Elvis Costello

The Eleanor and Park Playlist

So I have compiled here a playlist of songs that I feel suit the novel Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Music is a big part of the book, it adds atmosphere to the story. And I love how music is one of the platforms used to build Eleanor and Park’s relationship.

So I’ve tried my best to get songs that fit in with that atmosphere. Some of these songs are even songs that Eleanor or Park might have listened to as they are set in the same time period or are artists that are mentioned in the book

- Tris

She’s a Rainbow - The Rolling Stones

I Wanna Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

Everyday I Write the Book - Elvis Costello

Wonderwall - Oasis

China Girl - David Bowie

Memory Motel - The Rolling Stones

Still on Fire - Aztec Camera

Whatever - Oasis

Reel Around the Fountain - The Smiths

Heart of Gold - Neil Young

What Difference Does it Make? - The Smiths

I’ll Be There For You - Bon Jovi

Heroes - David Bowie


one of my all-time favorite performances (of anything) (by anyone) / when fiona growls my entire body shudders


Bebe Buell - considered as one of the most beautiful Groupies in Rock. She had affairs with David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello, Todd Rundgren, Stiv Bators and of course Steven Tyler with whom she has a child with - actress Liv Tyler.
She was a model during her Groupie time, later, in the 80′s she tried herself out as a singer. 


“As society has changed, what had formerly been unacceptable has become colorful.” —Iggy Pop

From Iggy Pop and Siouxsie and the Banshees to Kate Bush and Elvis Costello, music photographer Brian Griffin has captured a singular slice of the post-punk, New Wave, and New Romantic movements of the 1970s and ‘80s. A new, comprehensive collection of his work will gather album covers, posters, and press photos alongside essays and interviews to offer a rarely-seen window into the music industry at that time. 

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The Lovers That Never Were (Demo)
Paul McCartney

One lesson that I learned from writing with Paul was that once the melodic shape was established, he would not negotiate about stretching the line rhythmically to accommodate a rhyme. This emphatic sense of the music is something that I soon found he shared with Burt Bacharach. Given the indelibility of their melodies, it is hard to put up an argument to the contrary. If anything, Burt is even more unyielding once the melody is written. He will not permit as much as a demi-hemi-semi-quaver to be added, even if it would allow for a really good rhyme to be made. Not being a lyricist, he had never given himself any reason to cheat.

I cheat shamelessly. The unevenly proportioned lines of my early songs drove The Attractions mad. They were difficult to memorize, as no two verses were exactly alike.

One of the best songs that Paul and I wrote together was written at the piano. It was a sweeping, romantic tune that could almost have been an epic Bacharach ballad. In its first draft, it was a little reminiscent of “It’s for You,” a song that Paul had written for Cilla Black in 1964. I’d say the rough recording of “The Lovers That Never Were” is one of the great, unreleased performances of Paul McCartney’s solo career. I know you’ll just have to take my word for this, but I was playing the piano when Paul opened up behind me in a wild, distorted voice that was almost like the one he used on “I’m Down.”

I just kept staring down at my hands at the piano, saying to myself, Don’t mess this up, while trying to remember to chime in on the few lines that we’d agreed I’d sing.

— Elvis Costello, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. (2015)