me a questioning look, and because she’s my best friend I know I have to tell her. “I sort of smashed it into Keaton Stromberg’s chest this morning..”

                “You did what?” She whisper screams. “Wait, does that mean you actually made eye contact?!”

                “Yeah I mean I apologized and he asked me my name and –”

                “YOU ACTUALLY TALKED TO KEATON?!” Katie nearly screams, and everyone turns to look at us as, right on cue, Keaton walks into the class I conveniently forgot we shared. My face instantly pales and Katie turns around to see what I’m staring at. A small gasp sounding somewhat like “oh shit” escapes her.

                “Keaton, how would you like to take your seat?” Mr. Calloway sighs, crossing his arms over his chest and giving Keaton a death glare. The stoners in the back of the room start giggling and  I can’t help but roll my eyes.

                “Sure – sorry sir.” Keaton says, his tone still spritely. He notices me as he walks past towards his seat and gives me a sweet smile. “Hey Nali.”

                My face instantly heats up and Katie slaps her hands on the table excitedly since it’s not really socially acceptable to scream in the middle of astronomy. “Oh my god” She mouths, her eyes lit up with excitement. I don’t share her enthusiasm.

                I’ve always been the outcast, the girls in the room no one remembers the name of, the wallflower. I don’t know how to act with one of the most genuine guys at this school talking to me. Especially not when it’s the younger brother of one of the school’s biggest legends. Wesley Stromberg went down in history here for his senior prank last year, but that’s a story for another day.

                I barely manage not to make it through class without puking from the anxiety flowing through me. Even though I’ve dreamed of Keaton noticing me for nine years, I never thought it would happen; and now that it is I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack. When the bell rings, I hurriedly place my project on Mr. Calloway’s desk, apologizing for the cracks in the foam board, and grab my things before hurrying out the door. Katie isn’t far behind.

                “Denali! What are you doing?” She growls, half running to keep up with me. “Keaton was totally trying to talk to you. Why did you run out like that?!”

                “Because if I talk to him now I’m bound to say something stupid later on and he’ll hate me so I might as well just spare myself that humiliation and not let this go anywhere.” I mutter. As if it ever would go anywhere. “Guys like Keaton don’t talk to girls like me. You shouldn’t even be talking to me. I’ll like a virus, sucking the potential for popularity out of everyone that acknowledges my existence.”

                “Oh fuck being popular.” She nearly yells. “Do you really think Keaton cares about that? He’s literally the sweetest thing. I bet you he volunteers at the old folk’s home in the summer.”

                “He may not care about it but his friends do.” I grumble, shoving my book bag in my locker before heading to the cafeteria with Katie to eat lunch. Well, for me it’s more like studying for AP Calculus while Katie force feeds me the left overs of her salad but whatever. “And I refuse to be the front to their stupid girl next door jokes.”

                “Ugh, you are literally the most difficult child on the face of this planet.” Katie grumbles, taking her usual seat across from me and pulling out her Tupperware containers holding her salad and sandwich from her backpack. “One of these days you’re going to realize I was right all along and you’re going to wish you’d listened to me.”

                “Well today is not that day.” I’m to go on when someone slides into the chair next to me, and I nearly choke on the air when I see who it is.

                “Hey Nali.” Keaton says cheerily, flashing me his giant smile. I can’t help but notice how he sits with his legs apart and his elbows resting on the table. “I called your name when astronomy ended but
I guess you didn’t hear me. Anyways, I was going to ask you if maybe you wanted to study together tonight? I’m totally failing this semester and I’m pretty sure you’re acing it based on that project I broke this morning.”

                My face goes completely blank, and I’m scared I won’t be able to talk if I open my mouth. Thankfully, Katie comes to my rescue. “Oh yeah, Denali has had an A in that class all year. Never below it. I’m sure she could help you out.”

                “Great!” Keaton laughs a little at my uncomfortable face. “So, what do you say Nali?”

                “Sure.” I croak, nodding my head and forcing a smile.

                “Perfect.” He hands me a folded up piece of paper and rises to his feet. “Here’s my number. Text me your address and I’ll head over, okay?”

                I nod and he walks off. I can’t help but imagine how horribly wrong this could go.

                [A/N] I just started this and don’t know how I feel about it, so let me know what you think? I won’t be continuing it unless it gets a decent amount of feedback and notes.


Shooting Stars {Chapter Fourteen}

584 words.

Hi…so…um…Chapter Fourteen(:


Me and Kylie sat in front of the fire, drinking hot coco, and reading Book’s by John Green. “Amber?” Kylie asked. I looked over at her and saw tears starting to form in her eyes. I placed my bookmark in my book and gave her a hug. “Please tell me you don’t love him back,” She cried, “Please.

"I promise you, I only love Keaton” I told her. She pulled away from my, well actually Keaton’s, now tear stained jacket. “Should I take him back?” She asked. “To be honest…yes” I told her, “Yes he made a mistake but everyone does. He loves you Kylie.”

“But he loves you more,” She said. “Wesley is upstairs crying & begging to his brother and best friend ways to get you back!” I told her. “Really?” She asked. I nodded, “Yes..he really loves you Kylie.”

“Kylie?” We heard a voice behind us. We turned around and saw Wesley. “Can I asked to Kylie?” He asked. I nodded and grabbed my book before walking upstairs. When I reached the top, Keaton was standing outside our room. “Keats?” I asked. He looked over at me and smiled, “Hey Beautiful.”

I blushed and stood in front of him. He intertwined his fingers with mine and started to play with my fingers. “What book are you reading?” He asked. “The fault in out stars,” I answered. “Are you gonna read or are we gonna watch ‘The Notebook’?” He asked. “The notebook,” I smiled. He nodded and we walked into our room.


“Amber! Keaton! It’s Christmas!” Wes yelled running into our room. “Go away Wes!” Keaton said tightening his grasp around me waist. “It’s Christmas” Wes yelled again. “Wes! Go Away!” I yelled. 

Wesley walked over and tickled the both of us. We started to laugh until he stopped. “Great you’re up!” Wes smiled before leaving. Me and Keat sat up. I felt Keaton kiss my shoulder before whispering, “Merry Christmas.” I sighed and fell in his arms, “Can we just cuddle?”

“Wes wants presents” He whispered, “We’ll cuddle all day tomorrow, I promise.” I nodded, “Okay.” We got up and changed before walking downstairs. Everyone was attacking their stockings.

“They’re up!” Caitlin yelled. “Their more excited than us,” Keaton stated. “That’s because we’re at my Grandma’s” I answered, “She buys the best presents ever.” He nodded, “Well..That’s gonna change” Keaton told me. “What do you mean?” I asked. He pulled out a necklace from his back pocket. “Sorry it’s not wrapped” He told me. I looked at it and it said 'KS’ on it. “I love it,” I smiled. He smiled and put it on me before giving me a kiss. Best Christmas Ever

~6 Days Later~

“Be safe!” My Grandma yelled. “We will!” Drew told her. We all got into the car and headed towards the City. It was Ten, obviously there was gonna be traffic. When we finally found a spot we all agree where to meet up at 12:30. Keaton grabbed my hand and we headed towards Starbucks. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I laughed. “Best Break ever” He smiled.

boringness lol :P

“10” Everyone chanted. “9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone yelled. Keaton grabbed me by my face and kissed me with full on passion. When he pulled away I smiled and hugged him. “I love you so much Amber,” He told me. “I love you too Keats,” I smiled.

Sorry it took so long L

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Seaside- Chapter 1.

  I packed the last of my clothes and zipped my suitcase and walked out of my room.

“Heads up!” I yell tossing my suitcase down the stair letting it thump down on each step. 

“c'mon, Jul..” My mom said looking up at me. My smile stayed on my face as I was excited to go to the beach. Just Me and my older cousin Will all summer.

I made my way downstairs and my mom and I took all my stuff and put it in the car. She turned to me and smiled. “Be safe, okay? I already told Will to take care of you and keep an eye out.”

“mom… I’ll be fine! Promise!” I said reaching out for a hug. I hoped in the front seat of my Jeep and drove off, I immediately turned on the radio and jammed out to the songs blasting out. I drove 2 hours and 

finally arrived to the split level beach house that Will has already taken over for a week now. I took out my 2 big bags and one small bag and somehow managed to get them all to the second story in one

 trip up to the house. I swung the door open dramatically and screamed “HUG ME BRUTHAAAAA!” as Will came running to hug me.

“Missed you!” He said.

“Missed you too! Now be useful and help me here!” I said jokingly holding out one of my cases. He showed me to my room and we put everything in there.

“Wow..” I said looking out the window to the ocean view. “I cant believe we’ll be staying here all summer!”

He smiled. “I know, right? It’s so sick. Of course we have to work at my dads pizza shop though.”

“Hey, It’s totally worth it” I said jumping on the bed.

“Oh, by the way, I have my eye on you with all these little teenage boys out here!” He said seriously. He’s always been the ‘male figure’ in my life with me having no dad, so he acts as an older brother.

I just laughed and jokingly said. “Damn, there must be some fine ass boys out here, huh?”

He just gave me a look and walked out. “Just get settled and We’ll go to the shop to see my dad." 

It was only 8 so I figured we would go to the beach after so I threw on my orange strapless bathing suit, covering it with a black crop top and jean shorts, sandals, raybands, and grabbed my stripped beach bag. 

I hopped down stairs and the both us of headed out and walked to the board walk and into my uncles pizza shop. 

"Julia!” My uncle shouted come from the swinging door that lead to the kitchen. “How has my favorite niece been!?”

“ahh uncle Brian! missed you!” I say hugging him. “I’ve been amazing and yourself?”

“I’m good, i’m good.” He replied. “So you two ready to work this summer?”

Will chimed in, “So ready.”

“Well you guys can start in 2 days. Sound good?”

“Great!” We both said.

“Alright, well you two go to the beach and have fun!”

We both left the shop and walked down to the far part of the beach. “Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom I’ll be right back!” Will said joggin off to the restroom. I took this time to call my friend Hanna. I placed

my bag and sun glasses on the bench and began pacing as I always do while I talk on the phone. “Hey! you’ve reached Han-” ahh never mind I’ll call her later. As I went to hangup I bumped into a guy.

“Oh god I’m sorry!” He said catching me before I fall. 

“no no no! It’s my fault, I’m sorry! haha” I looked up at his green eyes and his bright smile. We seemed to get lost in eachother until he finally realized he was still holding onto me.

“haha, well I’m Keaton!” He smiled holding out his hand.

I grabbed it and replied. “I’m Julia, nice to meet you!”

“You also!” Will came walking out right then. 

“Ummm, I got to go, it was nice meeting you, maybe I’ll see you around?” I said nervously.

“yeah, definitely!” He said as we both parted ways. 

Way to be awkward Julia… I thought.

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Shooting Stars {Chapter Thirteen}


I walked almost walked into Amber’s to see what’s taking Keaton so long when I heard. “We good Keatron?” Wesley? “I don’t know you tried to kiss my girlfriend” I heard Keaton say. Wait, Wesley tried cheating on me? Did he ever love me like he said? My thoughts were interrupted by Keaton saying, “Alright…tonight never happened.” I opened the door and said “But it did.” They turned around and saw me. I walked away with tears falling from my eyes. “Kylie!” Wesley yelled from behind me. I walked into mine and his room and faced him, “Do you love her more than me, Wes?! Did you ever love me?! Am I not good enough for you?!” His eyes went wide, “Kylie, I do love you, and you’re perfect for me. I wasn’t thinking, Kylie.” He came forward but i stepped back, “You never answered my first question.” He gave me a blank face. “Do you love her more than me?” I asked again. He sighed, “Yes.” I felt the tears stream down my face faster, “Oh my gosh.”

“But I still love you. You’re my whole world Kylie. If I lose you again, I don’t know what I’d do. But I lost you once and I’m not losing you again, ” He whispered coming up and wiping the tears from my eyes. I back away from him, “We’re over Wesley…for good.” I could see the tears form in his eyes. I’ve never seen him cry before. I sat on my bed with my head in my hands hearing his footsteps fade in the hallway.

Short chapter hope you like it(:

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