Reblog if reading fanfic is all you ever seem to do + you legit have so many fucking tabs open bc theres so many fucking good stories.

I mean… I feel like it’s not just me. And I want these stories to be true so my otps can just be happy together. The way it should be. 

The worst feeling is when you’re totally obsessed with something & none of your friends like/ know/ or care about such things that you end up crying alone.

How I feel about all my OTP’s 

My Mother is Amazing
  • -I just showed her Moana tonight. After the movie: -
  • Mom: I like that Disney's been doing strong female leads with Brave and Moana.
  • Me: Anna and Elsa were a strong female leads. Elsa didn't even have a love interest.
  • Mom: Well, we all know Elsa is a lesbian.
  • Me: (laughing) What made you come to that conclusion?
  • Mom: The evidence is all there. She doesn't seem very attracted to men.
  • Me: I mean, yeah. But she has maybe three interactions with guys in the entire film.
  • Mom: She just doesn't seem that attracted to them. . .
  • -a beat passes-
  • Mom: Maybe all this shipping you're doing has gotten to my head.
There is no shame in shipping Elsanna.

There is no shame in shipping it still.

There is no shame in having once shipped it, even if now you do not. Guilt is a terrible and painful thing to bear, and no one should endure that over a ship. Go and find beauty and wonder in new ships. Pour your heart into them, but do not degrade others who might still ship it.

The majority of Elsanna shippers are sane, sensible people who know the distinction between canon and non-canon. We know the way the film actually ends. We know our ship will never and can never be canon. We fully understand and appreciate the platonic sisterly bond between Elsa and Anna within the context of the film and respect that bond for being exactly what it is - platonic, familial love. 

When we create stories and art, we do so only because we find the dynamic between the two characters fascinating and beautiful, and we let our imaginations flourish. We do not necessarily condone incest and we do not mean to demean the film that inspires us. We know what canon is and we respect and love that canon.

That is all. Thank you.