Annnnnd done. I think this one took me longer than Middle-earth… something like 16 hours maybe? Obviously it is possible to get crazy in-depth with certain areas of Tamriel, but I did my best not to go too overboard. This isn’t any particular timeline… just Tamriel in general. However, if any Elder Scrolls geeks feel I have gotten something wrong, I welcome corrections and crit.

The Sleeping Tree is a strange leafless tree found in Whiterun Hold in Skyrim. It grows in a misty pool beside a small cave now named after the tree. A giant encampment also named for the tree surrounds it. Several legends exist on the origins of the Tree. Some say that a piece of rock was blasted from Red Mountain during the Red Year and landed in Skyrim, and the Tree grew from the resulting crater. Others say that it grew from a spore which fell from a “floating island”, referring to Umbriel, in which case the Tree is one of the Hist of Umbriel.

The Sap produced by the tree is considered a legal drug in Skyrim and is highly valued for its ability to make people feel much healthier for a time, although side effects include temporary slowness and blurry purple vision. A spigot was installed on the Sleeping Tree in Whiterun Hold to harvest the sap, and the Khajiit trading caravans have been known to pay highly for samples.

This is a map produced by the Imperial Library in Saarthal by the Imperial Cartographer Association. It describes in great detail all the roads, population centers, provinces, nations and empires of Tamriel in the 4th era, set before the beginning of the ‘Great Endeavor’. It accompanies in the compendium “Histories of Tamriel” and is considered the most accurate maps of that time.

This map is based on the Beyond Skyrim Tamriel heightmap by Morcroft Darkes which is used with permission.