Last October I created a series of Twisted Disney Princesses for the Velour Lashes pop-up event. Many of you have requested tutorials for each of the looks.
I have already produced a tutorial for Belle from Beauty & The Beast, which can be found on my channel. And next, I’ll be showing you how to achieve my Cinderella look!

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mickeys and the wondrous book- elsa by alienalice


Giggling Sisters by alienalice

Her Royal Majesty (Final Rose)

Note: This occurs at some point in a larger story about Averia and Elsa’s wedding that I haven’t written yet because I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to their wedding.

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Diana got to her feet. “When we were young, Averia and I used to wonder what sort of people we would marry. I won’t waste you time by telling you how awesome Elsa is or how perfect I think she is for my sister. I also won’t waste your time by regaling you with about a hundred different stories of how oblivious my sister is or how their future children will have to get down on their knees to thank me, Claire, Jahne, and Anna for getting their parents together because, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. On the upside, we did win the betting pool.” Diana paused. “I can now retire to a life of luxury, as can the next hundred generations of my descendants.”

The dark-haired woman smirked. “Instead, let me tell you about something very important. Yes, I’d like to talk about names. And, no, I don’t mean surnames. You were all at the wedding. You all heard the name Elsa and Averia agreed on. If they’re happy with a surname that takes about ten minutes to say, then that’s fine with me. They’re royalty. It’s kind of par for the course. What I want to talk about is nicknames.

“When I was a kid, Averia had plenty of nicknames for me. Squirt. Shorty. Rampaging hell beast with a bottomless pit for a stomach. I could go on for days. The point is that none of those names really applied. I’m not short, not anymore, and I transform into a world-ending monster with a bottomless for a stomach. Of course, it wasn’t one sided. I had a lot of names for Averia too. Big sis. Admiral Cranky. She Who Refuses To Share Ice Cream Until Guilted Into It. But there was one name that I used to call her, one name that I never thought would actually apply. But now that Averia has married into royalty, I can finally say it with a straight face.”

“Don’t you dare,” Averia barked from beside Elsa.

“I would like to congratulate my sister and Elsa on their marriage. More to the point, I can now officially address Averia as Her Royal Majesty, Queen Grumpy Guts, Ruler of Grumpleton. Long may she reign, and tyrannical may that reign be!”

Diana chuckled as Averia tried to murder her with her eyes. “But, seriously, this is a very happy day. The world can be a cruel place. I think all of us know that. But it can also be a wonderful place. This is one of those days, one of those days that we’ll always be able to look back on fondly because on this day, we were lucky enough to be there when two people that we all love found happiness with each other. It’s days like this that we fight so hard for, and it’s days like this that can bring light and warmth to even the darkest and coldest of nights.” She paused. “Not that cold is bad, Elsa. It’s awesome if it’s because of you.” Diana smiled. “So I think we should all toast to Elsa and Averia. May they have a long and happy marriage, and may they find happiness with each other each and every day.”

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Author’s Notes

As indicated above, I haven’t written a proper story for this occasion yet. Sometimes, however, I get bits of pieces of a larger story in my head. This is one of those bits. Hopefully, the rest of the story decides to show up in my head at some point.

And I seriously need to write a Lightning/Fang wedding…